How to Combine Traveling and Earning Money?

If you are stressed about traveling long-term and wonder if you can make money on the road, fear not. There are multiple ways to earn cash as you explore a new destination. As you make money while traveling, it can benefit you on many levels. It’s good for couples who want to travel around and get married somewhere along the way – having a money-earning plan will help them stay on a budget and start prioritising to feel better.

The same goes for students who are eager to explore every corner of the world: if you need cash in your wallet to spend it all on tourist attractions, get ready to explore some of the most creative (and traditional) ways you can ensure the money flow never stops:

Travel Blogging

travel blogging

If you are naturally good at weaving stories for a wider audience and making people consume the content you produce, becoming a travel blogger can be a solution to your financial troubles. You can share your impressions with people on a designated platform and earn money through advertising. Here is what you need to do to get started:


Create A Website. If you don’t want to pay a freelance designer to manage your website, you can enroll in some online courses on creating a blogging platform. Generally, a standard website focusing on traveling will cost you around $200-$250.

Produce Content. You should generate posts consistently to increase the traffic to your website and attract more readers. You also need to do thorough research to determine the target audience and what they want to see in your blog. It is worth noting that the job of a blogger is ongoing, as you have to make your platform as high-ranking as possible and monetize your traffic as more visitors read your posts.

Perform Affiliate Marketing. Post recommendations on your blog that look like promotions or specialized ads. Make your readers follow the link to a particular product or service. If you are a student who needs an essay paper while traveling and have been impressed by the quality of a specific review company, you can always post the link to an online essay writing service review in one of your blogs. Alternatively, you can recommend the hotels you like to your readers, posting a link to your favorite hotel on and earning a commission.

Sell Guest Posts. Selling guest posts is another way to earn money in a travel blogging niche. However, you must understand the simple truth of being a travel writer: you won’t earn thousands of dollars in your first week. Google algorithms have to ensure that you post regularly and consistently and keep updating information so that your readers consume fresh, relevant content.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Do you know your way with words and can craft a compelling copy to sell to a large company? Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best ways to monetize your skills and have extra cash when booking a hotel or making a dinner reservation. You can offer the articles you’ve produced to more prominent agencies and generate paper writing services reviews as a part of your job.

You can also sell copy to companies that hire part-time writers and advertise your craft in specialized Facebook groups for freelancers. Platforms like Upwork offer multiple opportunities for freelance authors to promote their skills in a welcoming environment, with the prospect of earning instant cash and solidifying your reputation in the writing marketplace. The only downside to this method is that you earn money per article, which means there will be no commission if someone clicks on the link in one of your posts. However, writing blog posts for other travelers will help you gain more experience in the copywriting sphere and ensure your website has many followers if you create a platform of your own.

English Language Tuition

English Language Tuition

If you are a native speaker with a brilliant command of the English language, you can start earning money by applying to local universities or libraries to find a job. Knowing French, German, or Spanish can be a bonus. Try Goethe Institute for a German teacher vacancy or the Alliance Francaise to become a tutor for children or adult students.

If you have some teaching practice, this is a bonus because learners enjoy studying the basics of a foreign language with someone who knows how to share their knowledge with the class. You can also sign up on services like and start your professional journey as an online tutor. As complicated as it seems, you don’t need a detailed methodology to earn your place under the sun in the teaching world. You are a perfect candidate for the job if you are willing to educate people internationally.

YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

You should never underestimate YouTube and the appeal that it represents. However, there is still a chance your videos won’t go viral at once, so you should know this is a hit-or-miss situation before you start posting. Still, having a travel channel on YouTube can be a great source of side income, especially if your videos come with helpful instructions on how to conduct yourself in a foreign country and what to avoid. You should definitely pay attention to this money-making opportunity when it comes your way.

YouTube has a built-in algorithm that allows you to make money once you hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time per year. Some travel vloggers receive enough profit from their channel to sponsor their travels and earn a decent living on that alone. Occasionally, a local business will offer you a free meal or accommodation if you mention it in one of your videos.

However, it is better to choose destinations off the beaten track if you want to start making money on YouTube and turn it into a full-time job. It is almost impossible to beat the competition among vloggers if you start doing reviews on the best Paris, London, or Sydney hotels. On the other hand, more exotic locations give you a better chance to attract audiences to your channel and make them stick around longer.

Selling Photos

Selling Photos

You are on the journey, meaning you have plenty of beautiful views you can capture on camera. Of course, you can go ahead with your Instagram promotion and post them on your social media pages to receive a few hundred likes, but this is not the only way. Platforms like Shutterstock and Fotolia accept photos from travelers made in high resolution, with no visible or recognizable faces in the foreground, and an added permission to use brand names for photo publication.

If you have a good camera or professional equipment that you can work with, study the rules of a specific photo stock and send them the album you’ve made while traveling. You can generate good earnings if you select an exotic travel location or a far-off destination no one knows about. With any luck, you will make a decent income from just a few photos, especially if you have basic photography knowledge to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. You will also create a portfolio representing your work and sell your photos multiple times.

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