Fiji For Couples: The Ultimate Guide To A Romantic Getaway

Located in Oceania, Fiji is an island getaway renowned for its crystal waters, lush rainforests, and impressive beaches. The little nation east of Australia and north of New Zealand boasts a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean and a comfy sub-tropical climate. This makes it a beloved destination for vacationers and honeymooning couples.

Fiji For Couples

If you and your partner are looking for a place to visit on your next couple’s holiday, Fiji may be the one. You can do various fun and relaxing things together to make a memorable trip. To help you plan, here’s your guide to a romantic Fijian vacation you’ll never forget.

1. Book In One Of Their Many Resorts

Laucala Island Resort
Laucala Island, Fiji
Laucala private Island, Fiji
Fiji Resort

As an island tourist destination, Fiji provides an array of resorts and hotels, so feel free to make reservations before you start your romantic Fiji getaway. Some have guest quarters on the shore, while others add a sense of thrill or serenity (your choice) by having overwater lodging.

There’s a place for everyone and their preferences. So, if you’d rather have quiet, peaceful accommodation, consider staying in an adults-only resort. Such options offer various amenities designed for a couple’s enjoyment while away from the eyes and noise of children.

2. Hop On A Cruise

Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Princesse Fiji
Rakiraki Fiji

One of the most romantic experiences in the archipelago is hopping on a sunset cruise. Fiji, though small, offers a wide range of exciting cruise tours to explore every corner of the sea. Imagine holding hands with your partner as the breeze caresses your skin and the ocean’s salty scent fills the air. Witness the setting sun casting vibrant red and orange hues upon the serene turquoise waters, providing the perfect setting to share intimate moments.

Many cruises offer amenities like live music, cocktails, and a delicious dinner paired with the signature Fijian cocktail Mai Tai. They’re a terrific opportunity to see the country’s incredible coastlines, and it’s a memory that’ll surely last forever.

3. Join A Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour Fiji

If heights don’t scare you, try taking a helicopter tour. This thrilling experience offers aerial views of Fiji’s archipelago, leaving you and your better half in awe. The panoramic views are amazing, from lush green mountains and crystal-clear lagoons to stunning white-sand beaches and sprawling coral reefs.

Some helicopter tours even offer a landing on a secluded island where you can enjoy a private picnic. This luxurious adventure adds an exhilarating twist to your romantic getaway and offers unforgettable memories.

4. Dive Into The Turquoise Sea

diving fiji

The crystal clear, turquoise waters of Fiji reveal an underwater spectacle, inviting you and your partner to delve into its vibrant marine life. The archipelago, known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World,’ is a perfect place for divers and snorkelers.

Diving in Fiji with colorful tropical fish, discovering exotic coral reefs, and maybe even crossing paths with a gentle manta ray or sea turtle will make your hearts flutter.  If you’re both novices, dive schools across Fiji offer courses and guided dives. After a day underwater, sharing stories of your marine encounters will be a lovely intimate activity.

5. Relax In A Bure

Outrigger Beach Resort
Beaches of Fiji
Sunset Beach Bar

After a morning of exhilarating adventures, you and your partner deserve a break in a bure to cool down. A bure is a traditional Fijian bungalow typically made of wood and straw and is an excellent reminder of the locals’ cultural heritage.

Enter a modern beachfront bure and relax in comfortable hammocks, open-air showers, and private pools for your pleasure. One can serve as your little paradisial nook nestled in tropical trees. Lean back side by side and listen to the waves and sea breeze. You might never want to leave your tranquil love nest in your romantic Fiji getaway afterward.

6. Immerse In Cultural Activities

Suva Fiji Culture
Fiji people
Fiji 1970s
Fiji women

A highlight of Fiji is its locals, who still proudly practice their traditions. Hence, you’re bound to experience one of them while touring the island.

Among the enriching cultural excursions, you and your partner can visit traditional villages, learn about Fiji’s history and mythology, or even participate in interactive workshops. Accept the invitation to watch a meke dance performance or take a cooking class to learn how to prepare local cuisine. You may even be lucky to participate in a traditional feast called a lovo and eat what you’ve prepared.

Immerse yourself in Fijian culture and learn about the rich traditions of this beautiful island nation. It’s a great way to try new things together to strengthen your bond while you’re both there.

7. Paddleboard Till Sunset

Paddleboard in fiji

Cap off an adventurous day with a calming paddleboard ride with your partner as the sun sets. Fiji’s late afternoon waters are calm on a good day, with only gentle waves rocking little sea crafts.

Paddleboarding is less physically strenuous than surfing or water skiing. So, it’s not only a fun experience to balance on a board on the water but a relaxing and romantic activity you can do together as the orange sun slowly dives into the horizon.

8. Indulge Yourselves With Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments Fiji

Don’t miss the chance to indulge yourselves in the spa areas nearly every island resort features. Fiji hosts several spa treatments ranging from hot springs to mud pools, which couples can enjoy together. Traditional Fijian treatments feature locally sourced ingredients like virgin coconut oil, tropical fruits, and marine elements. Couples’ spa packages, usually offered in private cabanas or outdoor settings overlooking the ocean, create an environment of relaxation and romance.

Imagine the soothing sounds of nature while you and your partner receive a Bobo massage, a deep tissue, therapeutic massage passed down through generations in Fiji. After your spa day, you’ll feel re-energized and more connected to each other, having shared such a tranquil and intimate experience.

9. Stargaze The Clear Night Sky

Fiji Stargaze The Clear Night Sky

After a relaxing day, what could be better than ending it by unwinding in the tranquility of Fiji’s clear and starry night sky? Far away from the city lights, the islands offer an unrivaled opportunity for stargazing. Recline on a beach chair with your partner and watch the stars twinkle in the clear, dark skies. Spot constellations, shooting stars, and the Milky Way above you.

Some resorts even offer telescopes for a closer look at the celestial wonders. Whisper sweet nothings to each other, or share stories under the starlit sky, making the night an unforgettable romantic experience.


Fiji is an excellent destination for solo travelers, families, and couples, whether you’re on your honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway. Each of these experiences in Fiji offers unique opportunities for you and your partner to create more shared memories.

Experience the archipelago’s spectacular views, clear waters, and hospitable locals. Start planning your romantic Fiji getaway today!

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