Top 12 Best Tourist Destinations in Italy 

Italy is a shoe-shaped country that resides in the southern part of Europe. Most of its cities act as art treasures and pop up with passionate people that convert them into the best tourist destinations in Italy. People across the world are attracted to seeing the masterpieces built by historical giants such as Michelangelo.

Let’s explore the Top 12 Best Tourist Destinations in Italy that will never exhaust to surprise you and you should add these amazing spots to your travel bucket-list.

1. Milan

Piazza Duomo Milano

Milan is the second most populous city after Rome and is situated in Northern Italy. It’s considered the center of the fashion and culinary scenes with a majestic touch of art, architecture and history. The multidimensional genius of the Renaissance period Leonardo da Vinci spent most of his time in Milan.

Best Time to Travel Naples: April to May & September to October

Attractive Travel Destinations:  

⦁ Milan Cathedral
⦁ Santa Maria Delle Grazie
⦁ Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
⦁ Sforzesco Castle

Daily Average Budget: 166 Euros (183$)

2. Naples

Naples is the third largest city and capital of Campania

Naples is the third largest city and capital of Campania. It has more than 700 restaurants with gorgeous beaches and a world-class opera theatre.

The city has a waterfront historic gateway that preserves the 12th-century history at Castel Ovo, the Ethno-Prehistory Museum.

Best Time to Travel Naples: Spring (April-June) & Fall (September-October)

Attractive Travel Destinations:

⦁ Nepal Botanical Garden
⦁ Naples Pier
⦁ Lowdermilk Beach
⦁ Naples Zoo

Daily Average Budget: 129 Euros (142$)

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3. Pisa

Pisa is a central Italy city that is named after the leaning tower of Pisa

Pisa is a central Italy city that is named after the leaning tower of Pisa. The tower has a massive tilt of around 5.5 degrees and is used to function as the cathedral bell tower.

You can also visit the place as Piazza dei Miracoli which is connected to the tower, cathedral and Camposanto. The Square of Miracles is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Best Time to Travel Pisa: June to September

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
⦁ Campo Santo
⦁ Museo dell Opera del Duomo
⦁ Murale Tuttomondo by Keith Haring

Daily Average Budget: 120 Euros (132$)

4. Italian Lake District

Italian Lake District 

Italian Lake District is situated in the northern part of Italy and gets its name because of the presence of five major lakes.

You can see a rolling mountain that is adjacent to the ambience environment of lakes. The lakes also have amazing villages which can be explored by bus or ferry through the lakes.

Best Time to Travel Italian Lake District: Spring (April-June) & Fall (September-October)

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Lake Maggiore
⦁ Lake Como
⦁ Lake Garda
⦁ Lake Iseo

Daily Average Budget: 166 Euros (183$)

5. Sicily

Sicily Sea Italy Sicily 4k Sicily, Italy

The Strait of Messina divides Sicily from the mainland of Italy. It’s an Island located in the Mediterranean Sea that leaves a strong and indescribable impression on its visitor because of its beauty. It has Mount Etna which is an active and the largest volcano in Europe.

Best Time to Travel Sicily: April to October

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Monreale
⦁ Mount Etna
⦁ Doric Temple of Segesta
⦁ Villa Romana del Casale

Daily Average Budget: 102 Euros ($112)

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6. Siena

Siena is situated in the Tuscany province

Siena is situated in the Tuscany province and contains an art gallery with the best paintings that turn travelers to the city.

For instance, when you see Santa Maria della Scala from the exterior, it will look simply. As you enter the building, the whole landscape just filled with vibrant colors and images.

Best Time to Travel Siena: April-June

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Piazza Del Campo
⦁ Santa Maria Della Scala
⦁ The Baptistery
⦁ Climbing the Torre Del Mangia

Daily Average Budget: 133 Euros ($147)

7. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site because of the dramatic beauty of the most eastern village in Italy. It was created after years of human endeavor that provide a panoramic view through the green mountains and clear blue sky.

Best Time to Travel Cinque Terre: September & October

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Vernazza
⦁ Riomaggiore
⦁ Levanto
⦁ Manarola

Daily Average Budget: 140 Euros ($154)

8. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast 

The Amalfi Coast is located in the southern part of the Italian Province, of Salerno. It’s the most magical seaside with picturesque narrow streets and villages. When you see the towns through the far horizon of the Mediterranean, it will look like a vibrant color ladder clings to the mountain.

Best Time to Travel Amalfi Coast: May and September

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Positano
⦁ Grotta dello Smeraldo
⦁ Ravello
⦁ Villa Rufolo

Daily Average Budget: 201 Euros ($221)

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9. Pompeii

Pompeii is located in the Campania region

Pompeii is one of the best tourist destinations in italy, located in the Campania region and is a vast archaeological site on the Bay of Naples. The site was ruined by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which change the whole appearance of the city and froze it in time. The city used to be an ally of the Roman Empire and participated in the wars such as the Samnite wars.

Best Time to Travel Pompeii: November to March

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ House of the Faun
⦁ Lupanare di Pompei
⦁ Amphitheatre of Pompeii
⦁ House of the Tragic Poet

Daily Average Budget: 151-165 Euros ($166-181$)

10. Venice

Italian Grand canal Venice

Venice is a major seaport located in northeastern Italy and has a strong cultural and commercial link with Asia. It used to be the largest seaport in Europe.

It has several canals that will astonish when you see through your window, a canal is passing alongside your house. It’s the city that connects different archipelagos in Italy through its canal system.

Best Time to Travel Venice: September to November

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Doge’s Palace
⦁ Grand Canal
⦁ Burano
⦁ Bridge of Sighs

Daily Average Budget: 55-88 Euros ($61-$97)

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11. Florence

Florence City Tour

Florence is located in central Italy and has cultural and historical giants who were major contributors to humanity such as Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli, Galileo and da Vinci. The city has immense dynamics regarding political, cultural and economic flux.

Best Time to Travel Florence: May to September

Attractive Travel Destinations:   

⦁ Piazzale Michelangeloo
⦁ Gallerie Degli Uffizii
⦁ Duomo
⦁ Piazza della Signoria

Daily Average Budget: 169 Euros ($186)

12. Rome

Rome Colosseum from above

Rome is the capital city of Italy and the main tourist attraction because of its rich culture and historical sites. It’s the city of Tiber River where you will see how historic meets with modernist and change the landscape of the city.

Best Time to Travel Rome: October to April

Best Tourist destinations in Italy – Rome:   

⦁ Colosseum
⦁ Trevi Fountain of Rome
⦁ St. Peter Basilica
⦁ Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

Daily Average Budget: 169 to 185 Euros ($186-$203)

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