A Geneva Getaway: 20 Things to Do in Geneva NY

Situated at the northern extremity of Seneca Lake, Geneva is a city in New York State, with all dry lands falling in Ontario County and the water regions in Seneca County.

A visit to Geneva is the perfect getaway if you love culture. You will take pleasure in this tour as the city is a hearthstone of art, architecture, history, and music around every boulevard. Here is a list of 20 things to do in Geneva NY when you visit this gorgeous town. Let’s dive right in:

1. Venture the Seneca Lake State Park

Venture the Seneca Lake State Park

The Sprayground is a splash pad at Seneca Lake State Park and is the first of its kind built in the New York State Parks system. It possesses over a hundred water jets that extemporaneously spritz water.

Seneca Lake State Park has a view of the cerulean water, crafting a soothing experience for swimmers in addition to picnickers. Experience taking a kayak out on the water, go fishing for trout or just chill on one of the many Finger Lakes beaches.

2. Explore the Three Brothers Winery

Geneva, New York Three Brothers Winery

Geneva, New York is celebrated for its various incredible wineries. There are numerous things that a winery must possess before it can be known as one of the best including a large clientele in the winery trade, a proficient team of members, and their very own vineyard. Three Brothers Winery happens to have it all making it a must-visit place, on your trip to Geneva NY.

3. Attend the Annual Finger Lakes Beer Festival

Annual Finger Lakes Beer Festival

The residents of this lovely town adore beer to such an extent that there’s an amazing annual Finger Lakes Beer Festival for tourists to attend in October. Over 40 breweries in this town come together every fall for the Beer Festival.

You could indulge in tastings as well as buy bottles to take home! The festival also hosts fun activities like snacking on scrumptious foods, partaking in a corn-hole competition, and enjoying live music!

4. Visit the Deer Haven Park

Geneva, New York Deer Haven Park

Attention animal and nature lovers! One of the best things you can do in Geneva NY is go spot the Seneca White Deer at the Deer Haven Park. The perfect time to do this is the season of Spring. It is preferable that you book a tour because the locals know exactly where the deer hang out.

5. Window-shop at the Main Street

Window-shop at the Main Street

Main Streets are very important in small towns like Geneva NY, as all the best and cutest shops and eateries are situated there. Take a stroll down this boulevard and experience the remarkable hospitality of the townsfolk. The close-knit community is bliss in itself!

6. Feast at F.L.X. Table

Feast at F.L.X. Table

This lovely town has multiple incredible diners that should definitely be a part of your list of the top things to do in Geneva NY. With a prix fixe tasting menu, the F.L.X Table is a must-visit restaurant that offers the finest cuisines made from the freshest ingredients. Although the dishes are a delight, the setup and the ambiance of the restaurant draw people to itself. With only 14-seat seating arrangements, the place has a combined kitchen and dining area. How wonderful!

7. Go to Smith Opera House

Smith Opera House

Formerly known as the Geneva Theatre, Smith Opera House is the cultural center of the town. The Opera House, despite its name, does not only host opera performances but also a myriad of artistic and cultural performances. Be sure to add it to your visit list!

8. Tour the Rose Hill Mansion

Rose Hill Mansion

Rose Hill Mansion is also definitely worth a stopover. With its looming columns, the well-tended lawns, and the strikingly beautiful shuttered windows, this place is a lovely sight.

You can enjoy a guided tour of the mansion from May to October and explore its staggering interior. As Rose Hill Mansion was originally built in the 1850s, you can take a glimpse of what New York was like in the 1850s. It’s like walking back in time.

9. Visit Geneva Farmers Market

Geneva Farmers Market

If you happen to visit in the Summer months, head out to the farmers’ market. The trade there runs every Saturday from the end of May all through June. Here you can get assortments of freshly baked bread, one-of-a-kind pies, and pastries along with delectable cookies.

Canned produce from the farms of Geneva, as well as homemade jellies and marmalades, are also offered here. You could stack up your pantry for the winter if you go to the Geneva Farmers Market!

10. Check out the ‘When Anthony Met Staton’ Sculpture

‘When Anthony Met Staton’ Sculpture

Though it has a weird name for a sculpture, this statue is iconic for its historical context. In 1851 Elizabeth Cady Staton, an abolitionist, met Susan B Anthony who was also a social reformer, right where this sculpture stands today.

Together both women ignited the nationwide movement for women’s rights, and this is the place where these two significant personalities first met. Your visit to Geneva NY is incomplete if you do not swing by this statue.

11. Check Out Lake City Hobbies

Out Lake City Hobbies

Lake City Hobbies was founded in 1976 by Jimmy Greco, who was Sheldon Cooper when it came to his love for trains. Subsequently, Lake City Hobbies became the decisive place to stop by if you’re searching for super cool souvenirs to add to your compendium.

If you are a kid at heart or have kids of your own, then you will be pleased when you find an assortment of miniature trains, model airplanes, kites, board games, railroad signs, rockets, and plenty more at this place.

12. Visit Ventosa Vineyards

geneva, new york Ventosa Vineyards

Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Ventosa Vineyards is the perfect place if you want to go for a tour, a cellar tasting, a plate of charcuterie, or all of these things combined. Moreover, if you’re up for dry red wines then this is the place for you as Ventosa Vineyards only grow vinifera grapes and they have mastered their craft to immaculateness.

13. Dine at the Tavern at Beef and Brew

Dine at the Tavern at Beef and Brew

Beef and Brew is a bistro where you can sit down to a nice meal and travel back in time, for this place houses a classic dining room with a whopping stone hearth. The menu here also consists of an inclusive selection of craft beer in British-American style. This place’s forte is the pork chops and the Beef and Stilton Pie.

14. Grab Food at The Rusty Pig

Grab Food at The Rusty Pig

One of the most lionized restaurants in Geneva, New York The Rust Pig is the house of ultimate flavor. This place serves contemporary American-style chow, making it a faultless place to get a heartening yet casual meal. The specialties of this place are the legendary beef brisket and the flame-keeper burger.

15. The Castle Street

Castle Street

The word “Castle” in the name of this street represents Castle Street being connected to almost all of the streets in the proximity. Geneva is the place to tour if you are a fan of culture, and the best way to do it is by venturing out on Castle Street. Listed in the National Register of History, this boulevard is extraordinarily appealing as it is a complete presenter of buildings dating back to the 1850s.

16. Ride the WineWagen

Ride the WineWagen

The WineWagen is the coolest Volkswagen ride you can ever take. As the name suggests you ride around in this green Volkswagen bus and go to all of the best vineyards in the vicinity. It is a super fun tour and a splendid way to enjoy some of the best wineries in the Finger Lakes purlieu.

17. Kindred Fare

Kindred Fare

The fetching Kindred Fare is sure to grab the attention of all the foodies out there! This delightful American fare includes mouthwatering homemade bread, the finest beers, and appetizing craft cocktails. If you want generous, well-priced portions of yummy comfort food to compensate for all that alcohol at the end of a day of wine tasting, then this is the place for you to be.

18. Red Jacket Orchards

Red Jacket Orchards

If you love apple picking and sustainability, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Red Jacket Orchards. The orchards that began in 1958 present the most first-rate cold-pressed juice ever, the pick of the bunch sustainably-grown fruit, and pretentiously artistic gift packs. Providing premium fruits and juices for generations, this place showcases 300 acres of apple trees along with 250 acres of countryside filled with strawberries and apricots.

19. One for the Ice Cream Lovers

Ice Cream Lovers

If you have a sweet tooth, Geneva NY is the place for you! Tranquilize your ice cream cravings by heading to the Geneva Gelato. Serving the taste of Italy through their dessert, this place is an absolute delight. Mr. Twistee’s is another lovely place to get ice cream from, and they offer a variety of soft swirls as well as hard ice cream. Moreover, Mr. Twistee’s also has dairy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free options. Trust me on this, your sweet cravings won’t go dissatisfied!

20. Stay at Belhurst Castle

Belhurst Castle

This awesomely fantastical castle looked like it was plucked right from the heart of Scotland and planted right here in Geneva NY. Built in the late nineteenth century, many of the materials for the construction of this beauty were imported from across the Atlantic. Its conical towers and alcove windows are a wondrous site and you could even stay the night at this magical place!

Geneva NY is one of the most well-liked places in the Finger Lakes territory because it possesses some very exquisite sights. We only listed 20 Things to Do in Geneva NY, while there is a sundry of activities this brilliant town has waiting for you, you just got to visit!


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