An Inspirational Story: The Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show

In any talk show, it’s great to see a well-known personality paint a picture of other celebrities that helps the viewers to analyze the kind of life and challenges the guest is going through. There are different types of talk shows as some of them are broadcast in the daytime others late at night.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show is a daytime talk show that focuses on inspiring people so they could begin their day with positive vibes. It’s a variety show where Clarkson entertains the audience with her singing performance.

The best thing about the show, the host also invites everyday people to share their segments of life. For a dose of inspiration for traveling, you can see the episode where she talked to a couple who visited 112 countries of the world.

Let’s explore some important aspects of the Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show which airs in the entire country in more than 200 stations.

Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson is an American singer who first introduces on the platform of American Idol. She won the first season of the singing competition back in 2002. Clarkson continues her singing career and earned a lot of fame with the songs such as A Moment Like This, Thankful, etc.  She also signed a movie “From Justin to Kelly” in 2003 that was not very successful at the box office. Her music journey carries on but it takes a twist in 2019 when Clarkson begin hosting the daytime variety talk show and receives positive feedback from the audience.

Concept of the Talk Show 

Concept of the Talk Show 

Clarkson stated that she tries to bring something different from the traditional show by introducing the element of fun, energy, and her gift of connection. The one-hour show covers incredible stories, celebrity guests, humor, music, and spontaneous surprises.


The president of Alternative programming at NBC Universal, Paul Telegdy, helped Clarkson to polish her hosting skills for the show.  When she was offered the hosting of the Holiday Show, she was reluctant at the start. However, getting important recommendations from other hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, and Blake Shelton, she become a bit more comfortable with her hosting skills.

Clarkson first filmed a pilot episode with guests like Josh Groban and Terry Crews. NBC Owned Television Station picked up the program and replaced another talk show on their channel by the name of Steve Harvey’s eponymous talk show. Alex Duda was appointed as the program’s executive producer for the Kelly Clarkson Talk show.

Seasons of the Holiday Show 

There are a total of four seasons that have been broadcasted in the series. The first one was on air on September 19, 2018, in the entire United States from NBC-owned Television Stations with another primary affiliate Canadian partner Citytv. The second season was broadcasted at the end of 2020. Due to the Pandemic, the show was suspended for a while on March 13, 2020.  The show was a pretty success so it continues its production for the upcoming third and fourth seasons till 2023. The first three seasons of the Kelly Clarkson show have 180 episodes each while the four one has 162 episodes.


According to Nielsen Media Research, The Kelly Clarkson Show reaches 2.6 million viewers with a 1.6 household rating after just one week of on-air. Every episode of the show received around two million views and was included in the fourth most-watched daytime talk show. New York Times also published the same reports about the average daily audience which was close to 1.3 million viewers.


Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine that published an article related to The Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show, a controversial mistreating report to employees. Most of the former employees were complaining about the favoritism by the producer when they are underpaid and overworked at the same time. They said, on the set toxic environment of the show is pretty traumatizing for their mental health.

Clarkson also gave a counter-response on her social media accounts by saying that she was completely unaware of this kind of situation around. The best thing in the controversy is that no staff member has any problem with Kelly herself, everyone says that she always treated her staff with dignity and respect.


An Inspirational Story: The Kelly Clarkson Show Holiday Show

The audience has mixed reviews about the talk show, as there are around 92 reviews published on IMDb.

Slyfox: I love Kelly but she learns to stay sometime quiet and listen to her guest only. A guest Blake Shelton observed the same thing and pointed out by saying that “Girl you can talk, when it’s your turn.” She did the same thing with Michelle Obama when 90% of the talk was done by only Kelly.

SacLeung: The viewer has a problem with the loudness of Clarkson. She talks and laughs so loud as it seems she is yelling at her guests. She needs to focus more on the story of guests because the show is all about sharing the stories of guests not her own.

Datjag: Kelly is my favorite singer and has an amazing voice. She only needs to work on her habit of listening more and talking less as during the interview with Garth Brooks she continued to talk and even don’t stop when Brooks was playing guitar.

Darby: Darby is following Kelly Clarkson since the time of American Idol days. The viewer admires the kindness, and generosity of Clarkson meanwhile her style of singing and voice is phenomenal. As a talk show host, Kelly always takes the statement from the guest and turns it into a story about her own related experience. She needs to learn from Larry King who says I always left my ego on the door when I come for interviewing my guest.

How Much Kelly Clarkson is getting from the Show Per Season?

Kelly Clarkson receives around $14 million per season as a salary from the Kelly Clarkson Show. She is very active in promoting her show that you can see her doing so on her Instagram account. If continue with the same dedication, she will definitely be able to inspire more people.

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