10 Biggest Mistakes I Made as a New Travel Blogger (and How to Avoid Them)

Travel blogging can be exciting and thrilling. A new travel blog offers you one of the best opportunities to share memorable experiences with the world and in this way, you continue your passion. I have been doing blogging for several years and during this tenure, I learned a lot from challenges and opportunities.

Here’s an amazing video to learn from.

For new travel bloggers, it’s mandatory to avoid common mistakes or pitfalls to build a successful and sustainable platform. Here is a list of the 10 biggest mistakes that most travel bloggers make and how to avoid these mistakes. Keep reading!

1. Lack of Planning & Research:

The first mistake I made when started travel blogging was I started without complete planning and research. As a result, I come up with various blogging issues like target audience, content strategy, and proper niche research. It not only costs your money but also you may waste your time if you do not do proper research and planning earlier:

Tip: Before starting travel blogging, you need to conduct thorough research, and planning and formulate a complete strategy.

2. Lack of Publishing Consistency:

For a successful blog, consistency is one of the important factors to look for, especially in travel blogging. One common mistake travel bloggers may make is that they lack a regular posting schedule. Additionally, you need to cater to mobile-friendly and responsive design for your travel blog and confirm your site’s functionality and speed frequently:

Tip: You should use Google Search Console to help you identify the main issues so you can fix them at the right time.

3. Neglecting SEO & Social Media:

One of the most common mistakes I made when started travel blogging was neglecting search engine optimization and social media. Without proper SEO, it’s quite difficult for you to rank your blogs on Google making it complicated for readers to discover your content on search engines. For this, you have to do some things earlier.

Tip: You need to do proper keyword research, add quality content, use meta tags, internal/ external linking, and optimize images and videos.

4. Inconsistency in Content Creation:

When you want to become a blogger then it doesn’t make sense that you are inconsistent in content creation. When I started, I committed this mistake by irregularly posting schedules and publishing low-quality content without gathering beneficial information from top-ranked results. Ultimately, it heavily impacted audience retention and growth.

Tip: One of the most important tips is that you need to publish high-quality content with adequate posting schedules so the crawler crawls your pages on time and your content index.

5. Ignoring Engagement with Audience:

Building an effective audience engagement is must must-have factor for the success of any travel blog. The other most common mistake that I made was ignoring audience engagement. Simply posting blogs on the website is not enough you have to interact with your readers and truly foster a sense of connection.

Tip: If you want to interact with your audience with your travel blog posts, you need to interact with your audience regularly by responding to them and getting engaged in conversations.

6. Overlooking Monetization Opportunities:

It’s one of the most common mistakes especially made by travel bloggers. If you don’t have active effective monetization options, you will miss the opportunities for generating income from the blog. I experienced some of my blog posts getting audience engagement and traffic at that time but I was not active on the monetization option early, so all my efforts got wasted.

Tip: You can go for any monetization option that you think best suits your travel website but for this, you have to do proper monetization research earlier.

7. Disregarding Analytics and Feedback:

Google Search Console is one of the best ways to measure website performance, metrics, and analysis. Also, you can easily track the performance of your blogging website and also use analytics to track progress at the same time. It is one of the most common mistakes made by travel bloggers like me and if you do, your website performance not only ranked down but there are chances that Google may penalize you.

Tip: After starting a travel blogging site, you need to measure and track your website performance frequently to overview the website analysis.

8. Syndrome Comparison:

If you want to make your travel blogger successful and capture readers’ attention, you have to do a thorough competitor analysis. It was one of the biggest mistakes that made me and you can avoid them by getting inspiration from travel bloggers. One thing you must remember is that every travel blogger’s journey is different in the context of challenges, opportunities, and growth pace.

Tip: You can compare yourselves with other travel bloggers but try not to compete yourselves on the higher level as everyone’s growth pace is different.

9. Neglecting Legal Considerations:

It’s one of the major pitfalls that can waste all of your blogging efforts wasteful. It is essential that you have to understand the ethical and legal dilemmas surrounding digital content. You need to take care of copyright laws and have enough knowledge about legal considerations so that you will not face legal and copyright issues afterward.

Tip: When working on travel blogging, ensure that you protect the original work of others including texts, images, and videos and in case of violation, you may face serious legal consequences.

10. Don’t Follow Ongoing Trends/ Latest Updates:

The last most common and biggest mistake made by me is that I do not follow the latest travel blogging updates and ongoing trends. By not doing so, I not only get lowered my rankings but also Google punishes me for not following the latest market trends.

Tip: It is recommended to stay updated with recent Google trends, updates, and case studies so you show that you are also in the travel blogging industry.


Travel blogging is a rewarding and exciting opportunity to make money online but it doesn’t mean that you would become successful without facing major challenges. By avoiding the above-mentioned 10 most common mistakes that I made as a new travel blogger, you not only pave the way for success but also enjoy your travel blogging passion to the fullest. Remember to prioritize quality content, engage with the audience, and stay updated with the latest trends to become a successful travel blogger.


Why do many bloggers fail?

Many bloggers fail because they don’t research, plan, and formulate important strategies earlier. Also, they don’t use SEO practices and promote their website content earlier. So, it’s mandatory to do thorough and complete research earlier.

What are the disadvantages of being a travel blogger?

It might be time-consuming as you have to write content, design photos, edit videos, and get audience engagement on your own and it takes a lot of time and effort. So, ensure that you will prepare yourselves earlier, if not, you will come up with various common issues.

What should my first travel blog post be about?

Try to make or write your first travel blog post about you. Tell readers why you started your blog, where are you from what your blogs are going to be about, etc. When you convey such information in your first blog post, there are chances that your post will get more interactions and impressions.

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