10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia

Though Bolivia is the only landlocked country in South America however, it’s full of natural landmarks and pristine landscapes with a lot of places to visit in Bolivia. It will be a perfect place for all the adventurers who desired to spend some time in the mountains hiking or navigating with a banana boat in lakes. Bolivia has everything to offer from cultural cities to evergreen rainforests with tall trees to the tourists.

You can have a view of Bolivian life by taking this tourist path with the surety of a budget-friendly tour. Let’s explore the best places to visit in Bolivia that will surprise you.

1. La Paz

La Paz

Bolivia has two different capitals one for administration is La Paz and the other is Sucre as the constitutional capital. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world with an elevation of around 3,650 m. The city is located between the mountain of the Andes with unique markets and traditional culture. When you are in the plane and have a look at the city, it appears as a deep slash on the earth.

2. Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni is a remarkable vista located in the Andes Mountains and one of the largest salt lakes in the world. Salar De Uyuni is stretched at the region of around 4,050 square miles and has an extraordinary reflective canvas to see your image on the ground.

In the rainy seasons, the surface is covered with a thin layer of blue waters. The presence of salt creates a white landscape in the dry season. Meanwhile, it acts as an immense source of lithium and salt used to power electric cars, smartphones, and laptops.

3. Oruro


It is the largest town in Bolivia situated halfway between La Paz and Sucre. During the season of carnival festival, the region lives up to colorful and lavish costumes. Thousands of dancers and musicians pop up in the street and perform synchronized moves of ethnic dances. It also has spectacular museums that speak about the history of the region.

You can also visit the artisanal street that is the hub for costume creation for the festival and don’t forget to carry one for your home.

4. Tiwanaku


When you move around 70 km from the capital city La Paz towards Lake Titicaca, you will find Tiwananku. It is the pre-columbian archaeological site even present before the arrival of the Incas in 1438. After the thorough excavation of the city by archaeologists, they estimated that the city used to have 20.000 people.

The city is also separated from the neighborhood by an enclosing wall. Other remains of Tiwannaku include temples like Akapana, gates, and a few carved faces of aliens.

5. Potosi


Potosi is one of the world richest cities in the world. It used to be the capital city of Bolivia during the colonial period. It is also termed the city of silver when the Spanish started mining back in 1545, they found silver but after strict testing, it was discovered that the material is gold. Spanish kept excavating the city to exploit its minerals and relocated them to Spain.

Today Potosi is famous for its colonial architecture and tours to the famed mines.

6. Sucre

Sucre Bolivia Chuquisaca sucre

Sucre is the constitutional capital city of Bolivia and is famous as While city throughout South America. You can be surprised to see the white theme dominate the buildings that are well-kept and worth watching. Most of the elite reside in the city and the elevation in status is close to Potosi, another city in Bolivia.

When you visit Sucre, it will never let you bored because of the stunning buildings, local museums, the seven waterfalls, and volcanic craters.

7. Sorata

Sorata is the best hiking destination

Sorata is the best hiking destination in Bolivia and has around six peaks in the range of 20,000 ft. It is located between La Paz and Lake Titicaca and acts as a base camp for hikers in the Andes mountains. It also has the widest granite slopes of the Cordillera.

8. Copacabana

Copacabana Isla del Sol Bolivia

Copacabana is located on the bank of Lake Titicaca. The signature signs of Copacabana are its red-roofed houses and religious festivals. It has sacred places of Incan archaeological sites. When you wander the city, you will find colonial and Incan ruins.

You can also hike in the town for having great views from the top of the hills. The region has more fresh air with moderate temperature and balanced humidity that make it a perfect destination to visit in Bolivia.

9. Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque Bolivia

It is another incredible town in Bolivia that is like a paradise for Tourists and is one of the best places to visit in Bolivia. You can have water sports here because Rurrenabaque is located on the bank of Rio Beni. You can also navigate with the river between the jungle, and the pampas with high fertile grassland.

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10. Coroico


The etymology of the word Coroico means golden hills. When you are going to La Paz, Coroico is a place to stay for a while. Its elevation is lower than the surrounding areas so it doesn’t have very high temperature.

When you cross the Coroico, the Andean hills get started. If you are interested in Mountain biking in Bolivia, Corocio is the best option for you.


The best places to visit in Bolivia are the opportunity to learn and grow by having an adventure in life. Places like La Paz, Potosi et. are full of colonial ruins and Incas that will give you immense exposure to history and culture.

On the other hand, Rurrenabaque and Salar De Uyuni have water with a combination of greenery and jungle. These are the places to visit in Bolivia that are perfect for navigating and having various water sports.

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