Taj Mahal Tour Package: A Complete Guide

The Taj Mahal, often known as the “Crown of Palaces,” is a world-famous monument placed in Agra, India. This superb masterpiece of the Mughal structure is not only an image of everlasting love but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws hundreds of thousands of vacationers from all corners of the globe.

If you’re eager to embark on a journey to witness this undying beauty up near, a Taj Mahal tour package deal is the right way to revel in the magic of this iconic monument.

Understanding the History of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal History

The Taj Mahal, built with the aid of Emperor Shah Jehan in the 17th century, is a testament to his undying love for his spouse. Emperor Shah Jehan got it built in memory of his wife originally named Arjumand Begum, who interestingly was known as Mumtaz Mahal, which literally means “beloved ornament of the palace”. Ustad Ahmad Lahori alias Ahmad Ma’mar Lahori was the chief Mughal architect through the reign of Emperor Shah Jehan and he was the master architect in the construction of the Taj.

This white marble mausoleum took over twenty years to construct and is a beautiful combo of Persian, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles. Your excursion will begin with an in-depth exploration of the Taj Mahal’s history, highlighting its importance and the romantic story at the back of its introduction.

Tour Package Highlights

Taj Mahal Tour Package Highlights

Guided Tour: A Taj Mahal excursion bundle normally includes an informed guide who will take you on an adventure via the monument’s records, architecture, and the captivating stories that surround it.

Agra Fort Visit: Most applications additionally consist of a visit to the nearby Agra Fort, or any other UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historical castle gives a glimpse into the grandeur of the Mughal Empire.

Local Cuisine: Enjoy the flavors of Agra with a taste of the metropolis’s scrumptious cuisine. Your tour package can also include a traditional Indian meal at a nearby eating place.

Shopping: Explore the local markets for souvenirs, inclusive of difficult marble handicrafts and fantastically designed earrings.

Planning Your Taj Mahal Tour

Planning Your Taj Mahal Tour

To make the most of your Taj Mahal experience, it’s critical to plot your journey effectively. Here are some tips:

Timing: Visit the Taj Mahal early in the morning or past due in the afternoon to avoid crowds and witness the monument bathed inside the smooth, golden light of sunrise or sunset. If you are planning to let a tour guide make the most out of your trip, it is best to reach at 6 in the morning.

Dress Code: Respect the cultural norms by using dressing modestly. It’s recommended to wear snug shoes as you will be doing a truthful quantity of walks.

Photography: Capture the beauty of the Taj Mahal along with your digicam but be privy to limited areas where pictures may not be allowed.

Some Essentials to Take with You to the Taj

The Taj Mahal has some very stringent rules as to what not to take on your trip to this wonder. So leave your bulky bags, tobacco products, lighters, tripods, and drones at home. The things you can and should take with you include the following:

Your passport

Your Phone

A Camera

Water Bottles

Local Cash

Medicine (just in case)

Some Photography Tips

Planning Your Taj Mahal Tour

To the right side of the Taj (towards the East Gate), you can get incredible shots from the riverbank behind the mausoleum. Photographing the reflection of the fountains that line the walkway toward the main platform of the Taj Mahal would be magnificent. Shots from the Mehtab Bagh would be absolutely magical!

Parts of the Red Fort also offer staggering views of the Taj, be sure to capture them! It is important to note that it was parts of the Red Fort Agra where Emperor Shah Jehan was confined by his son Aurangzeb for the last 8 years of his life, and from where he could view the Taj.


A Taj Mahal tour from delhi is a journey by time, culture, and love. It’s a revel in that leaves an enduring impression and offers a deeper know-how of India’s rich records and architectural historical past.

With a well-planned Taj Mahal tour bundle, you could immerse yourself in this iconic monument’s appeal, discover the wonders of Agra, and create reminiscences with the intention of remaining an entire life. Don’t leave out the opportunity to witness the Taj Mahal’s timeless splendor – book your excursion package deal nowadays and embark on a truly unforgettable journey.

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