A Guide To Exploring Australia Via Train

Australia, a vast and picturesque land, boasts landscapes that range from sandy beaches to vast deserts, bustling cities, to the serene Outback. But have you ever wondered about the best way to experience its sheer magnitude?

A Guide To Exploring Australia Via Train

Enter the magical world of train travel. But before going into it, let’s learn how to explore Australia via train.

The Allure Of Train Travel In Australia

Why choose train travel over other modes of transportation? When you embark on a train journey in Australia, you’re not just moving from point A to point B. You’re signing up for an experience. Think sweeping vistas, untouched terrain, and the rhythmic sound of train tracks—all without the hassles of airport check-ins or traffic jams.

Premium Australian Train Journeys: The Gold Standard

Traveling on one of the Premium Australian Train Journeys elevates this experience. Think of it as an all-inclusive resort on wheels. With world-class amenities, gourmet meals, and picturesque views from your window, these journeys promise not just travel but a lavish experience.

Routes To Remember

Exploring Australia by train is an adventure, and the routes play a pivotal role in shaping this experience. If you’re curious about which tracks these Premium Australian Train Journeys traverse, let’s delve deeper into the iconic routes that showcase the heart and soul of the continent.

The Ghan: Adelaide to Darwin

The Ghan: Adelaide to Darwin

Overview: This legendary route travels vertically through the continent, connecting the southern city of Adelaide to the tropical capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

What to Expect:

Beginning in Adelaide, your journey begins in a city renowned for its cultural festivals, historical architecture, and proximity to wine regions.

The Rusty Reds of the Outback: As the cityscape fades, you’ll be greeted by the vast expanses of the Outback. Its iconic red soils and unique vegetation provide an ever-changing backdrop that tells tales of the ancient land.

Katherine Gorge: One of the highlights of this journey is the stop at Katherine. Here, you can embark on a cruise or a scenic flight over the Katherine Gorge, witnessing its thirteen stunning gorges carved by the Katherine River through ancient sandstone.

Darwin: As you approach the journey’s end, the tropical vibe of Darwin welcomes you. Its blend of indigenous culture and modern city life makes it the perfect conclusion to your rail journey.

Indian Pacific: Sydney to Perth

Indian Pacific: Sydney to Perth

Overview: This cross-continental trip spans the entire width of Australia, connecting the bustling harbor city of Sydney to the coastal city of Perth.

What to Expect:

Starting in Sydney, you can witness the iconic Sydney Harbor, Opera House, and the Blue Mountains, listed as a World Heritage site. The eucalyptus trees here release a fine mist of oil, which, when combined with water vapor and sunlight, results in the mountains taking on a blue hue.

Broken Hill & Goldfields: As you move westward, experience the rich mining history of places like Broken Hill. The goldfields here tell tales of fortune seekers who arrived over a century ago.

Nullarbor Plain: This vast, almost treeless plain is one of the world’s most extensive stretches of flat arid land. ‘Nullarbor’ is derived from Latin, meaning ‘no trees,’ which perfectly describes this unique landscape. As you traverse this area, spot the occasional kangaroo and witness the pure vastness of Australia.

Great Southern: Adelaide to Brisbane

Great Southern: Adelaide to Brisbane

Overview: A relatively new addition to Australia’s luxury train routes, this journey connects the cultural hub of Adelaide to the sunny city of Brisbane.

What to Expect:

Departing from Adelaide: Begin by soaking in the vibrant arts scene of Adelaide and its lovely boulevards. As you depart, get a panoramic view of the vineyard-draped hills surrounding the city.

Grampians National Park: Experience rich indigenous culture and art as you pass by this national park. The landscapes here are a dramatic mix of rugged mountain ranges and forests teeming with wildlife.

Canberra: The capital city of Australia awaits its rich political history, architectural wonders, and numerous national museums.

Brisbane: Your journey concludes in the sunny, vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane. With its mix of modern skyscrapers and lush parks, this city offers a beautiful blend of urban and natural beauty.

When selecting a route, consider what aspects of Australia you’re most eager to explore. Each journey offers a unique tapestry of experiences, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Essential Tips For Your Journey

Guillemins Railway Station Railways Station Modern

Train journeys are all about experiencing travel in its most luxurious and serene form. However, to maximize the comfort and enjoyment of your trip, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. Here are the details behind these essential tips:

Book Early

Why It’s Important:

High Demand: Premium Australian Train Journeys are not just popular among Australians but are sought after by travelers from around the globe. Given the limited seats and the high demand, they tend to get booked out quickly.

Seasonal Rush: There are peak travel seasons when the demand for these train journeys skyrockets, such as during Australian holidays or international vacations.

Pro Tip:

Discounts & Packages: Booking in advance might also land you early bird discounts or exclusive packages, which include additional excursions or amenities.

Pack Lightly

Why It’s Important:

Space Considerations: Train carriages, by design, are narrower than hotel rooms. Even in the luxurious confines of these premium journeys, space is at a premium. Overpacking can make your personal space feel cramped.

Easy Movement: Remember, you might want to move around, whether to access the observation deck, dine in the restaurant carriage, or join any onboard activities. Carrying minimal luggage makes such transitions smoother.

Pro Tip:

Essential Packing List: Focus on versatile clothing suitable for layering, personal medications, a good pair of walking shoes for off-train excursions, and any personal entertainment or electronic devices with chargers. Remember, you’re embarking on a journey where the landscapes and onboard amenities are the main attractions.

Stay Hydrated

Why It’s Important:

Arid Climate: Much of Australia’s interior, especially the vast stretches of the Outback, is characterized by an arid climate. This dry environment can quickly lead to dehydration.

Train Air Conditioning: The train’s interior is climate-controlled, often through air conditioning, which can further reduce moisture levels in the air, leading to quicker dehydration.

Pro Tip:

Reusable Water Bottles: Carry a refillable water bottle. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also ensures that you always have water at hand. The train staff will typically be more than happy to refill it for you.

By paying heed to these pivotal tips, you’ll set the stage for a journey as smooth as the tracks your train will glide upon. After all, preparation is the key to unlocking an unparalleled travel experience.

Engaging With Local Cultures

australia Engaging With Local Cultures

These train journeys are more than sightseeing tours. You’ll have opportunities to disembark and immerse yourself in local experiences. From indigenous art and culture workshops to exploring quaint towns, there’s always a chance to delve deeper into Australian life.

Night Skies Like No Other

Night Skies australia

One undeniable charm of traversing Australia by train? The night sky. Away from the bright lights of cities, the Australian Outback offers some of the clearest, star-studded skies. Look out for the Southern Cross, a constellation only visible from the southern hemisphere.

Making The Most Of Onboard Experiences

Onboard Experiences australia trains

While the landscapes outside captivate, don’t forget to indulge in the onboard experiences. Attend the wine tastings, join historical lectures, or simply converse with fellow travelers.

Environmental Responsibility

These Premium Australian Train Journeys are leading the way in eco-friendly travel. By opting for train travel, you’re choosing a mode of transportation with a significantly lower carbon footprint than air travel. These trains also employ waste reduction and recycling strategies, ensuring your travel is as green as possible.

So, as you contemplate your next adventure Down Under, remember that the journey can be just as enriching as the destination itself. With these insights, you’re well-prepared to embark on one of your life’s most memorable experiences.


Australia beckons with its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultures. Embracing it via a train journey, especially the Premium Australian Train Journeys, is akin to reading a gripping novel, where every chapter reveals a new facet of this mesmerizing continent. As you ponder your travel bucket list, let the rhythmic cadence of train tracks guide you to the heart of Australia.

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