Is Paris Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Paris safe for solo female travellers?

I’ve lived in Paris for almost a year now, and I can safely say that the city is safe for solo female travelers. If you practice common sense safety, you’ll be fine. Some extra precautions include avoiding flashing valuables, using taxis if you feel unsafe, and trusting your gut feelings. Let’s explore a few things about Is Paris safe for solo female travellers?

If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, trust your gut and leave.

If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, trust your gut and leave. Even if it’s the middle of the night, some things can happen to bring on an attack:

Someone could pass out drunk at the bar or on the street corner.

They could be drinking too much alcohol.

They may not have slept well last night.

They might even be high from drugs.

There are many reasons why someone might want to harm you in Paris—but none of them have anything to do with how well-traveled or experienced you are as a solo female traveler.

Try to find another venue for your evening activities instead of going back home alone (and don’t worry about seeing other people who want to go out). If that isn’t possible for some reason (for example, because everyone else has already left), ask someone from your group if they would be willing to take one person back home with them after clubbing so that we can all meet up again tomorrow morning before heading out together again later in the afternoon/evening hours…

Be aware of pickpockets.

Pickpockets are everywhere. They can be very stealthy and work in groups, targeting people who look like tourists or are easy to target. If you see someone acting suspiciously around you, it is best to avoid them until you feel comfortable walking away on your own.

The most common way pickpockets operate is by touching your pockets without telling you about it first (and often before asking for any money). If someone does this as soon as they get close enough, make sure they know not to do so again by making eye contact with them and saying something like: “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.”

Remember: It’s always better to leave valuables at home than fight off a thief while trying desperately not to lose everything!

Stay sober when walking around at night.

You might be tempted to get drunk on your first night in Paris, but this is a big no-no. If you’re unsure how much alcohol is too much for you (and if you’re feeling nervous), stick with one glass of wine or beer at dinner. If you need more than that, try asking someone at the bar (or another person) what they recommend as a safe amount of drinking before heading out into the streets at night. It’s important to remember that people don’t always follow the rules like these—some may even offer their services as tour guides! Be cautious when accepting drinks from strangers—you could get into an uncomfortable situation if they turn out not to be what they seemed when they first offered them up…

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Do not wear expensive jewelry. You can be robbed if you wear any valuable jewelry, even if it’s cheap.

Instead, wear a cheap watch, ring, and necklace (no more than $200). These will get stolen just as quickly as the expensive ones, but they’re easy on your budget since they won’t break your bank account!

Avoid wearing quickly removable jewelry like earrings or bracelets; these items are very vulnerable when removed from their owners’ bodies, so thieves can easily take them off while being mugged or robbed in Paris parks/public places (like subway stations).

Travel in groups, especially during festivals and public events

You can also travel in groups, particularly during festivals and public events. This is especially true if you travel alone and plan to meet people from your country. It’s essential to be aware that there are some risks associated with this approach:

You may not feel safe or comfortable being around large groups of strangers who might have different customs than yours.

If someone does something harmful or illegal, it will be harder for you to get away from them without being harmed yourself (for example, if someone attacks).

Keep your money in multiple places on your person.

When it comes to safety, your money is the most important thing. That’s why we recommend that you keep it in several different places on your person:

A small amount in your purse or wallet (no more than $20)

A small amount in one of your pockets (no more than $20)

A small amount in another pocket, but this time wear a different pair of pants so if anyone looks inside, they won’t see anything suspicious. If there’s no one around and you feel comfortable doing so, place this second pocket inside something like an old shirt or jacket near where it would be hidden from view when wearing that garment on its own without anything else covering it up like, say…a bra?

Bring a discreet doorstop with you.

Doorstops are small, discreet, and easy to carry. They can be used to keep a door open or closed and prevent someone from opening it by wedging between the door and the wall.

Try to blend in

As a solo female traveler to Paris, you may be a little nervous about the safety of your trip. However, you want to avoid getting into trouble while in the city!

Try not to look like a tourist. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or clothing; instead, wear everyday items that are more affordable and easy to spot by pickpockets. Also, try not to wear makeup too much because it can attract attention from men who want something from you (like money).

If possible, avoid drinking at bars because this makes some people feel uncomfortable when they see other people drinking alcohol after dark—mainly if they’re not used to seeing women do so themselves (or even worse, if they think that women shouldn’t drink at all).

Paris is an incredible city for female travelers. As long as you practice common sense safety, you’ll be fine! Some extra precautions include avoiding flashing valuables, using taxis if you feel unsafe, and trusting your gut feelings.

Avoid flashing expensive jewelry or other items. Pickpockets can easily be caught in a crowd and will take advantage of someone who’s not paying attention to them (or the person they’re targeting).

Be aware of pickpockets while walking around Paris at night—especially in areas like Montmartre, where there may be more people than usual due to tourists visiting this area during their stay in France.

Stay sober when drinking alcohol in public places like bars or clubs because it makes it easier for people to slip drugs into drinks without detection by bartenders or security guards (yes…this happens!).


Paris is a beautiful city with much to offer solo female travelers. It’s full of history, art, food, and culture—all of which make it an ideal place! But don’t forget that there are some common sense safety tips you should follow when visiting any city. As long as you practice these precautions in advance (like avoiding flashing valuables or traveling in groups), there shouldn’t be any problems during your trip.

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