Exploring Dublin Airport: Fascinating Facts and Insights

On a cold Friday morning, it was January 19, 1940, when Europe’s 12th-largest and busiest airport inaugurated its first flight for Liverpool, Dublin Airport. Every year around 20 million passengers pass through the amazing airport to various travel destinations all around the globe. The airport is located 7 km north of Dublin which once used to be only a wartime aerodrome during WW1 (World War 1). It has an interesting journey of innovation, modernization, and expansion that is worth mentioning.

Exploring Dublin Airport: Fascinating Facts and Insights


Let’s dive into the fascinating facts and insights about Dublin Airport that will provide you with a background for taking a moment to appreciate what exists at Irish airport.

1. Finding Your Way Around 

Dublin Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 & Terminal 2. Both of the terminals are very close to each other and allocated specific flights to land and fly only. For instance, at Terminal 2, airlines that fly consist of American Airlines, Delta, Emirates, EI AI, United States Airlines, and Aer Lingus while Terminal 1 serves all the other airlines including Ryanair.

2. Impressive Connectivity 

Dublin Airport offers nonstop flights to over 192 destinations in 42 countries. The airport publishes its summer schedule that includes 1400 flights per week to 30 European cities and 180 flights to the USA for destinations such as Chicago, Boston, Hartford, Seattle, New York, etc.

3. Check-in Times 

To ensure a smooth journey to your desired destination from Dublin Airport, it advises travelers to arrive 2 hours before their departure time to the airport if you’re flying within Europe. In the case of outside Europe, you need 3 hours to come to the required terminal. The airport also provides a list of airlines that you can view on their website.

4. Pre-Clearance Facilities 

Dublin Airport also has strategic stationing of preclearance for US-bound flights established by Customs and Border Protection. Preclearance operates around only 15 locations worldwide which will facilitate US passengers to avoid the clearance procedure on landing the US territory.

5. Award Winning Terminals 2

Dublin Airport Terminal 2 is one of the best aviation architecture that has won the CMG Building & Design Award. The building has an area of 75,000 square meters and was designed by Pacall+Watson. From 2010 till now, the terminal has passed the milestone of serving more than 100 million passengers.

6. The Spirit of Aviation 

The airport also designed a section for the “Aviation Appreciation Area” where you can see the history of vintage aircraft, photographs, and artifacts. After analyzing the aviation masterpieces, you will feel the real nostalgia in the air.

7. VIP Lounges 

For those who are seeking luxurious travel experience, Dublin Airport offers VIP lounges that provide premium services, comfort, and privacy.

Dublin Airport has four lounges at Terminals 1, 2, US Preclearance Lounge, and the East Lounge. The lounge prices vary from 30 euro to 35 euro for regular travelers and it’s complimentary for business class travelers.

At the US Preclearance Lounge, you have access to amenities like barista coffee, snacks, high-speed Wi-Fi, multiple charging units, and an entertaining screen with live sports.

8. Dublin Airport App Track Assets

The airport is continuously incorporating new technology to provide better facilities to travelers. They developed an app to monitor the airport assets including escalators, lifts, car parks, security systems, boarding gates, and runways.

9. Sustainable Initiatives 

Dublin Airport has inspiring environmental sustainability policies that focus on the objective of gaining the status of Carbon Neutrality. The milestone was achieved in 2019 when the airport reduced its carbon emission by -25% and improved passenger numbers by +63%.

10. Charitable Endeavors 

Dublin Airport is also a strong contributor to the local community and has started its Community Welfare initiative. For instance, St. Paul’s Special School needed to build a recreational space that was constructed by the Dublin Airport’s Asset Care Team.


Dublin Airport is the 12th largest European Airport that uses advanced technology to monitor the airport and has an amazing award-winning terminal. It allows the travelers to reach more than 192 destinations located in 42 countries. For US passengers, the airport has preclearance facilities that help you avoid the whole clearance procedure after landing in any US territory.

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