9 Mind-Blowing Art Museums in LA You MUST Visit!

Visiting art museums and galleries can benefit you! The awesome creativity surrounding you can act as a serotonin-release pump! Yes, that’s what science says! So it’s a simple series of events, where curiosity fuels creativity, and creativity fuels curiosity, and both these cases trigger the release of happy hormones, so why not make plans to visit art galleries in LA? Who knows what you might be able to find there!

The art galleries of LA are a treasure chest of abstracts and portraits, Calligraphy and Ambigrams for you to discover at www.ambigramania.com! So why wait any longer? To assist you in planning your trips to the world of art and creativity across Los Angeles we have compiled a list of 9 Mind-Blowing Art Museums in LA You MUST visit!

Let’s get into discussing the details of these remarkably astounding art galleries one by one:

1. The Mistake Room

The Mistake Room Art Museums in LA

Founded by: César García-Alvarez and Glenn Kaino

Founded in: 2014

Important Artists: Ed Clark and Vivian Suter

What is special about it?

The Mistake Room displays the amazing artworks of Latinx artists extraordinarily, and not just for the sake of representation.  The founders want to stay connected with the diverse art embedded with the roots of Latin American culture!

2. Subliminal Projects

Subliminal Projects

Founded by: Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin

Founded in: 1995

Important Artists: Salah Elmur, Cheryl Dunn, Julie Gardner, Hana Shahnavaz and Shepard Fairey

What is special about it?

Subliminal Projects is a street artist-owned gallery. This art gallery has organized and accommodated art shows that circle mixed-media, with an alliance of regional artists whose creations are based on community healing as well as campaigning and activism.

3. Various Small Fires

Various Small Fires

Founded by: Esther Kim Varet

Founded in: 2012

Important Artists: Calida Rawles and Jessie Homer French

What is special about it?

It was opened as a protest against the conventional art museum system that only promoted the art of already-famous Western artists to get even more famous. This opened up as an opportunity for novel artists or the ones who had no spotlight for their artwork but deserved it.

4. UTA Artist Space

UTA Artist Space

Founded by: Joshua Roth

Founded in: 2016

Important Artists: Derrick Adams, Conrad Egyir, Amanda Hunt, Mariane Ibrahim, and Essence Harden

What is special about it?

In the heart of Beverly Hills, this exquisite art museum showcases the art of many artists of color whose works had previously been banned from white art institutions.

5. Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth

Founded by: Manuela and Iwan Wirth

Founded in: 2000

Important Artists: Blitz Bazuwale, Ferrari Sheppard, Vaughn Spann, Rachel Khedoori, and Uman

What is special about it?

The huge variety of art, beautiful graffiti, and the various workshops it hosts, are all enough reasons to visit. But there’s more, Hauser & Wirth has this vegetable garden where workshops are organized for gardeners as well as a chicken coop. These both also provide for the on-site eatery with its scrumptious dishes.

6. New Image Art

New Image Art

Founded by: Marsea Goldberg

Founded in: 1994

Important Artists: Chelsea Wong, Jeffrey Cheung, Retna, Sharif Farrag, Umar Rashid, Alex Gardner and Damien Gibson

What is special about it?

This amazing art museum is home to Contemporary art as well as works of established artists.  So if you want to feast your eyes on modern-era art or traditional creative pieces this is the place for you!

7. David Kordansky Gallery

David Kordansky Gallery

Founded by: David Kordansky

Founded in: 2003

Important Artists: Hum Bhabha, Will Boone, Marry Weatherford, Hilary Pecis, and Sam Mckinniss

What is special about it?

This contemporary art gallery houses works of over 50 artists. How cool is that? It is a modern art hub, so do visit!

8. Regen Projects

Regen Projects

Founded by: Shaun Caley Regen

Founded in: 2012

Important Artists: Anish Kapoor, Liz Larner, and Doug Aitken

What is special about it?

Regen Projects is among the most significant art museums in Los Angeles to cherish global artistes whose works include those created in various media.



Founded by: Lauri Firstenberg

Founded in: 2005

Important Artists: Edgar Arceneaux and Barbara Kruger

What is special about it?

LAXART is situated in West Hollywood. This unconventional art gallery has some of the most gripping question-driven displays of art styles that are multi-disciplinary. It also showcases over 60 works of art in video form by Latin American artists.

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