Top 10 Things to Do in Ventura Park: A Journey of Discovery in Cancun

Planning a trip to Cancun? Wow, that great idea! Make your trip full of adventure, exploration, and fun, in the best theme park of Cancun.

What’s that? Well, hold your heart!  it is the biggest water park in Cancun “Ventura Park” that offers unlimited fun activities to do.

Ventura Park: Water Park in Cancun

Ventura Park offers different attractions to maximize your journey experience. The park is divided into small “worlds” or sections such as the Underworld, Wet and Wild, Aaah! it’s a really amazing place to go like amusement park in Cancun. Further, Ventura, Gran Prix, Fun World, and Dolphinaris are in line.

In this post, we will explore things to do in the adventurous world of Cancun, Ventura Park and how to get to Ventura Park in Cancun.

How to Get to Cancun’s Ventura Park?

After deciding, you are going to Cancun what’s next? You must be thinking, how to get to Ventura Park in Cancun? No need to worry, It’s simple. Here are some directions to get to Ventura Park in Cancun. Have a look!

1. If you travel from Downtown Cancun by Hotel Zone

The average distance is 26.7km from Downtown Cancun by Hotel Zone. Enter 1 kilometer of the Cancun hotel zone. It all depends on traffic and takes approximately 30 minutes.

2. How to get to Ventura Park in Cancun If you travel from Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Tulum

Distance from Playa del Carmen is 56.6km takes approximately 45 minutes, 45 minutes from Puerto Morelos which distance is 27.1km and 90 minutes from Tulum with a distance of 119km.

3. How to get to Ventura Park in Cancun, If you travel from Downtown Cancun by Boulevard Colosio

The distance is 24km and it takes 25 minutes to cover the distance of 24 km.

Best Time or Months to Visit Ventura Park: Water Park in Cancun?

According to TripAdvisor, Ventura Park in Cancun is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

The best period to visit this park is from winter to spring break (April, May, November, and December) in these months the weather remains favorable.

If want to enjoy the rainy season “May to October” is the ideal time to go to Cancun.

Ventura Park’s Top 10 Things to Do

Ventura Park's Top 10 Things to Do

Now it’s time to explore the fun activities and must-do things in Ventura Park.

1. Aaah Venture

As the excitement shows from its name “Aaah venture” is thrilling. It is the perfect place to test your venturing limits with extreme activities like zip-lining and a ropes course. you get a chance to awaken your inner Tarzan and climb on this incredible adventure filled with heart-pounding tasks.

The most preferred attractions in Aaah ventures are:

Caribbean Zip: it’s 4 side-by-side zip lines to cross the entire park at an impressive height of 80 feet.

River Zip Line: You can cross the Lazy River on an 800-foot round-trip adventure on two rows of zip lines.

Netland: A bridge combined across 9 bridges made just for kids & the young at heart

Step Up: A super exciting activity that tests your skills as you climb up higher and higher trunks.

2. Junior Fun World

It’s a fun world that was created especially for little ones. This area offers smaller rides. Play stations and games that are suitable for children. Visitors must follow the instructions:

Children under 3 to 11 years old pay admission fees as child

Children 0 to 2 years do not pay any fee

Children under 7 years must be supervised by an adult at all time

3. Grand Prix

Thirsty to adventure? The Grand Prix is like a racing track. So, want to enjoy a race with a friend go-kart track is the best option in Ventura Park. These tracks are designed for speed and challenges.

You need to be 100% dry if want to enter the arcade. 7-year-old children accompanied by adults. Plus, the minimum age is 14 if required to be a pilot.

4. Experience Underworld

The underworld in Ventura Park is a state-of-the-art guarantee to make your journey just “wow”. It’s an amusement park in Cancun where you experience a lot of things you never see before. You can challenge yourself with little race driving, Star Wars, horror games, etc.

5. Dolphinaris

Lock the magical moments in Dolphinaris in this amazing amusement park in Cancun. At Ventura Park, you can become a dolphin trainer for a day. Yes, you can live a day as a dolphin trainer’s life to learn about dolphin behaviors and physiology.  Remember all programs are open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

6. Shark World

Searching for full fun family activities in Cancun? Noting else can be a better option than “Shark World”. Ventura Park is famous as an Aquatic and amusement park in Cancun. Water rides, mini slides (for kids), wave pools, and much more waiting for you.

7. Visit Fun World

Fun World is the ultimate place in Ventura Park (Cancun). It’s time to go back to school fun and relive your childhood. Share family activities in Cancun with your children. Enjoy, a hurricane roller coaster, ride a carouse, and experience as you are overlooking the ocean with Crazy Chalrs.

8. Wet and Wild

Would you dare to put a down at the Kamikaze? It is the highest and fastest water slide in the Ventura park. Ever wondered what riders feel, when the slide goes down in dark water and the land is almost 10 ft. deep pool? Oh my God! That is truly exciting and thrilling over hopes.

9. Bungee Jumping

Bungee is the name of trying something new and exciting and one of the best family activities in Cancun. So, let’s explore your limits and get out of your comfort zone. If you are in Cancun, you will be happy to know that bungee jumping you find a lot of things and activities that you can enjoy.

10. Major Events

The last wonderful thing is the major events for all ages in Ventura Park. Throughout the day, Ventura Park hosts a variety of events like foam parties, family events, pet-friendly events that are entertaining for all ages. There is no restriction for age groups, every age fellow can enjoy these shows.

Final Remarks

Indeed, Cannon is a journey of discovery that calls visitors of the world. Ventura Park is the biggest water park that offers plenty of family activities in Cancun for all age groups.

Whether you are an adult, under 7 years or want to bring even your babies, there is a fun activity for all. Aaah venture, shows, Junior Fun World, Grand Prix, and visiting Underworld are the best things to do in Ventura Park, considered the best amusement park in Cancun. Dolphinaris. Shark World, wet and Wild, and bungee jumping are also famous ones.

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