16 Surprising Things to Do in Nashville With Teens

Do you want to spend quality time in Nashville as a teenager but don’t know how to explore Nashville as a teen? There’s no need to worry. Nashville city is known as a music city with unlimited fun, adventure, and many things to explore. 

Whether you want exotic fun, enjoy family vacations, or want to explore Nashville’s scenic attractions, this blog post has covered almost 16 enticing things to do in Nashville with teens.

So without any further discussion, let’s move on to the point. Read till the end, hope you will enjoy it!

16 Surprising Things to Do in Nashville With Teens

From amazing outdoor adventures, vibrant music scenes, and exhilarating culture, this city has something for all types of teens. The following are the most popular things to do here as a teen: 

1. The Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center

If you have a keen interest in science & technology, don’t forget to explore The Adventure Science Center. This science center is famous for showing science exhibits, interactive science demonstrations, and visual experiences. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday: 9 am-3 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 am-5 pm

2. The Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum

This art museum was first a post office and later on, it became an art museum. In this museum, you can see exhibits of different artists. Here, you can also enjoy a range of educational programs & activities. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday, Friday & Saturday: 10 am-5:30 pm
  • Sunday: 1 pm-5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 10 am-8 pm
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed 

3. Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores

It’s one of the best things to do in Nashville that you can enjoy with your family. This family-oriented resort is equipped with wonderful water activities to give you an amazing experience. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • You can visit this resort anytime. 

4. Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny Cash Museum

This museum was built in memory of a renowned music actor named “Johnny Cash”. If you want to discover American music history, you should visit this place once when you go to Nashville

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday-Sunday: 9 am-7 pm

5. Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium

This famous auditorium in Nashville hosted famous music artists performances like Johnny Cash etc. You can go to this place to watch live concerts of famous music artists. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday-Sunday: 9 am-4 pm

6. Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame

This music hall and museum is located in Downtown Nashville. In this museum and music hall, you can enjoy live performances along with exploring more than 2 million artifacts. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Hours differ based on daily shows and performances. 

7. Kayaking


The Nashville tour is incomplete without trying kayaking here. It’s one of the best water sports activities that you can enjoy with your family. While enjoying kayaking, you can explore the city’s scenic views. 

8. Goo Goo Chocolate Company

Goo Goo Chocolate Company

This place is worth visiting for both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers. You can visit to explore Nashville’s famous sweets names and dessert bars. Also, you can take a teaching class here. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday-Sunday: 9 am-4 pm

9. Spend Some Time in the Zoo

Spend Some Time in the Zoo

If you want to try a wildlife experience in Nashville, you should visit and explore the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Apart from exploring animals, you can do various other fun things here. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Open every day except for famous events like Christmas etc.

10. Zipline at Adventure Park

Zipline at Adventure Park

At Adventure Park, teenagers can experience a great ziplining experience. Other than ziplining experience, there are other things too to try like kayaking, windsurfing, and other water sports games. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Wednesday to Friday & Sunday: 10 am-5 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am-10 pm
  • Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED

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11. Enjoy Paintball at Paintball Inc.

Enjoy Paintball at Paintball Inc

If your age is above 10 or 15, you should play a paintball game at Paintball Inc. once when you visit Nashville. There’s no need to book reservations in advance as you can go and play. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • You can visit anytime. 

12. Eat Ice Cream at Mike’s Ice Cream

Eat Ice Cream at Mike’s Ice Cream

Mike’s Ice Cream in Nashville is one of the famous ice cream parlors where you can enjoy a scoop. It’s the place where you can sit with your friends and family to enjoy outdoor adventure time. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8 am-11 pm 
  • Friday & Saturday: 8 am to Midnight 

13. Game Terminal 

Game Terminal

It is one of the most exciting places in Nashville where teens can enjoy and play different games. They can play classic arcade games, and pinball games and explore the whole place. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Monday-Thursday: 4 pm-11 pm
  • Friday-Sunday 11 am-11 pm

14. Opryland Park & Soundwaves

Opryland Park & Soundwaves

This famous place is located at Opryland Park where you can spend quality time indoors and outdoors. Other than that, it comes with a fine dining experience and shopping. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Open the whole week but you have to do check time before 4 pm.

15. Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing

If you are one who wants to enjoy more adventurous things to do in Nashville as a teen, visit this place. At this place, you can experience axe throwing in a safe and controlled environment. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Open 7 days a week but you have to book your appointment earlier. 

16. Wildhorse Saloon:

Wildhorse Saloon

This vibrant place is famous for offering unique musical performances. You can enjoy live music while enjoying your food and amaze with free line-dancing lessons. 

Opening Days & Hours: 

  • Wednesday & Thursday: 4:00 pm-10:00 pm 
  • Friday & Saturday: 12:00 pm-12:00 am 
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm-10:00 pm
  • Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Final Words!

Nashville isn’t just about cowboy boots and line dancing!  Surprise your teens with this list of 16 exciting activities that cater to their interests. 

From exploring art and history to indulging in delicious food and enjoying quality time at unique venues, Nashville offers endless opportunities to create unforgettable memories together.  

So forget the stereotypes and discover the Music City’s hidden gems – your teens will thank you for it!

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