20 Places on Earth That Look Like Another Planet

You watch sci-fi movies to fantasize about weird places but there are some real places on earth that look like another planet and If you look at them, it makes you feel awe for a moment.

With the immensely unique structure of these unusual places that don’t fee real, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to visit Mars for having a distant experience of life beyond imagination.

Places on Earth That Don't look real

All it required is to grab your passport and buy a plane ticket to discover the awe-inspiring places from mountains to islands.

Let’s start your journey of visiting the places on Earth that look like another planet and fill your mind with positive vibes to share with others.

1. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly Geyser is a 3800-acre parcel of land that is situated north of Reno on the edge of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. It’s one of the most phenomenal places on Earth that look like another planet.

These geysers are formed by the drilling of well by locals and geothermal power companies, the main fly geyser was created accidentally in 1964 when calcium carbonate deposits began to form and hot water start to shoot from the well.

2. Swarovski Crystal Austria 

Swarovski Crystal Austria 

Swarovski Crystal World consists of a park and art museum that is themed around one of the main export of Austria, crystals. It was designed by Andre Heller on the 100th anniversary of Danial Swarovski, a glass cutter & jeweler.

The museum has 14 different chambers of wonders that are all created in the shape of a giant and gives the feel of a place on Earth that look like another planet.

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3. Stone House, Portugal 

Stone House, Portugal 

Stone House is built by Engineer Guimares who uses the prehistoric concept of architecture. The house is formed between four large stones and placed perfectly in the natural landscape. It’s situated in the north of Portugal between Celorico de Basto and Fafe.

The unusual structure of Casa do Penedo (Stone House) attracts the attention of tourists that is now a small museum full of memorabilia.

4. Mount Abu, India 

Mount Abu, India 

Rajasthan is the blazing desert of India but Mount Abu is the only hill station that gives you a chance to breathe and take a break from the heat.

The sudden difference in temperature is so dramatic to experience that makes it one of the most amazing places on Earth that look like another planet.

5. La Petite Ceinture, Paris 

La Petite Ceinture, Paris 

La Petite Ceinture is the abandoned railway track in Paris that has incredible tunnels to explore on foot. The track has a vast diversity because of the presence of grassland, wetland, slopes afforestation, and limestone slopes along the way.

La Petite Ceinture has been abandoned for years so change into a beautiful forest with a rail track passing through it.

6. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia 

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia 

Las Lajas Sanctuary has an excellent architecture with the flavor of a fairy tale that attracts Colombian Christian and travelers from all around the world to visit the Cathedral.

The gothic-themed structure sits between the mountains near the border with Ecuador. Las Lajas Chapel was constructed on a cave that has a mysterious source of power.

7. Cano Cristales, Colombia (Rainbow River) 

Cano Cristales, Colombia (Rainbow River) 

Cano Cristales is also known as the Rainbow River of Colombia because of carrying the hue of different colors. It looks like the river that escapes from heaven and has a majestic red color.

Cano Cristales gain its signature red from the algae that only bloom between May and late November. The number of visitors is fixed per day in order to preserve the beauty of the river and Cano Cristales indeed is a weird place to visit that looks like another planet.

8. Chile Marble Cave 

Chile Marble Cave 

Chile Marble Cave locally known as Cuevas de Marmol and situated near Lake General Carrera on the Chile-Argentina border.

The cave is formed by the washing up of around 6000 years of waves against calcium carbonate walls which converted into a smooth blue surface.

9. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Rangali Island
Tropical Island
Island Welcome Ring

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the world’s first underwater hotel residence that is surrounded by ocean wonders. You can have an unforgettable experience of luxury in glass-bottomed spa rooms and undersea restaurants.

The hotel also offers Muraka, a private place with integrated living, entertaining, and dining spaces, within the shimmering lagoon.

10. Kamppi Chappel, Helsinki 

Kamppi Chappel, Helsinki 

Kamppi Chappel is a place near Narinkka Square, Finland where you can take refuge in silence. The chapel is constructed by K2S Architects Ltd. because of the unusual structure of the building, it won the International Architecture Award in 2010.

Kamppi Chapel is a great elliptical shape architecture that will grab your attention in the first place and the tranquility inside the vicinity provides you with an experience of the places on Earth that look like another planet.

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11. Kuthiny Baty, Russia 

Kuthiny Baty, Russia 

Kuthiny Baty is located in the district of Kamchatka, Russia that has a bizarre formed of Pumice cliffs. Pumice is the frozen rock of lava that erupted in the region thousands of years ago. The place is quite accessible for tourists when they decide to hike through the route of Kurile Lake.

12. Wilhelmstein Island, Germany 

Wilhelmstein Island, Germany 

Wilhelmstein Island is a tiny artificially created island that was formed in the 18th century on Lake Steinhude, Germany.

The construction of the island was carried out with the help of local fishermen who took piles of stones in their boats for creating a foundation.

When you visit the island, you will feel the tranquility that will exhibit the weirdness of a place that looks like another planet.

13. Karst Spring, Croatia 

Karst Spring, Croatia 

Karst Spring is a splendid source of underground water that has a high discharge rate of water. You can only see a bowl shape of water and its source is a connected by cave system that goes to a straight 130 m of depth.

The water emerges on the surface within a few days from the precipitation process. Karst Spring’s crystal clear water and incredible depth include it into the list of places on Earth that look like another planet.

14. Scola Tower Stand, Italy

Scola Tower Stand, Italy

Scola Tower used to be a military building that is located in the Gulf of Poets, Italy. The tower was constructed for defensive purposes right in the middle of the sea. Scola Tower Stand has an extraordinarily strong foundation and around 4 meters’ thickness of walls.

The building is great evidence of architecture and history, and its solitude makes it look like from another planet.

15. Marble Canyon, Arizona 

Marble Canyon, Arizona 

Marble Canyon is formed by thousands of years of erosion of land by the Colorado River in northern Arizona.

The height and beauty of the canyon are so unbelievable that makes it in the places on Earth that look like another planet.

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16. Vatnajokull Ice Cave, Iceland 

Vatnajokull Ice Cave, Iceland 

Most of the ice caves are located in the region of Vatnajokull, Iceland that are accessible during the winter season only from November to March. These caves are marvelous in beauty but only be visited with a trained guide who knows the glacier more deeply.

17. Well Quinta da Regaleria, Portugal 

Well Quinta da Regaleria, Portugal 

Well Quinta da Regaleria is located near the historic center of Sintra that has a bit of everything such as nature, mystery, and architecture.

The well is accessible by the spiral staircase that takes visitors to an underground tunnel. It’s considered one of the most visited places in Portugal and is surrounded by a chapel, palace, and luxury park with features of lakes.

18. Kawachi Fuji Garden

Kawachi Fuji Garden

Kawachi Fuji Garden is an amazing private garden that shows wisteria flowers for the public in the peak season of Late April to early May.

The most attractive stop of the garden is the 100-meter-long tunnel covered with purple and white flowers of wisteria trees. When you pass through the tunnel, you will be surprised by the beauty and smell that appears as it’s one of the places on Earth that look like another planet.

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19. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska 

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska 

Mendenhall ice caves are located in southeast Alaska and are a magical place to see all stages of the water cycle. These are very adventurous places to have the experience of kayaking and hiking to the glacier to reach the edge of the ice.  The enchanting flow of the cave’s ice shows that it’s the place on Earth that looks like another planet.

20. Ruby Falls, Tennessee 

Ruby Falls
Underground Waterfall

Ruby Falls are the cascading underground waterfall of 260ft high where you can book your lantern tour to see the tallest underground waterfall in the world. It’s the place that was discovered accidentally by Leo Lambert in 1928 who named the waterfall after his wife name, Ruby.

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