Top 10 Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations

Meeting your soulmate is something that many people never get to experience and when you just ‘know’ that they are the one, you obviously want the world to know and that would include a wedding.

So, you must be looking for the best dreamy destination wedding locations for your best day. Well, we’ve compiled an amazing list of the top 10 most popular destination wedding locations.

1. Maldives

Maldives Wedding Destination

With romantic Maldivian locations and white sandy beaches, Maldives is a most popular destination wedding location. A top choice for couples because they can do their wedding and honeymoon at the same place. The weather of Maldives is also wonderful that enhances your enjoyment.

2. Greece

Greece Wedding Destination

If you want to experience romantic sunsets, blue sea-coloured water, attractive view, beautiful beaches and hidden beauties at your wedding, head towards Greece. It is the world’s most unforgettable wedding destination. You can organise your wedding on beautiful islands in Greece such as Santorini, Crete, Chios, Sifnos, and other locations.

3. Australia

Australia Wedding Destination

From seaside wedding locations to romantic elopement, Australia has a diverse collection of exclusive island weddings, secluded private properties, hotels, beaches, and wonderful resorts. The main reason why Australia is a perfect wedding location is here you can capture amazing pictures and make your best day memorable for life.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii Wedding Destination

Hawaii is one of the most popular destination wedding locations all across the globe. This is because, Hawaii is the place of world-class beaches, dramatic sunsets, romantic dinners, and paradise for couples. The weather in Hawaii remains pleasant and there are many wedding venues you can book to enjoy your day such as a glamorous garden wedding in Maui, or an Oceanside wedding ceremony in Kauai.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia Wedding Destination

A wedding is one of the special occasions people deal with in their lives. So, making that day memorable with your partner by doing a destination wedding at your dream place is an indescribable thing. Similarly, Indonesia is also a dream place for many couples to do their wedding and spend their few days in Paradise. There are also glamorous and breathtaking wedding venues at affordable prices.

6. Thailand

Thailand Wedding Destination

When it comes to Thailand’s wedding destinations, this is also one of the most popular destination wedding locations all across the globe. There are many adventurous and picturesque wedding locations in Thailand. From Chiang Mai to Ko Samui, and Phuket, all these places are the best destinations for photographers.

7. Cancún

Cancún Wedding Destination

Cancun is the most beautiful city situated in Mexico. A perfect city to plan your destination wedding in All-inclusive resorts. A wide range of beaches, pleasant weather and incredible food choices make you fall in love with this amazing place.

8. Bahamas

Bahamas Wedding Destination

Another wonderful and attractive location for destination weddings is the Bahamas. It is a perfect honeymoon location that offers soft sandy beaches, clear crystal water, sunshine, pleasant weather and picturesque places for wedding shoots.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you have booked your hotel in the Bahamas for a few extra days so that you can enjoy your first moment in paradise.

9. Italy

 Italy Wedding Destination

Italy is a dream wedding location for many couples. Although there are plenty of wedding locations in Italy, but these two locations are the most scenic spots for nuptials. The first location is Cinque Terre and the second location is Amalfi Coast. Both locations offer attractive and colourful seaside splendour.

10. Fiji

Wedding Island Fiji Wedding Resort Island Wedding

Fiji is an incredible wedding destination with plenty of magical and dreamy venues. Just imagine you are walking on the bank of the beach holding your partner’s hand, and enjoying the ocean breeze. There you can also participate in different couple activities such as candlelight dinners, romantic games, and many other activities. Furthermore, there are many other venues where you can organise your wedding such as luxury bures or villas, and Namale resort and spa.

Organising a wedding is no easy thing and with that in mind, here are some cool wedding planning hacks from pro event planners.

Calculate your budget – This will determine the scope of the wedding party; when you approach a vendor, this is the first question they will ask. Start with the cost of event marquee hire in Perth, then list all costs, even the minor ones. If you don’t set a total budget, you will certainly spend more than you should.

Delegate – No one expects you to handle everything and friends and family are always willing to help. One thing we don’t recommend is asking a friend to handle the photos and video; you only get one shot at a wedding and if your friend doesn’t make the grade, there are no second chances. Hire a pro wedding videographer and let your friend enjoy the wedding and reception. If you are sharing the arrangement with your partner, one of you needs to be the boss! Two bosses aren’t a good idea, so if you wear the sicks in your house, take charge of the event planning.

Create lists – You need a vendor list with contact names and numbers, while essential items also need to be listed. Event planners could not operate without lists and you can store all the data on your smartphone or tablet. Click here for info on digital translation services.

Hire an event planner – Seriously, for the small amount of money you save, the stress levels mean you are better off leaving the event planning to a professional. They will arrange everything from marquee hire to flowers to event bartenders and everything in between while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Book as early as possible – The moment your date is confirmed, you should be on the phone with vendors and Mobile bartending service providers, as they are very busy, especially in spring/summer, which is the wedding season.. If you know you are getting married in the spring of 2024, set a date and book as soon as you can, to ensure that your preferred date is available.

Planning order – The first thing to do is book your date, then you can create a guest list; if that is too long, you will have to make some painful cuts, otherwise you will be over budget. Prioritise your lists and tick items off when completed.

This is your most special of days, therefore you need to make sure that everything is organised, then you can relax and enjoy what should be a very memorable day! If you are planning an outdoor wedding, hire a marquee and remember to have a plan B, in case of rain.

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