Where to See The Northern Lights in the United States

Travels chase to visualize northern lights because of its breathtaking beauty. It’s fascinating to see the darker sky illuminated with green, red, and purple lights.  Are you still wondering about the reality of northern light? It’s real and only present in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Where to See The Northern Lights in the United States?

In the Northern Hemisphere, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, Maine, Michigan, Montana, and Minnesota are the best places to visit to see Northern lights in the USA. All of these states are present in the north of the USA and border with Canada. Let’s dig further to wander around to find out the Northern lights in those states of the US.

1. Idaho

Where to Find the Northern Lights in Idaho

It’s a northwestern US state best for outdoor recreational activities. It has pristine wilderness and landscapes. If you are in Idaho and planning to watch the Northern lights, the best time is between 10 pm to 2 am on the clear dark night from September to March.

2. Washington

Washington Northern Lights

The State of Washington is situated in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the best time to see the aurora or Northern light in Washington is between 10 pm to 2 am. In the summer the natural phenomena start a little bit later because of the longer days. However, if you start scanning the sky in winter, you will see northern light earlier.

3. North Dakota

Northern Lights in North Dakota USA

It’s another State of America present in the Midwestern region. It’s famous for its Great Plains art. In North Dakota, you can see northern light in purple, red, or green colors revealed in the sky in the form of waves. These lights appear for 10 to 15 min right after two to three hours of sunset.

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4. Maine 

Northern Lights in Maine

It’s the State of America present in the northeast. Don’t forget to eat lobsters, as they are the most delicious on earth. The right time to see northern light in Maine is from December to February. It’s become easier to wait for the northern light by having lobsters in Maine.

5. Michigan 

Northern Lights in Michigan

It’s the state of America present in the upper Midwestern region. You can also see the Mississippi river and Great Lakes here with northern lights. The best time to see northern light in Michigan is during the months of April, October, and November.

6. Montana

Northern Lights in Montana

It’s the State of America present in the western region. Montana is replete with splendid mountains, and great plains. Winter midnights are the right times to see northern light curving and waving in the form of a rainbow.

7. Minnesota

Northern Lights in Minnesota

It’s the State of America present in the upper western region. The best time to see northern light in Minnesota is between 9 pm to 4 am. The twin cities of Minnesota will definitely thrill you with incredible arts and cultural institutes.

8. Alaska 

Northern Lights in Alaska

It’s the State of America present in the northwestern region. The northern light can be observed in all four seasons in the US. The best time to see northern lights in Alaska is between August and April.

9. New Hampshire 

Northern Lights in New Hampshire

It’s the State of America present in the New England region. The northern light can be in the longest nights of November to February. The likelihood of appearing the northern lights is between 9 pm and 2 am.

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Final Thoughts 

As oxygen and nitrogen are the two most abundant gases present in the atmosphere. When oxygen particles collide, they produce green and red light. On the other hand, when nitrogen particles collide they produce purple and red light.

We’ve finalized our thoughts on the best place to see northern light in the United States with the scientific explanation of the Northern light. Northern lights or aurora borealis are all about the dancing of red, green, and purple lights in the sky. This is happening because electrically charged particles collide with each other and release energy with high wavelengths in the visible region.

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