11 Travel Essentials For Men To Buy in 2023

When we say “travel essentials for men,” we mean “the basics” — the stuff you’ll need to pack and wear no matter where you go. You can’t help but be well-dressed and ready for any occasion if you’re well-equipped and well-packed – no matter where you travel.

Whether you’re flying around the world or taking a fast train down the coast, having the correct gear is essential. We often emphasize that the tiny things count, from the cut of your chinos to the leather on your boots, all the way down to the small components that comprise your everyday carry. Pack wisely, and your choices can also help you out of a jam or two, especially if you’re an adventurous traveler.

If you prefer a more relaxed pace, we believe many of our recommendations for travel needs for guys will still get the job done – and then some. Wait, when are you planning to come home? You may be confident that these menswear travel staples will continue to serve you well on a regular basis.

1. Carry-On Suitcase for Zero Halliburton

You may design all the gorgeous clothes and travel-friendly ensembles you want, but they’ll be useless if you don’t have the correct luggage to keep your belongings secure. The Zero Halliburton Carry-On Suitcase is a near-design masterpiece, ticking all the boxes for sleek, secret agent-approved aesthetics and world-class durability. The final travel luggage you’ll ever require.

2. Boulder Boot by Lems

Want to travel light this winter? I mean, incredibly light? Choose a fashionable pair of boots that are very much easy to pack and easy to wear. The Lem’s Boulder Boots roll right up for simple storage in your weekender bag (like the Buffalo Jackon duffel featured above), and they’ll keep you comfortable from takeoff to landing — and then some. They’re also well-equipped to deal with cold conditions while on the road.

3. Travel Wallet Bellroy

Traveling light doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming in terms of locating the proper gear. It’s frequently about slimming down the things you already carry with you, such as a nice leather wallet, while aiming for maximum utility and mobility. As a result, the Bellroy Travel Wallet has space for your passport, money, and cards, as well as RFID protection.

4. Rechargeable Goal Zero Flip 20

When it comes to travel essentials for men, we have more than just clothing to think about. Even if you leave the house with your phone fully charged, there can be times on the road when you run out of juice. In circumstances like these, the simple, easy-to-pack Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger is the one must-have item. No concerns, just grab and go.

5. Buck Mason Henley Short Sleeve

Aside from a traditional Oxford or chambray shirt, one of the most adaptable garments a man can wear is a henley. Wear it alone, layer it beneath a denim jacket for a casual travel appearance, or pair it with an unlined blue cotton blazer for a little of a rough edge. A short-sleeve henley is your best pick for casual layering whether you’re going to hot Florida or frigid NYC.

6. Wireless Headphones QuietComfort 35 II by Bose

Traveling is difficult enough without having to cope with a rowdy seatmate or a noisy, unpleasant plane. In that scenario, the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones, devoid of tangled cables and designed to block out the outside world, are a great addition to your travel-ready everyday carry. Don’t leave the house without these.

7. Curious Traveler 5-Pocket Pants by Orvis

Orvis is well-known for its tough and field-ready clothing, but what about travel-friendly items like the appropriately called Curious Traveler 5-Pocket Pants? When your journey necessitates a short turnaround, such as from the aircraft to the hotel and then out into the city, ease of movement and style are equally important. These sharply styled 5-Pocket Pants simply get the job done.

8. Filson Travel Pack

Your toiletries deserve better than a plastic bag – they need the Filson Travel Kit, which is strong, resilient, and wonderfully well-made. The twill shell protects your grooming supplies, while the brass hardware and bridle leather trim provide a touch of elegance and durability. It’s as simple as grabbing the Filson Travel Kit, loading it up, and hitting the road.

9. Eddie Bauer Travel Blazer Voyager 2.0

As previously said, when it comes to travel, mobility and timeless style are the watchwords. And if traveling light is your objective – which it should be – it helps to wear one jacket on the airline or train and then out to dinner or drinks after you get at your destination. The Voyager Travel Blazer looks well with the Orvis trousers shown above in travel essentials.

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10. Master Flask by Stanley

Hey, as much fun as winter travel might be, sometimes you need to make your own fun. We believe that every man requires a sturdy, timeless flask for drinking a fine beverage on long winter walks… or lengthy winter train rides. Stanley has always produced some of the greatest products available, and the Master Flask is no exception.

11. Denver Leather Travel Duffel Bag by Buffalo Jackson

Looking for something a bit less elegant and a little tougher in your travel gear? In that scenario, Buffalo Jackson has the Denver Leather Travel Duffel Bag, which is both stylish and functional. We like this bag because of its sturdy hardware and deep brown leather, which will go well with a traditional travel look (think stretch denim, a chambray shirt, and classic chukka boots).

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