15 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations For Couples To Visit This Year

We all have our ideas of what the perfect Christmas looks like, presents under the tree, candles lit, and the roast in the oven with Polar Express playing in the background. But the cold days and evenings are not up to everyone’s taste.

It’s not forbidden to have a Christmas vacation away from home and family, but the question on everyone’s lips is where could possibly be better.

Spending Christmas with your significant other can be a magical and romantic experience. Whether you’re after some much-needed winter sun or are keen to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, here are the best Christmas vacation destinations.

If you’re after a truly exciting festive and romantic Christmas, these destinations should be on your bucket list:

1. New York City

New York City

New York is considered a perfect couples destination during the Christmas season, we’ve all seen romantic films set around New York – the Big Apple where your dreams come true – so why wouldn’t it be insanely romantic to celebrate the holidays there? Not only that but New York believes bigger is always better and offers a vast amount of entertainment options, dazzling decorations, and over 200 markets to stroll through.

Ice Skating

The city is renowned for its extravagant and picturesque rinks located right in the heart of the city by the iconic Rockefeller Centre and the Woolman Rink in Central Park. Skating together in a beautiful city surrounded by the lights and views of New York City (NYC) is truly a beautiful memory to share.


It comes as no surprise that New York offers some of the best array of shows and musicals that adhere to the festive Christmas season. It’s a fantastic evening date idea that involves top-tier entertainment that is not always accessible at home.

2. Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

The Nuremberg Christmas Markets is a German institution that welcomes over 2 million visitors each you due to its rich history.

It has come to be known as one of the most iconic and traditional Christmas markets in Europe exuding a magical atmosphere with the extensive amount of Christmas decorations, beautifully crafted ornaments, and famous gingerbread and mulled wine.

Strolling around this market, taking it in, and enjoying great food can be such a romantic experience.

Nuremberg offers a range of romantic accommodations, including charming boutique hotels, authentic lodgings, and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. You’re spoilt for choice, as many of these establishments embrace the holiday spirit which can be so romantic for couples during the cold Christmas season.

3. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

A perfect Christmas vacation destination for those couples who enjoy exploring and are outdoor enthusiasts who offer a holiday experience accustomed to all tastes.

Known for its heavy snowfall, it really is the perfect place to feel that festive winter wonderland Christmas that has been described to you as a child in almost every iconic Christmas film.

Alongside the romantic strolls,  European culture, and charm you have access to stunning panoramic views of the city from areas close by such as Montmorency Falls Park which is just breathtaking over the cold snowy season. Sharing moments like these with your loved one is extremely romantic.

Winter Activities

Quebec City offers a variety of fun activities for couples such as ice skating, dog sledding, and even a carnival with ice sculptures and a range of events. There is much to be explored and is perfect for those couples who bond over these kinds of activities.

4. Iceland


Iceland is the perfect holiday destination for couples in search of the Christmas Spirit. They provide a lively selection of markets filled with a rich selection of food, drinks, and gifts. Expect a truly merry atmosphere surrounded by craggy mountains covered with snow. Cuddle up with your loved one during the chilly evening and enrich yourself with the atmosphere.

Northern Lights

Iceland has so many unique features and the northern lights are definitely one of them, being able to see it with your own eyes and sharing it with your romantic partner would be mesmerizing.

Geothermal Hot Springs

Another way to enjoy the outdoors in Iceland is at places such as the Blue Lagoon or Myyaten Nature Baths. They are the perfect place to warm up and unwind together during the cold festive season.

5. Courchevel, France

Courchevel, France

A beautiful choice for a couple’s Christmas vacation. If you enjoy winter sports and the charming culture the Alpine village has to offer, then this is not for the faint of heart as they have some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants alongside five-star hotels that provide such a romantic and relaxing feel.

Surrounded by such as fun atmosphere you have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with romantic sit-down dinners, and horse-drawn sleigh rides while surrounded by tall snow-covered mountain views. It can’t get any better than that the evening will just be pouring with picturesque and charming experiences.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s not also just gingerbread-scented and tasteful hot chocolate under the grey skies while you’re cuddled up warm with your loved one. You’re also surrounded by world-class museums and restaurants. A perfect blend of rich history, festive traditions, and stunning winter landscapes.

Take advantage of being in the beautiful area surrounded by amazing countryside and the views are just breathtaking never too far is a local cozy pub where you and your partner can enjoy a heart soul-warming scotch while reminiscing on how Edinburgh was the perfect Christmas vacation destination.

7. Cities Along the Danube

Cities Along the Danube

One of Europe’s great rivers, perfect for couples who don’t want to limit themselves to one destination and wish to embark on a Christmas cruise visiting popular spots such as Budapest, Bratislava, and Regensburg.

You’re getting one Christmas in 3 different cities and this can be extremely fun for couples for several reasons, such as romantic river cruises, enchanting Christmas markets in all cities full of seasonal treats, historic architecture such as the medieval castles, Baroque palaces and charming old town enriching yourselves with interesting culture, each spot you have the option to wine and dine in a different city every night and even enjoy the thermal baths.

This was just the tip of the iceberg of what a cruise of these beautiful cities can offer during the joyous season.

8. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is the fantasy festive break every couple should dream of the charming old town exudes romantic charm with its well-preserved and fascinating medieval architecture. As you wander through the cobblestone streets you find yourself transported into a magical Christmas wonderland.

There are several Christmas markets to choose from all of which are beautifully decorated and offer Austrian treats and gifts that you can enjoy as a couple together, this is perfect for couples who a lovers of music. Salzburg is renowned for its classical concerts, opera, and theatre productions.

During the evenings, enjoy a fairy-tale horse-drawn sleigh ride on your way to a candlelit dinner or embrace together some of local Austrian Christmas traditions such as the Krampus Parade surrounded by locals who dress up as the Christmas demon and St. Nicholas a one in a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

9. Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain

Couples who fancy a change from the traditional cold Christmas vacation destination may fall on Tenerife – a destination known for its year-round pleasant climate, natural beauty range of fun outdoor activities, and festive Christmas atmosphere.

Tenerife cities and towns are beautifully decorated with Christmas lights that you’re welcome to visit after a long relaxing day sunbathing at the beautiful beaches they have to offer or after your romantic stroll through the Botanical gardens, which is a perfect setting for a romantic picnic or to wind down and watch the stunning sunset.

10. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

With its mild winter climate, sunny weather, beautiful views, and beaches surrounded by historical sites and the small romantic old town of Kaleic, Antalya in Turkey is a great alternative Christmas destination.

As a couple, you have the opportunity to explore the waterfalls, take boat tours, indulge yourselves in delicious Turkish cuisine, enjoy spa and wellness treatments, and shop at local markets during the festive season which not many people can do during this festive season.

While people are tucked up at home, you’re catching a suntan – what could be a more relaxing way to spend the holiday season with your partner?

11. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

This location of Bali is a tropical paradise for couples, with a range of exclusive and private accommodations that are perfect for ultimate relaxation and romance as one of the best Christmas Vacation Destinations. Possibly one of the warmest places still in the chilly months of December, it’s the perfect place to explore and witness the stunning beach and vibrant culinary scene.

Together you can immerse yourselves in Balinese culture, and enjoy the celebrations of Galungan and Nyepi adding cultural richness and giving you both an opportunity to remove yourself from all the noise some places have during the busy season.

It is by far not your most traditional holiday, but will sure be a vacation the two of you can remember forever.

12. Dubai


Dubai is another location well renowned for its consistently warm weather during the UK’s cold and snowy season, with luxuriously modern architecture and accommodations providing a lavish picture-perfect setting.

They also embrace the holiday spirit with elaborate Christmas decorations, markets, and special events such as their firework and light shows, so although you are leaving the cold weather behind, you aren’t leaving the fun activities and celebrations as well.

Dubai sure brings the festivities alive with the option for private experiences such as romantic dinners on the beach and hot air balloons.

13. Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

With an average temperature of 16 Degrees Celsius, you can wander around the charming Central American city comfortably surrounded by colorful Spanish architecture with absolute ease.

There is a small gathering or procession every night from the 15th to the 24th of locals singing Christmas songs down the street and when this arrives at your house, it symbolizes giving shelter, finally, the locals pray and share traditional dishes and drinks. This celebration is open for anyone to join.

On the 24th of December, a traditional dance called Los Cabezones accompanied by marimba music through the streets of Antigua after which they return to the church late at night. This is a very unique celebration during the festive season and should be a moment that is remembered and cherished with your romantic partner.

14. Praia, Cape Verde

Praia, Cape Verde

The capital city of Cape Verde can be the one of the perfect Christmas Vacation Destinations because of these highlights

Tropical paradise all year round.

Beautiful beaches where you can relax all day in the same spot, earning a well-deserved end-of-the-year reward.

Romantic sunsets to watch while you stroll along the beach with your partner.

These are just some of the highlights you can expect from Praia, but no doubt they have festive celebrations with a unique cape verdean flair featuring their lively music, dances, and local traditions such as midnight mass, parades, and street festivals.

You are able to celebrate Christmas from a whole different perspective which can be eye-opening and an extremely unique memory to share with your partner.

15. Peurto Rico, Caribbean


The sunny and beautiful Caribbean destination may seem like the perfect palace just to sit back and relax at Christmas.

With pristine beaches, you could maybe engage in a few water activities such as the Cueva Ventana or Rio Camuy cave park which offers fascinating caves to be explored together, or bioluminescent bay tours which can be extremely magical to experience with your partner.

Peurto Rico offers a rich culture, so you’ll have the opportunity to explore the histories of Old San Juan, a charming colonial city filled with color, historic forts, and many places to sit down to savor the island’s blends of Spanish, African and Taino dishes at locally owned restaurants.

Christmas is a well-celebrated holiday in Peurto Rice they share great passion and energy for the holiday, demonstrated by their annual parades, traditional music, and festive decorations that just add holiday spirit to a beautiful place.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas this year, so experiment and try new places to get that Christmassy feeling again. A lot of cities offer their own twists and traditions it can be a rewarding experience to share with your parents or if you both just want to feel the sun on your face this year there are places that offer the vibe without the winter days.

When it comes to planning and booking your vacation, traveling payment options are becoming increasingly evolved, therefore to avoid any internet scams before you’ve arrived at your perfect Christmas vacation destinations, only use reputable sites when creating any sort of booking.

With services evolving along with the digital age, you may find that you are able to use cryptocurrency now to book flights and accommodation. This may be a safer option as there are services available that offer crypto recovery if anything happens and it means you aren’t losing any tangible money in the bank.

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