Uncovering the Best Place to Stay in Budapest: Our Top Picks

Like three other European capitals, Vienna, Bratislava, and Belgrade, Budapest is also the city of the river Danube. It’s the place where modernists meet with historians and create a tremendous capital city of Hungary. The city has 23 districts so for first-time travelers it’s very difficult to find the best place to stay in Budapest. You wander the city and explore its Art Nouveau-style buildings but still remain confused about the matter.

This blog is the ultimate guide that has solved the problem for travelers to find the best place to stay in Budapest, so you could squeeze more from your trip in the given time.

1. Aria Hotel 

Aria Hotel 

For the first-time visitor District V is the right place to find accommodation. It’s the district that has several tourist attractions such as St Stephen’s Basilica and the parliament. Just a few meters from St Stephen’s Basilica, Aria Hotel is situated where you can book a colorful room with an impressive music selection.

You can also have a swim experience in the basement pool and enjoy the ambient atmosphere in Harmony Spa. When you reach the hotel’s roof, you can have a majestic view of the basilica.

2. Corinthia Hotel 

Corinthia Hotel budapest

As a young couple or solo traveler, you can choose District VII in Budapest. It has plenty of cafes and crafts shops with unique restaurants. Corinthia Hotel is the best place to stay in Budapest. It contains the finest Budapest bathhouses that reflects by its well-designed tiles, and arches.

The hotel is present in the pest region of the city where you can see the great synagogue on Tobacco Street that’s why the district is also considered as the Jewish Quarters.  You can have easy excess to the places like Buda Castle, and Heroes’ Square.

3. Mystery Hotel 

Mystery Hotel 

You can select District VI, Terezvaros if you like culture and art. It is the region that comprises the opera house, Andrassy Avenue, and Operetta Theatre.

You can stay at Mystery Hotel to visit the UNESCO Heritage sites, Millennium Monuments, and Vajdahunyad Castle. The hotel rooms also depict the same image, where you can find the Persian Carpet and wall decorated with copies of the Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring paintings. You can stroll for visiting the amazing art and cultural places that are just a few minutes away from the hotel.

4. Palazzo Zinchy 

Palazzo Zinchy 

For having the traditional city vibes, you can stay at District VIII, the Palace District. It’s also nicknamed after the US State, Chicago because of its crime-ridden feature. Now there are a lot of rehabilitation programs initiated in the region that changes it completely.

For accommodation, you can stay in 80 rooms best hotel in Budapest, Palazzo Zinchy. It will be easy for you to access the downtown area that contains the beautiful National Museum and the National History Museum at Astoria.

5. Baltazar 


Baltazar is the best place to stay in Budapest because the hotel is located in the most visited and photographic part of the region, District I, Castle District, and offer cheap room.

It’s the place where you can walk in the historical cobbled stone streets while capturing the memorable views around Royal Palace, and Matthias Church. You can also reach the M2 subway easily and for traveling along the Danube take the tram 19 or 41.

6. Shantee House 

Shantee House 

Ujbuda, District XI used to be the area where rich citizens lived before shifting to Buda Hills. It is the right place for hikers because of the presence of Gellert Hill. You can view scenic landscapes while walking through the hills.

For accommodation, you can stay in the best place in Budapest, Shantee House which has a trendy structure and is budget-friendly. You can also have an outdoor camping experience in the garden and use the community kitchen for food. Private rooms are also available in Shantee House if you have some money.

7. Four Seasons Gresham Palace 

Four Seasons Gresham Palace budapest

For the deluxe stay, you can rent a room in Four Season Gresham Palace which is located in District I, Castle District. It has 179 rooms and everyone has a different view. You can choose a room with a view of Chain Bridge and Buda Castle from the top.

The building of the restaurant itself is an example of a nouveau art style that is evident by the arcaded lounges. After having fine dining and enriching your taste buds with tasty meals, you can head to the roof to swim in the infinity pool.

8. Ensana Grand Margaret Island 

Ensana Grand Margaret Island budapest

Ensana Grand Margaret Island is located in District V and is considered the most charming district of the city. You can visit attractions like Szechenyi Bridge, Erzsebet Square, and Gellert Thermal Bath easily. On the other hand, the hotel rooms have classical furniture and a perfect view of the wooded parkland.

Grand Hotel is connected by an underground tunnel with thermal baths and Health Spa Resort Margissziget. You can also have an amazing dinner on the terrace where you can see the River Danube is passing along.

9. Hotel Moment 

Hotel Moment 

You can stay at Hotel Moment when you visit District VI, the center of art and culture. The structure of the hotel resembles the palace near Andrassy Avenue where you can easily reach the Hungarian State Opera House. It’s a four-star hotel with a cluster of around 99 rooms where you have a view of a courtyard.

The interesting fact about Hotel Moment is that you can have a free breakfast buffet with complimentary coffee and tea will remain at your disposal around the clock without any charges. It also has a gym and aromatic sauna for maintaining your wellness.


There are several districts in Budapest that have their own specialties. Some of them are feasible for entertainment and others are oriented towards art and culture. You can choose the right one on the basis of your interest and plan to explore the city. Every part presents the best place to stay in Budapest with peculiar features and amenities.

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