Explore Poland While Teaching English Abroad: A Travel Guide

With rising prices, nowadays it is necessary to be creative in order to save money. Fortunately, being savvy not the only way to maximise a travel lifestyle, as there are plenty of job openings available right now that can help a traveler to enjoy the sights without breaking the bank.

An ideal option for travelling and working is becoming a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Read on to find out more about how to combine TEFL and travel, and to enjoy all of the many wonderful experiences that are available to a tourist.

What is TEFL?

TEFL is the teaching of English as a foreign language to learners of almost any age and ability. In some parts of the world, it is also known as TESOL. Students of all kinds have a specific language learning needs, whether that be for work, study or personal reasons.

In the past, TEFL classes would have strictly been in-person, with classrooms hosting eager English learners. Now, technological and cultural changes have seen more and more TEFL teachers embarking on online teaching careers, though classroom classes remain popular around the world.

Whether in-person or online he format is pretty similar. The classes frequently begin with some kind of warm-up or refresher of previously acquired knowledge, whether that is to do with the prior lesson on budgeting, or a quick discussion about the weekend’s activities.

Then, it progresses into some explicit content instruction, such as a new grammar point or some vocabulary that is new to the students. Finally, there is some form of guided instruction, which then leads into independent practice of the points being studied in the class.

What does a TEFL teacher need to do to get started?

The first and best step a prospective TEFL teacher ought to do to commence a career in this field is to get a reliable and reputable TEFL certification. To find out all about the benefits of this, read more on The TEFL Org to explore this in further detail.

Most countries require a bona fide form of qualification in order to even consider a TEFL teacher visa application. This is partly to ensure the very highest level of candidate is applying in the first place, but also to protect the learning standards for their learners.

A TEFL  course is run by a team of expert TEFL professionals, who have a wealth of teaching experience, and are willing and able to answer questions on a variety of subjects, from how to teach the past perfect grammar function, through to guiding students through the myriad challenges of the pronunciation of minimal pairs in speech.

A  program is a great way to make and meet new friends who are also setting out on their TEFL teaching experience. Besides the opportunity to have some buddies to assist throughout the study course itself, it is also a fine way of making new friends that might provide some form of moral support during any difficult moments in the early parts of a TEFL teaching career.

Where is a good place to teach TEFL currently?

Whether travelling solo or with another, a wonderful place to think about getting started in TEFL is  Poland. Located in the heart of Europe, with easy travel access in all directions to other parts of the continent, Poland really does offer something for every travel taste.

For starters, the capital city of Warsaw is a huge and bustling metropolis, with a wealth of activities for people of all ages and interests to take part in. Other cities such as Krwkow offer historical sites such as St. Mary’s basilica or nearby thermal springs to unwind, which is but a tiny fraction of the sheer breadth of activities that one could do there.

Another huge bonus of choosing Poland is the vast natural beauty. Whether it be mountains such as Rysy or Kresanice, lakes like Elk Lake or Lake Mamry or forests, the Poles possess them in plenty, and this makes getting away from it all easier than ever.

An additional aspect worth considering is the huge volume of potential TEFL learners that live in Poland, as many Polish people of any age recognize the value and importance of English in a modern multicultural world. Therefore, heading to Poland is a great start for anyone thinking about venturing out into the world of TEFL.

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