12 Best & Fun Things to Do in Nashville For Teens

Nashville is an excellent place for teens to visit. There are many activities and fun things to do in Nashville for teens, from country music and shows to museums and tours. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite things for you to see and do in the city!

1. Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville

The Country Music Hall of Fame is located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday). Admission is free!

You can find the Country Music Hall of Fame at 615 Union Street on the corner of 4th Avenue North and 5th Avenue North in downtown Nashville, Tennessee—you’ll see it easily from I-40 if you’re coming from California or Texas by way of I-65 eastbound lanes.

To get there by car, take I-40 eastbound until exit 100A across from Exit 13B; then take Route 100 south for about five miles until you reach Exit 17A onto Jackson Street;

turn right onto Jackson Street and follow it until your turn onto 4th Avenue North where

you’ll see another traffic light with signs directing drivers towards Music City Center as well as CMA Museum & Visitor Center (this one isn’t free).

Continue past this intersection until reaching 5th Avenue North where there will be another traffic light. Before reaching 615 Union St., turn left into what looks like an old warehouse building with no windows but lots of signs telling visitors how awesome country music really is!

The Country Music Hall Of Fame has been around since 1975 when Johnny Cash died, so his wife, June Carter Cash, decided he should get some recognition too, so she started collecting songs written about her husband during his lifetime, including ones written by Loretta Lynn herself (#2), Merle Haggard (#4), Kris Kristofferson (#5) Hank Williams Jr.(#7) George Jones(#10), Tammy Wynette(

2. Enjoy At Centennial Park

Centennial Park nashville

If you’re looking for a great and fun place with your friends, Centennial Park is the perfect spot. It has a lake, walking paths and even a zoo!

There’s also a theater that hosts concerts every summer. During school breaks (or during the summer), this park is packed with families having picnics on the lawn or playing in one of its many playgrounds.

If you want something more exciting than sitting around eating food off paper plates, head to Centennial Park Zoo.

You’ll find lions, tigers, and other animals that might scare away some kids. Still, they’ll love watching them roar through their cages at night while they sleep soundly in their beds, waiting for the morning when they can go back home again!

3. Nashville Farmer’s Market

Nashville Farmer's Market

Nashville is an excellent place for teens to explore. There are tons of things to do, but if you want to go beyond the city limits, there are also plenty of farmer’s markets in the surrounding area.

The Nashville Farmer’s Market offers fresh produce and local food from farms around Middle Tennessee. It’s a beautiful way to support local farmers while getting some fresh fruit and vegetables!

4. Catch An NFL Game

Nashville NFL Game

Nashville is home to the Titans, an NFL team that plays at Nissan Stadium. The Titans are a Division I football team and have a fan base of over 60,000 people. They played in the AFC South Division and were founded in 1960 as part of the American Football League (AFL).

Nashville has been awarded several accolades as one of America’s best cities for teens: It was named one of America’s best cities for teens by USA Today. Forbes Magazine ranked Nashville #6 on its “America’s Best Cities For Teens.”

TripAdvisor named Nashville #3 on its “Top 10 Places To Go On Vacation With Kids.”

5. Listen to Live Music at the Exit/In

Listen to Live Music at the Exit/In Nashville

The Exit/In is a music venue that hosts live concerts, comedy shows, and more. It’s located at 12th Avenue North and Demonbreun Street in downtown Nashville.

The Exit/In offers free admission on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm (except for holiday weekends). You can enter anytime during this time frame.

However, there will be no line once you get inside! Suppose you don’t want to wait in line but still want access to the venue’s events. In that case, there are plenty of other options nearby, such as Ryman Auditorium or Third Man Records’ RecordBar, which offer similar programming as well as more seating capacity than The Exit/In does.

During busy times like concerts or comedy shows where attendance is expected by fans waiting outside their doors!

6. Visit Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Visit Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Broadway shows are a perfect way to spend an evening with your teen. A Broadway show is a play or musical that plays in New York City’s Theater District, which is where most of the major productions are located.

The TNPA Center has seven different theaters and hosts many shows annually, including musicals like Wicked, The Lion King, and Hamilton.

Tickets can be purchased online or at their box office directly after doors open (the box office opens one hour before showtime).

You’ll need to pick up your tickets at least an hour before curtain time; if you’re late, they may not let you in! Make sure to dress up—this is theater, after all! And if you have any special needs (disability or otherwise), please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you accordingly.

7. Watch a Movie at the Belcourt Theatre

Belcourt Theatre

The Belcourt Theatre is the only movie theater in Nashville, and it’s pretty much at the top of every list of things to do in Nashville for teens. It has a fantastic atmosphere, a great selection of movies, and is non-profit! Located on 6th Ave East in East Nashville, this theater has many events that keep you interested.

The Belcourt Theatre also has an after-school program called “The Kids’ Corner,” They host kids’ film festivals throughout the year (usually once per month).

They’ll have screenings from classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Wacky Races and modern titles like Frozen 2 or Toy Story 4!

8. Shop on Music Row

Shop on Music Row Nashville

Music Row is a street in Nashville home to many music studios, record labels, and publishing companies.

You can buy CDs, vinyl records, and other music memorabilia on Music Row. You can also take a tour of the studios or attend a concert at an arena on Music Row.

If you’re hungry after your visit, there are plenty of restaurants and bars on Music Row where you can grab dinner or drinks with friends before heading home!

9. Take a Tour of Studio B

Take a Tour of Studio B. Nashville

Studio B is a great place to learn about the history of country music. Tours are free, offered daily, and last around 45 minutes.

The tour guides will take you through the studio’s history and explain why they hugely impact today’s musicians. You can even see where some famous artists recorded their hit songs!

10. Eat all the Things

dishes in Nashville

Nashville is the place for you if you’re a teen who loves to eat. The city has plenty of great restaurants and food trucks serving everything from macaroni and cheese to vegan ice cream sandwiches. If you don’t mind venturing outside the city limits, there are also some good spots in the suburbs!

The hot chicken scene is incredible—so much so that it’s got its own festival (the Hot Chicken Festival). You’ll find everything from fried chicken sandwiches on homemade buns to Southern-style dishes like biscuits with gravy or cornbread muffins with honey butter sauce.

Meat and three plates are other popular options at many restaurants around town; they’re served with fries or onion rings as sides but can be ordered without either if desired by diners looking for something lighter on their taste buds while still satisfying their hunger pangs after eating an entire plateful of chicken wings alone…

or even just once before going back home where everyone knows how much fun they had together over dinner tonight!”

11. Walk down Printer’s Alley

Walk down Printer's Alley Nashville

If you’re looking for a place to go that’s both fun and unique, Printer’s Alley is the perfect place. Located in downtown Nashville, it’s a pedestrian-only street that stretches from Broadway to Church Street. The atmosphere is lively, and plenty of places to eat or drink while you’re there!

If your teen loves shopping, this option is worth checking out. You’ll find many shops selling unique items like clothing and jewelry—you can even buy art pieces here! Plus, if they like music, stop by one of the many bars along Printer’s Alley, where they’ll be able to listen to live performances every night (or at least during peak hours).

12. Go to Arrington Vineyards

Arrington Vineyards Nashville

Arrington Vineyards is a beautiful winery and vineyard in the Nashville area. It’s not far from downtown, so it’s easy to get there by car or public transportation.

The winery offers tours that last about an hour and include wine tastings, free for those under 18 years old (you must be 21 years old to purchase wine). The cost of admission varies depending on what kind of tour you choose:

$3 for general admission (upstairs)

$5 for VIP access (upstairs)

There are plenty of things for teens to do in and near Nashville!

Nashville is an excellent place for teens to visit. There are plenty of things to do in and near Nashville that will keep your teen busy, happy, and entertained!

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is an excellent destination for all ages.

There are plenty of things for teens to do in and near Nashville!

It’s located next door to the Grand Ole Opry House, which is one of the oldest theaters in America. This museum celebrates country music’s history through artifacts, memorabilia, concerts, and performances—all within walking distance from downtown Nashville (or you can take the free trolley).

There are also many other museums around town, including The Hermitage Plantation Museum & Mausoleum, where you can learn about Andrew Jackson’s life as well as see some beautiful homes built over 200 years ago through this unique facility dedicated exclusively towards preserving history both past & present.

Berry Hill Cemetery where visitors may wander through centuries-old stone mausoleums while learning more about local legends who once lived here before moving away.

Davidson County Historical Society Museum honoring those who played important roles throughout history such as Tennessee Governor Peabody prior opening up railroads across America during 19th century leading up until today when we have modern technology allowing us access anywhere anytime anywhere via the internet instead.

Over to You

Nashville is a fantastic city for teens, especially if you’re looking for something outside the city.

Plenty of attractions will keep your group entertained, from the Country Music Hall of Fame to Centennial Park and more!

And with all the music and entertainment options, it’s easy to see why this is one of our favorite places in America with a lot of cool and unusual things to do in Nashville for teens.

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