How To Travel Cheap Without Breaking The Bank

Traveling is a great opportunity, and if you’re ever in the means to be able to do so, you should. It’s a lot more accessible to people, as there are tips available to make the most of what you’ve got. For some people, traveling is about sitting on a beautiful beach you just found on a hike and soaking up the rich culture the new, exciting country has to offer.

There is no rule on how to spend your money while you travel; some people want to travel for as long as their money will take them, and others just want a go big or go home experience. If you’re the type of person who wishes to make the most of what you have, then this article is for you.

How To Travel Cheap Without Breaking The Bank

There are multiple cheap places to visit, whether you’re flying solo or with friends, and you don’t have to only visit areas deemed ‘cheap’ while on a budget, as there are ways in which you can enjoy the culture, culinary delights, and the general area without having to spend a lot. Traveling can open your horizons, teaching you new ideas, perspectives, and possibly skills, so why wouldn’t you wish to make the moments last to soak it all up?

Top Tips For Traveling On a Budget!

Avoid Peak Season

This doesn’t mean you have to miss the nice weather; this could be as simple as booking a flight during the off-season, as they are extremely cheap.

Some places, such as Asia, the Canary Islands, and Morocco, tend to have blue skies all year round, so picking a nice, warm place to start would be a better and more affordable option to start and get things rolling.

As it moves into the peak travel period, things may begin to increase in price, such as accommodations or activities, but there are ways to balance it out while you’re travelling, and this isn’t always the case; this is dependent on the area in which you are visiting.

Book In Advance

Last-minute deals can be the best thing ever, but they are few and far between in some cases while travelling for extended periods. If you already have a plan in place, it’s best to stick to it and book the important things in advance.

Sharing Is Caring

Apartments and hostels shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to budget your trip. As hotels can be quite expensive, especially during the holiday season, it’s best to avoid and get used to the idea of sharing.

You may get lucky on occasion with apps such as Airbnb for last-minute deals on flats, houses, and guest rooms.

Set Up Camp

This won’t be an option that’s attractive to everyone, as camping material can take up a bit of room; however, there are many compact and lightweight options available now. This will be a huge money-saver and perfect for those warmer nights.

Pack Well

Make sure you’re well prepared for your travels, and make a list to ensure you don’t forget anything important, whether it’s your versatile shorts or swimwear. It will save you money on replacing the items you forgot to bring with you.

Look Out for Offers

When it comes to budgeting while traveling, looking out for free experiences and taking advantage of that is crucial, although free things may not be often looked out for discounts or offers.

When it comes to some, they may take advantage of the fact that you’re a tourist. This is where haggling comes in handy, and learning to get comfortable with asking for a better price will save you from being overcharged and taken advantage of.

Watch What You Eat

Traveling and exploring new cultures and getting a feel for the local cuisine can be difficult; not trying anything and everything can become a quick and expensive habit. If you budget yourself, you may be able to indulge yourself now and then, but shopping at local markets and shops is the most cost-effective option.

This can also be completely down to the area you’re in. For example, in Southeast Asia, everything is insanely cheap, from taxi rides to a 3-course meal, but if you compare that to the south of France, the price margin is higher. So it comes down to being smarter with your money in specific areas.

This could mean instead of going to an expensive bar to socialize and have some fun, while you travel, you tend to meet people who are aiming to stretch their funds as much as possible, get some premixed cocktails or a bottle of wine and enjoy it basking in the city or village views.


If you are planning on hopping around Europe or traveling through Asia, making sure you have the right amount of money and the correct currency can sometimes be a bit stressful. With the digital age taking over, cash is becoming less used, and cards are a more desired option in some areas.

Therefore, to avoid foreign exchange fees, opening a bank with Monzo will eliminate that, and you will save money on a huge amount of fees. This doesn’t mean you should bring cash on your travels; it’s always best to carry cash in case of emergencies.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Be spontaneous and try new things beyond what you’ve seen all over Instagram. A popular place is most likely expensive, so creating your DIY excursions is exciting and free.

This also might mean avoiding big cities during peak tourist seasons; this will allow you to explore other destinations that aren’t as well known but still have a lot to offer.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Travel insurance should be checked and added to the cart every time. While this might be seen as a cost and not a tip to save money, it will, however, save you when or if things are cancelled. Without it, you’re paying double, and it’s not worth the risk in these cases, or, god forbid, if anything happened and you couldn’t afford the tools to get you better.

Local Sim

Data roaming or paying for WiFi abroad can be an extravagant way of staying connected online, and while traveling around the world, you need it for pretty much everything. A solution would be to get a local SIM card with locally priced data packages, which is an extremely easy thing to do to save you a lot of money.

Reusable Water Bottle

This is an extremely affordable option, with compact versions that are travel-friendly. There are even water bottles, such as the Sawyer Mini Water Filter, that filter water, so you can now save money on buying bottled water and enjoy it straight out of the tap wherever you are.

Get Your Steps in

If the weather is nice and you’re in no rush, then choosing walking over paying for transport should be an option You’ll get to appreciate the place you’re in and possibly come across things you’d miss out on if you were to choose any other mode of transport, not to mention that it is transport.

Work and Travel

This may not be an option for most people, depending on the kind of job you have at home, but if you have the resources and freedom to do it, then full advantage must be taken, as you can work anywhere you want and earn while you travel.

There are options available to work in specific areas while you travel; for example, some resorts offer free accommodation and food during peak seasons in exchange for a certain number of hours of labor. This would allow you to explore the country and save a lot of money while doing it.

Stick to it

It is important once you’ve made a budget plan to stick to it because one slip can cause a spiral, and before you know it, you’ve run out of money before you get to where you want to be.

Therefore, discipline and being strict with yourself can pay off in the long run.

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