10 Best Places in Greece to Visit

Greece is an incredibly unique and rich cultured place to visit because of its impressive history & tradition. It is located on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea and has a huge collection of exotic beaches & islands with remarkable ancient temples and palaces.

Greece is an incredibly unique and rich cultured place

The beaches with sparkling blue waters and natural beauty fascinate a lot of tourists to visit the prime places in Greece.

Other than the capital city of Athens there are more destinations on the mainland to spend your vacation. You just need to book a ferry to take you to the islands with pristine landscapes and romantic spots. Travelista team has complied an amazing list of the 10 best places in Greece to visit.

1. Cephalonia

Cephalonia is also termed Kefalonia

Cephalonia is also termed Kefalonia and is a main island with a population density of 55 people per square kilometer. The top attractions of Kefalonia are Drogarati Cave and Lake Melissani.

Cephalonia is also termed Kefalonia

According to speleologists, the cave is around 150 million old and tourists have only access to the cave for the last 300 years when an earthquake revealed it.

2. Meteora

Meteora is located in central Greece

Meteora is located in central Greece with the marvelous formation of monasteries on the rocky walls. UNESCO includes six of the monasteries in the world heritage list and is open to the public.

It is a great opportunity for the hikers to simultaneously see the monastery and experience climbing. Monasteries are open at different times so you need at least one day to see all of them.

3. Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a gorgeous island in Greece

Zakynthos is a gorgeous island in Greece and contains some of the endangered species of the sea like the Caretta Carettas turtle. The animated form of these turtles is used in the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”. You can visit Navagio Beach and the blue caves with the magical glow when sunlight hits the water.

4. Delphi

Delphi is a historical place to visit

Delphi is a historical place to visit and somehow resembles the Colosseum in Rome. That used to be a place dedicated to worship in ancient Greek. You can easily visit Delphi because it is only two and a half hours away from the city of Athens where you can explore the Temple of Apollo, ancient stadium, and Athena Treasury.

5. Argolis

Argolis is an important ancient city of the Greek civilization

Argolis is an important ancient city of the Greek civilization. It has a historical background of around 4000 years. Argolis lies on the Sardonic Gulf and is a major source of olives and oranges in Greece. When you visit the destination, you can enjoy both the fresh fruit and the history of the region. You can also have a full-day tour of Mycenae to scrutinize archaeological sites.

6. Andros


Andros is a sparsely visited place because of its unpopularity. However, it does not lack any resources to be included in one of the best islands in Greece. Andros offers you the destinations such as Foros Cave, Monastery of Panachrantos, etc. You can also have delicious seafood and coffee spots right before the blue sea.

7. Crete

Crete, Greece

Crete is the fifth largest island of Greece where you can find surprising beaches and cultural landmarks still present in their pretty good shape. One of them is Knossos, it is the ancient palace of the 18th century BC with a population of around 100,000 people. It was excavated by a British archeologist in 1900 and restored some of its parts.

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8. Athens

Athens is the capital city of Greece

Athens is the capital city of Greece and its history spans around 3400 years of time. It still has monuments like The Acropolis and the Parthenon which are considered the icons of Greece. The advancement of Greek in history is revealed by the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism, the first calculator in the world.

9. Penteli


Penteli is a magical place in North Athens and considers a rural area. If you are in Athens, it is easy to visit Pentali because It is around 10 km away center of Athens. It is a destination to stop for a while and have some snacks so you could move to your next city as fresh. Rododafni Castle and Monastery are the top attraction of the town.

10. Santorini

Santorini is located in the Sothern Aegean Sea

Santorini is located in the Sothern Aegean Sea. The island gets its present shape because of the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Now it’s one of the natural wonders right in the middle of the sea that contains everything to entertain and welcome the tourists with the luxurious treatment of food, transportation, and accommodation.


Greece is a South European country located on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a long connected history with ancient architecture and islands that are phenomenal enough to include them in the list of the best place in Greece to visit.

All of the travel destinations have something to offer for everyone. If you like hiking, visit Meteora’s Monasteries to have an unforgettable adventure of your life. The same is true for all the Islands and other historical destinations.

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