Puerto Vallarta Sets All-Time Record for Most Visitors – Why Are Tourists Loving it?

If you were in any doubt about it, now Puerto Vallarta becomes one of the fastest-growing travel destinations in Mexico. In addition to consistently being recognized as a center for culture and wellness in the region, it also poses a threat to the dominance of Cancun and Cabo by smashing its own record for the number of visitors in a single year.

But the question is Why do visitors love to visit Puerto Vallarta so significantly:

Puerto Vallarta Is One of the Main Driving Forces Behind Mexico’s Tourism Revival

Puerto Vallarta Is One of the Main Driving Forces Behind Mexico’s Tourism Revival

The first and full restriction of covid-19 was lifted in 2022 and Mexico welcomed approximately 40 million guests between January to December of 2022 at a time when hesitancy around air travel was still there and American families were going through the financial crisis. The performance of Mexico is also nothing short of impressive. Naturally, there are few desi

There are still many countries that are still struggling to cover the devastation of covid-19, either by reopening tourist places or trying to stay ahead of the latest trends in a rapidly changing world.

The performance of Mexico is also nothing short of impressive. Naturally, there are few destinations that help to revive tourism after this deadly pandemic. And Puerto Vallarta is one of that attractive destinations across the globe. This city recorded 6,208,700 arrivals in 2022 and more than 2 million arrivals were recorded in 2021. This shows that this place is the Pacific hub and fully recovered from Covid-19 and entered a new phase. This place was never being trendier than it is now due to its cultural relevance.

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Puerto Vallarta Has a Diverse Tourist Offer

Puerto Vallarta Has a Diverse Tourist Offer

There are some tourist attractions in Mexico that are filled with history enthusiasts and others are exclusively cate to sun-seekers who are looking to splurge. In addition, PV is the ideal place for both and is filled with luxurious resorts, packed with beachfront, night clubs, and leisure centers as well as picturesque cobblestone-pave Centro historic dating place near the colonial era.

This means you can walk through picturesque which will provide you the feeling like you are walking in Europe in the morning. Moreover, you can relax on the beach with your feet buried in the sand and you can enjoy the crashing but soothing sound of the wave and bask in that Pacific sun. These are the two distinctive vibes while within walking distance of each other.

The diversity of Puerto Vallarta is not the only reason that Americans love this place. This is the state of Jalisco, a capital of wellness that offers the most relaxing resorts in Mexico that are only a 5-minute drive from the airport. So, this thing also makes this place one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

Moreover, the local chefs are also famous for their culinary skills.  In fact, the beautiful Tintoque is one of the elegant and attractive restaurants located in Zona Romantica, was the first restaurant in all of Mexico which is awarded with a Michelin star. This city is upgrading its status as a world-class foodie destination across Mexico. And if the dining place is filled with the public, you can eat your delicious food from a Malecon food stall.

Expensive or cheap, Puerto Vallarta is for both categories. This city is at three out of five top travel trends for 2023. This city is also famous for wellness, nostalgic travel, and cultural experiences.

This place has some unique architecture from the 19th

Beautiful beaches and great weather.

The local food is also delicious

Plenty of relaxation spots and spas.

High Occupancy Rates and The Return of Cruising

High Occupancy Rates and The Return of Cruising

According to a report by the director of the Tourism Promotion Trust, Americans visit this place three-quarters more than all international tourists to Puerto Vallarta. These are the states California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco from where people are visiting Puerto Vallarta in maximum numbers.

This place gained a historical increase in the number of passengers, and its hospitality sector gained excellent results in 2022 between December 19 to 25. The occupancy rate reached 81.8% which is the highest in any nation showing Americans that they generally preferred spending their vacation on the Pacific coast.

Ending Note

To conclude, the cruise industry of Vallarta has bounced back a lot stronger as 186 ships arrived in Puerto Vallarta which was only 50 in 2021. There were 28 ships that arrived in the month of December. No matter its hotel occupancy, air travel or cruising, Mexico stays one step ahead of other countries.

Whether it’s air travel, hotel occupancy, or cruising, there’s no denying this city is closing in on Mexico’s most powerful duo.

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