10 Must-Have Travel Apps for Solo Adventurers

The technological advancement has made human lives much easier. Even planning and enjoying travel also remain hassle-free and highly convenient with the best travel apps.

If you are traveling on your own, then download any of the following iOS and/or Android apps to make reservations, transportation, and other travel tasks easier and safer.

1. Trotter It – Travel Journal App

Trotter It - Travel Journal App

This is a highly recommended and safe travel app for solo adventures, traveling around the world. This app allows one to share own travel experiences with others and interact with other fellow travelers. You can even learn from other people’s experiences to make your solo travel convenient and hassle-free. Solo travelers can even find the best travel buddy by finding and interacting with like-minded travelers online.

Available for: Android and IOS


The app works as the best tour guide.

Easily accessible and good customer support.

Travelers can learn from the shared experiences of other travelers to make the best decisions.


Using the app is not possible if you don’t have internet access.

Sometimes the app provides repetitive content.

2. Google Translate – Language Translation App

Google Translate - Language Translation App

If you are traveling to a foreign state or country where a different language is spoken, you might have difficulty exploring the local culture and other special charms of that destination. The problem can be solved using the Google Translate app which provides instant translation for more than a hundred languages.

Available for: Android and IOS


Google Translate app is faster than human translators and costs nothing.

The app uses a statistical method to create an online translation database based on the frequency of the language pair.


The translated content can’t be 100% accurate and meaningful. Sometimes, the meaning of the original content can be lost in translation.

Inaccurate translations can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings.

3. Couchsurfing – Travelers Community Building App

Couchsurfing - Travelers Community Building App

This is the best app for solo travelers as it helps in making lifelong travel buddies, staying with locals, or hosting vacationers coming to your local city/hometown. Also, helps to make a strong relationship with the travellers who love blogging too.

Available for: Android and IOS


Meet like-minded people and live with locals to experience their culture.

Get free accommodation and a useful local guide in a single go.


Finding reliable hosts is comparatively time-consuming.

Since you have to share the space with others, the app will have a lack of privacy.

4. XE Currency – Currency Converter App

XE Currency - Currency Converter App

This is a free currency app for iOS and Android users to track live mid-market rates for currencies and send amounts in more than 60 denominations. It is helpful in the search of currency conversion outlets in different countries.

Available for: Android and IOS


No minimum transfer amount and no charges for transferring the amount.

Great customer support.


Paying for a transfer is not possible through cheque or cash.

Cash pickup is not available.

5. Duolingo – Language Learning App

Duolingo - Language Learning App

Learning a language is no more challenging and time-consuming as Duolingo makes learning fun. You will earn points and discover new levels while developing real-world communication skills. Understanding multiple languages help you when you are traveling alone.

Available for: Android and IOS


The entire range of course is available on the free version.

Lessons are easy to read, listen to, and speak.


Doesn’t prove useful for real-world language practices.

Some questions have buggy or missy words.

6. Rome2Rio – Trip Planning App

Rome2Rio - Trip Planning App

This is a logistical goldmine that you can use to find several routes from A to B with just a single click of a button. It makes travel planning easier by providing multiple cheapest and convenient transport options.

Available for: Android


Makes booking multiple varieties of tickets time-consuming and hassle-free.

Acts as an all-in-one platform.


Customer service is not satisfactory.

Lack of refund policy.

7. Airbnb – Accommodation Booking App

Airbnb - Accommodation Booking App

Find the best place to stay during your trip by comparing multiple options based on location, amenities, style, accessibility features, or nearby activities.

Available for: Android and IOS


Provide access to exceptional spaces.

Offers the chance to connect with helpful hosts.


The app has different cancellation policies.

Offer no hotel services and require advance payment.

8. Google Maps – Navigation App

Google Maps - Navigation App

Traveling to any city, state, country, or the world is easier now with Google Maps, providing easier and faster real-time GPS navigation with transit info and traffic details.

Available for: Android and IOS


Updated and precise map data with street view imagery, turn-by-turn directions, and real-time traffic updates.

Accessing map data and local sharing is possible offline.


Since the app is strictly integrated with other Google services, it can be limiting for people who don’t prefer using Google services.

Some users have privacy concerns because the app gathers and stores data on the locations of users and their search history.

9. Booking.com – Travel Booking App

com - Travel Booking App

Available for Android, iPad, and iPhone users, this app allows booking rental cars, accommodations, and flights from anywhere and anytime. You can even reserve your complete trip with this app.

Available on: Google Play Store


Provides the best price match guarantee.

Special and amazing mobile-only discounts while booking a stay with this app.


Some property details are not presented in a user-friendly manner.

Loyalty reward points will not be earned sometimes with a preferred hotel brand.

Skipping comparisons between several options can result in investing more money.

10. Uber – Cab Booking App

10. Uber - Cab Booking App

This is a ride-sharing app that connects passengers and drivers. You can get a safe and reliable ride in minutes with no long waiting and extra reservations.

Available for: Android and IOS


Door-to-door convenience with increased safety and cashless payment options.

Provide users with the flexibility to book a car from any location and get it arrived in just a few minutes.


The major disadvantage of using this app is prime-time pricing or surge pricing. The prices can be increased or reduced based on the demand and supply.

Trip cancelation is the biggest problem. Sometimes, drivers cancel the booking due to unavailability of the car or other reasons. This lead to disruptions in trip planning.


Traveling is meant to have some quality time and fun away from stressful life. Thus, you should remain stress-free while traveling. Stay tension-free about finding the right stay, booking flights, and other things by downloading these best travel apps for Android and IOS device.

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