How to Use Tarot Cards for Travel Planning?

It is normal to find answers from tarot concerning when to travel but do you use tarot cards for travel planning? Tarot cards can help you decide your travel location and a guidebook or tour path. Are you in search of how to use tarot cards for travel planning? We are here to help you and in this article, we will guide you on how can you use tarot cards for your future itinerary. Below are some of the instructions/steps on how to conduct your own research with the help of reading this site Tarot cards and religion.

Instruction 1: Draw your Guide Card

Draw your Guide Card

First, you need to draw your guide card. This card tells you all about what part of the world you will explore and what your travel mission is. Now, draw the major card named “Arcana” and place it in front of you to ruminate on all through your reading. Some of the meanings of cards are for international travel: The Lovers, the Devil, The Star, The Sun, The Moon, The Hanged Man, The Empress, Judgement, Strength and Justice, etc.

Instruction 2: Draw 2 Location Cards

Draw 2 Location Cards

The next step is to shuffle your deck and afterward draw until you come onto the Minor Arcana card. Draw 2 cards and place these cards under the Guide Card. For International travel, choose Italy as it represents the home of early tarot decks as your center point and for domestic travel, choose your own location as the starting point.

West represents coins, East represents wands, South represents cups and swords are North location. For instance, if you draw 10 swords and 3 coins, it represents the Northwest location. In that scenario, you could consider travel locations in France, Canada, or even Norway. If you are visiting from New York domestically, you might pay a visit to Washington or Oregon.

Instruction 3: Draw 4 Itinerary Cards

Draw 4 Itinerary Cards

Now, the final step is to plan your trip itinerary. Draw 4 Minor Arcana cards and arrange them in a row beneath your Location cards. Each card suit shows what type of plan you need to arrange.

Card 1 is food.

Card 2 shows lodging.

Card 3 represents daytime activities.

Card 4 is nightlife.

The above-mentioned instructions are useful instructions or steps on how to use tarot cards for travel planning.

Each card’s suit dictates your plans:


It is spiritual in nature. If you draw a wand then eat amazing food, and visit spiritual buildings and powerful natural landmarks like a lake where you can easily meditate on your guide card. Also, you can go to mysterious enchanting hotels to make your stay memorable. At night, explore new experiences to get an idea of where you are and where locals go.


It is intellectual and it shows to book your trip to state-of-the-art restaurants, visit historical terrains, stay somewhere that is close to the city, and at night seek out lectures. By doing so, you are going to seek some cultural knowledge. Push yourself to explore the intellectual landscape and do some research to explore your location’s history.


Coins are material and if you draw a coin card that means the purpose of your journey is totally related to gratification and fulfillment. Explore bike tours, stay relaxed yourselves at beaches, eat hygienic and comfortable food, pay a visit to spas, and do some adventurous activities here. In the night, eat amazing dinners, turn in early to watch different movie series, and order room service.


These are emotional so book your stay with such host you feel connected to, eat at down home. Go hiking where you can make friends easily and socialize with different local people. You can make new friends through local tours, hiking, or picnics in the park. At night, enjoy a small music event at the café to give yourself soothing relaxation. The ultimate focus should be on your inner state instead of trying to get to any landmark or check things off a travel path.

Some Useful Tips for Traveling with Tarot

Try considering a smaller size deck. Smaller size decks weigh less and are quite easy for you to pack. It also means versatility on the surface area and it is easy to read small-size deck cards.

Don’t bring a favorite deck of yours. A lot of travelers lose their minds when they lose a deck. So, if you are not okay with losing it or damaging it, don’t bring your favorite deck with you.

Wrap your deck carefully with considered special items. Ensure that everything traveling with your deck is as important as your deck.

Before reading cards, make sure that no one will interrupt you, and find a time when you have time for yourself.

Use all such tools that you think must be used for convenience to make your life easier.

Final Words!

As you plan your trip anywhere, you should have an idea of how to use tarot cards for travel planning. Tarot cards will make your trip memorable and enticing by giving you a complete idea about the travel places you want to visit. Also, we discussed the essential tips when traveling with tarot cards. As you get the idea each card’s suit dictates your travel plans and helps you get the most from your itinerary. Have a memorable, enticing, and happy tour!


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