Why Albania is one of the Trendiest Destinations of the Year?

As Western Europe remains always populated so most of the tourists are inclined to Southern Europe to get rid of the crowd. Europe has many untapped tourist destinations with Albania at the top of the list. In this blog, you will learn about why Albania is the trendiest destination in Europe for 2023.

Brief History of Albania

Albania used to be a part of the Communist regime prior to 1992. It also faced the brunt of the cold war between the USSR and America in the form of oppressive control over foreigners’ entry to the country. The same situation was with the Albanians because they were also not allowed to cross the border. However, the arrival of the democratic system helps the country to stand on its feet.

In spite of democracy, the aftershocks of dictatorships have been felt for years but Albania managed to survive. When it enters the 21 century, the most enigmatic destination starts grabbing the attention of tourists with welcoming gestures of no restriction policy.

No Restriction Policy for Tourists

No Restriction Policy for Tourists 

When the travel demand to Europe increases in 2023, the most traveled destination in Western Europe like France, the UK, etc. applies restrictions to restate the new normality. So, entry to these countries becomes difficult, and tourists actively search for new destinations in Europe like Albania. The country lifts all the travel restrictions that make it more desirable for visitors.

Albania is situated in the Balkan Peninsula, where it shares borders with Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. It’s a pretty new nation-state that appears on the map of the world just around 30 years ago.

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Acquire Well-Deserved Recognition

The internal political crisis of the country doesn’t allow to make a proper travel guide for visitors in the past. The lack of information hampers tourists for a while. Meanwhile, Albania was not a part of the European Union, so it became tougher to thrive in tourism. However, after a few setbacks and continuous potential effects by Albanians, they finally get well-deserved recognition in the international arena.

No Longer Be a Grey Area on Map

According to World Data, Albania is ranked 56 regarding the number of tourists visiting the country as it welcomed around three million tourists in 2020. The tourism sector of Albania is flourishing at a record speed that can be estimated easily with the revenue it generated in 2020.

With the earning of USD 1.24 billion in tourism, it is the 5th most-visited country in Southern Europe. These numbers are impressive especially when Europe is in its off-season.

Phenomenal Places in Albania under the Radar

Phenomenal Places in Albania under the Radar

Albania is a real summer paradise in Europe with its incredible unspoiled landscapes waiting for visitors.

Adriatic Sea: It is the arm of the Mediterranean that separates the Balkan Peninsula from Italy. It has crystal clear blue water and contains little sand to make it cloudy. You can sail smoothly in the gliding boat with the singing waves and melodious happy tunes.

Albanian Riviera: If you want to spend time with nature and places that are completely untouched by humans, the southernmost tip of Albania is a place for you with cobblestone-laden historical villages and incredible beaches.

Tirana- It is the capital city of Albania that has a typical cafe scene of Paris. It has a high number of young demography that’s why it is considered Europe’s capital of the Youth.

Cost of Living: You will be surprised by the lowest cost of Living in Albania as compared to other regions in Europe. There are no tourist traps and better law and order conditions. It is the safest place to visit because of the lesser crime rate.

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The pandemic was a harsh time for the whole world. Most countries impose strict restrictions on travelers for entering the country all over the world including Europe. However, Albania shows courage and opens its arm to the coming travelers.

The no-restriction policy of the country gained a positive response from tourists in the form of earning billions of dollars that put Albania on the map and convert the country into the trendiest destination of the year.

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