Is It Safe to Travel to Israel in 2023?

Israel including Jorden, Syria, Lebanon and certain adjacent areas are collectively termed as Levant. They have been remaining the most heated part of the region between different Abrahamic faith in the world such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The present situation still stands at the crossroad of the same pattern of history.

Bahai Gardens Haifa

If you are planning to visit the country, be sure to research the recent development in the region because it’s so dynamic that makes them difficult to predict.

The best way to start with reading the US travel advisory to Israel where you will find some territories offering a green signal to visit. Let’s explore Is It Safe to Travel to Israel in 2023?

US Advisory about Israel Travel

US Department of State Divide the country into three parts, Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Do Not Travel Region

Gaza is considered a “don’t travel region” because of the presence of Hamas. Israeli military check posts are heavy places after a few kilometers that make movement in the place so difficult.

You can’t also sail through the Mediterranean because of the Naval Blockade by the military for over 10 years. According to Noam Chomsky, an MIT professor and political activist, Gaza Strip is the only open-air prison in the world for over a million people.

Exercise Increased Caution

Jerusalem Israel Flag
Negara Israel
Israel Kosova

Israel and West Bank are categorized as “exercise Increased caution” regions. You can use routes 1, 90 and 443 for navigating through the country for visiting travel destinations.

Common Crime

Rocket Fire

The most targeted region that remains under attack includes Beersheva, Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem, Netanya, and Tel Aviv. Military places iron domes to protect these places from rocket fire.


Live landmines are still present beside the road so make sure that you must stay on the road for the sake of your security.

Politically Motivated Protests

Don’t use publish transport for moving into the city. Hire a rental car, it will provide you with enough freedom to move across the country. The previous incidents that cause death included stabbings, stone throwing at vehicles, shootings etc.

Dos and Don’ts


Learn some Hebrew and Arabic so you could converse with the locals easily
Be vigilant about the local holidays and celebrations like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Ramadan, and Pesach.


Travel only in the daytime especially when you are in the West Bank region like Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Jericho. There are some regions where military operations occur so the chances of confrontation will be higher there including Hebron, Jenin, Nablus, refugee camps, etc.

Things to Do in Israel

Things to Do in Israel 

Israel is just the size of New Jersey which contains archaeological sites. It also offers the most adventurous activity to carry out such as paragliding, visiting the red canyon, and strolling through the Golen Heights.

Paragliding Through Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is a 600m high mountain located in Jezreel Valley, Israel. The shape of the mountain is just like a pancake that can easily be climbed. The air pressure is suitable for paragliding which allows you to have a most thrilling experience of free falling.

Hike Though the Red Canyon

Red Canyon is just a 20-minute drive from the Eliat where you can walk through the zig-zag region between the swirling rock. When the sunlight hit the spot, the whole corridor illuminates with reddish-yellow light, that provides the imagery of another planet.

Visiting the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea shared a border with Israel and Jorden and spread up to 600 square kilometers. It contains a high concentration of minerals and salt that affects the density of water so heavily and enhances buoyancy force.

When you swim in the water, you will float on the surface of the water without any chance of drowning. It’s called a dead sea because the nature of the water is not suitable for any marine life to sustain.

Explore Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the oldest city on the face of the earth with a rich history that spread to around 5000 years. The city is termed as “Al-Quds” the holy city for all the three major religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It has the places like Wailing Wall, Al-Aqsa and Dolorosa.

Biblical Sites

You can visit the places like Galilee where you will find the largest church in the Middle East. Don’t forget to explore the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem.

Entry and Exit Requirement

Visa Requirements: US citizen only needs Visa if they desire to stay more than 90 days. Otherwise, less than 90 days of stay does not demand any sort of visa.

Blank Passport Pages: 1 Page is enough

Passport Validity: The passport must be valid for up to six months

Currency on Entry and Exit:  Must be equal to or less than 12000 Skekels ($3300 USD)

Vaccination: You don’t need any proof of vaccination for entry to Israel.

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