11 Fun Places to Go In Arizona You Never Knew Existed

Arizona is full of wonders and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Being the sixth largest state in the US, it is a perfect blend of rich history, breathtaking landscapes and adverse culture. The state is home to much more than a rich culture and hosts several fun places to go in Arizona with friends and family.

Arizona also has all the modern facilities you need to thrive, including fantastic internet speeds. All the leading internet providers, including consolidate internet plans, are available to the residents, enabling them to enjoy blazing-fast connectivity throughout the state.

Arizona is best known as the Grand Canyon State. Many Native American clans have been living here for centuries. Arizona is part of the ‘four corner state’, which includes Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. It is the perfect place with many options for fun outdoor activities, whether you are a teen or an adult.

The state has everything that makes a vacation great. You can go on and find a glow-in-the-dark scorpion in the famous Sonoran Desert, travel the Lower Antelope Canyon or get a balloon ride to have an aerial view of the desert. Multiple hiking options make Arizona a fun place for teens as well.

Arizona has many outdoor wonders that people worldwide know about, but also many more that most of us don’t know about.

Some things are better left alone, but others deserve our care!

Let’s find some of Arizona’s secret gems and see what the state offers.

1. Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock Arizona

This place is a fantastic creation of nature. It is a geological wonder in Papago Park, a park in Phoenix and Tempe. If you want a short day trip, this is the perfect fun place in Phoenix, Arizona.

You can enjoy a small hike with your friends and picnic on the top.  The views from the hole are breathtaking and simply a wonder of nature.

2. Kartchner Caverns

Kartchner Caverns

This is a fantastic park in the Benson area. These limestone caverns were kept a secret for nearly a decade after they were discovered in 1974. Its discoverers wanted to preserve their beauty from becoming a public place.

Its discoverers made Kartchner Caverns their retreat spot, keeping this beauty to themselves for years. However, now this place is open for the public to have fun and admire the unique beauty of these caverns.

3. Tonto Natural Bridge

Tonto Natural Bridge

Are you looking for a fun place to go in Pine, Arizona? Tonto Bridge is the perfect place for you. It is the longest travertine bridge worldwide, resting in a small canyon based in central Arizona.

The bridge is over a height of 183 feet and has three hiking trails that bring you down to a 400-foot-long tunnel. If the algae don’t bother you, you can slide your way through the tunnel from one side to the other of the trails.

You can rest assured that the fantastic bridge won’t disappoint you and will give you some unforgettable memories and perfect trip pictures!

4. Lake Havasu’s London Bridge

Lake Havasu’s London Bridge

Now, this is a treat! The old London Bridge was removed, and each stone was adequately labelled and numbered. After it was taken apart, each stone was shipped to California via the Panama Canal and then driven down to Arizona. It was then put back together with extreme care to recreate the bridge fully and opened to the general public in 1971.

There is a little walkway near the bridge area. The majestic scenery is completed with little ice cream stores and some local shops. It is a great experience to plan a fun getaway with your family to visit this amazing place and enjoy the original bridge.

5. The Desert Bar

The Desert Bar in Arizona

It is in Parker, and no, it’s not the Dessert Bar. It’s the Desert Bar!

Even if you are not used to going to bars, this place is still a must-visit if you are looking for a fun place in Arizona. It is a unique place that is powered by solar panels. It only opens on weekends so that you can imagine the crowd of spectators around.

You can drive to the place directly or take an off-road path. The drive itself is half the fun. The place is slightly expensive, but hey, what a good thing it isn’t a bit pricey. The food and drinks are a treat, and then you add beautiful views. There, you have the perfect recipe for a fun weekend.

6. “The” Corner in Winslow, AZ

Corner in Winslow, AZ

If you are an eagle lover, this is just the place for you. The place provides a fantastic experience for observing these creatures in their natural habitat. You can get some amazing pictures for your Instagram and a memorable experience for a lifetime.

7. Grand Falls

Grand Falls in Arizona

This impressive waterfall is located in the great Navajo Nation. This seasonal waterfall naturally flows dark chocolate colour water once winters are over. The water is from the snowmelt after the freezing winters or heavy rainfall. Visiting this place requires scheduling the right time to see it, after or after a monsoon.

Primarily, this time lies in March or April. The snowmelt is your best bet to catch the fall with its full beauty. However, some short periods in summer keep the fall going. However, the window in summer is relatively brief and dependent on the weather schedule. And just one tiny thing: you will need a permit to visit the Navajo Land.

8. The Dome, Casa Grande

The Dome, Casa Grande

The Domes at Casa Grande were built to help with the production of computers in the 1970s and 1980s. They are now known to have become a place of evil worship and ritualistic witchcraft.

The original plan never came together, and the base is now half-built and rotting. However, the unfinished buildings still there are fascinating, especially the ones that look like flying saucers.

People in the area often say that going into the caves is dangerous because they think bad things will happen. However, nothing solid has been proven yet (except for the drinking by minors and creepy rumours).

There’s a “No Trespassing” sign next to the building, but take a shortcut to see the Domes won’t hurt your health (just stay away from the caves if you want to).

9. Pool at Pumpkin Spring in Littlefield

Pumpkin Spring in Littlefield in Arizona

Indeed, the state might not be that important to tourists if not for the Grand Canyon. The historical geology has some beautiful landscapes, but one part looks like a pumpkin and makes you want to jump in and soak yourself.

DO NOT do that, though.

The most dangerous water in the Canyon is stored in a building resembling a pumpkin. It is called the Pumpkin Spring Pool.

The hazardous but one-of-a-kind pool was shaped from limestones with matching stripes that looked like vegetables in shape and colour.

The water has a very high amount of arsenic, copper, lead, and zinc, even though it looks full of rocks.

Even though short-term exposure might not be deadly, you should not swim.

And don’t even think about drinking it (unless you want to die!). But take advantage of a tour of the Pool for photos; it is well worth it.

10. Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs

The underground suite at Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs

Let’s say that hell breaks loose while you are visiting the famous Grand Canyon. Where do you want to go? How are you going to hide? Don’t stress out.

You’re safe with President John F. Kennedy!

John F. Kennedy, president at the time, had a great vision and a plan. The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961 gave the President the idea to build a safe place for the evacuees. He ordered the building of the Grand Canyon Caverns Underground Suite to protect his people.

The bombs never went off (thank goodness!), but the Underground Suite, 220 feet below the Canyon’s surface and meant to house more than 2,000 people, has enough emergency food to feed the refugees for a month.

The Suite also has a TV, a record player, a small library, running water, and two double beds.

The Grand Canyon Cavern Motel (above ground) owns and runs this rodent-free suite with no humidity. It can be rented for $800 a night.

11. Phoenix’s Valley of the Moon

Phoenix's Valley of the Moon in Arizona

George Legler, a mail clerk, started working on Valley of the Moon in the 1920s to make a make-believe world where kindness and peace could exist. The project was first called “The Mountain Gnome.”

Legler decided while working as a clerk that he wanted to do something different and good with his life. He chose to start the project to make that happen.

He began by purchasing land in 1917, and with the help of a few close friends, he started making his dreamland come true.

When the person who had the idea got sick and couldn’t work, a group of Catalina High School students became friends with Legler and offered to take care of the site.

Today, the George Phar Legler Society runs it.

Bottom Line

Arizona is a perfect blend of natural and artificial beauty. There is something for everyone in the Grand Canyon state, with several fun places to go In Arizona.

Make sure that you have comfortable footwear on all the time and a great internet connection to guide you to the place if you are new in the state. Try considering internet plans from consolidated Internet that provide excellent coverage and fantastic internet bundles.

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