The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Lake George: Top 14 Things to Do and See

Are you looking for a famous travel destination in the northeast of New York? The spot is a sparking jewel for visitors that sits in the Adirondack Park, Lake George which is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide and has a strong existence for the last 12,000 years.

It also has some remains of colonial times that are collected at the Fort William Henry Museum. On the flip side, it’s the largest naturally protected region that attracts families, backpackers for adventure such as hiking and biking trails, etc.

We have prepared the ultimate guide to explore Lake George and compiled a list of top things to do and see that will make your journey more fun-oriented.

1. Call of the Lake George 

Call of the Lake George 

Oval shape Lake George is the pivotal point of the town that has 176 miles of shoreline. The lake has various other towns and exciting communities on its southern banks including Ticonderoga, Bolton, and Huletts.

The beauty of the lake gets highlighted at the time of sunrise and sunset when a light sparkle from the surface of the water. You can also enrich your taste buds with the local cuisine of Boraderwalk Restaurants & Marina.

2. Million Dollar Beach

Million Dollar Beach is situated on the southern shores of the lake that is also termed Lake George Beach which welcome travelers from 10 am to 6 pm. Swimming on the beach is quite safe because of the presence of lifeguards who present there on the 51-acre beach.

You can engage your kids fully on the beach by building a sandcastle with them and watching the boat sailing by.

3. Drive Through Prospect Mountain 

Drive Through Prospect Mountain 

Prospect Mountain is the best hiking place in Lake George that extends to 3 miles’ round trip trek. When you reach the summit of the mountain, you will be astonished to see the sweeping view of Lake George, the forest, and the green-carpeted mountain.

It’s recommended to avoid taking your kids with you because some spots arrive where the trail becomes too steep. You can also reach the summit by car through prospect mountain veterans memorial highway.

4. Lake George Steamboat Cruise 

Lake George Steamboat Cruise 

The better way to experience Lake George is by sailing on the Lake George Steamboat cruise that is presented by the Lake George Steamboat Company.

There are multiple cruises available at the lake according to the interests of the visitors. So pick the right cruise for you, if you’re looking for an overview of Lake George, select the Minee Ha Ha Paddlewheel cruise. Meanwhile, Lac du Saint Sacrement Midday Luncheon Cruise is ideal for a bit to eat and relaxation.

5. Hit the Warren County Bikeway

Hit the Warren County Bikeway

Warren County Bikeway is a pathway that starts from Glens Falls, and it takes around 12 miles to reach Lake George. It’s the perfect trail to hop on near Battlefield Park and travel south by simply walking, jogging, or biking.

During your stroll on the pathway, you will be constantly shaded with the canopy of trees and you will find few signs to instruct the history of the trail.

6. Sock up in History at Fort William Henry Museum 

Sock up in History at Fort William Henry Museum 

Fort William Henry Museum has a collection related to the French and Indian eras of 1700. The museum offers two sorts of tours: A general history tour and a ghost tour. In the general history tour, you can interact with the fort soldiers, watch the cannons fire and learn more about the history.

On the other hand, a ghost tour is all about hearing the stories and personal experiences of the tour guide.

7. Relax at Shepard Park 

Shepard Park  lake george

Shepard Park is located at the center of Lake George Village that is used as a vicinity for event management over the years.

The park also has an amphitheater where you can enjoy music festivals and summertime live concerts. Near Shepard Park, the region of the beach contracts a little which makes it a suitable place to unwind and watch the boats putter in the lake.

8. Reach Shelving Rock Falls

Reach Shelving Rock Falls

Shelving Rock Falls is situated on the eastern side of Lake George where crystal-clear water is cascading from the 50 ft height and creates various attractive formations. You can reach the waterfall after a nominal hike that is even manageable for beginners.

Just make sure to wear proper hiking shoes that are suitable for trekking. At the top, there is a scenic view because of the surrounding flora, trees, and more.

9. Be Courageous at Adirondack Extreme Adventure

Be Courageous at Adirondack Extreme Adventure

Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course is the first of its kind in the entire US where you can have an aerial adventure and ropes course.

It is created between the mountains and trees of the Adirondack that has every challenging thing from swings to ziplines and rock climbing walls. You need initial safety training before desire to continue your journey on the courses.

10. Lake George Kayaking, Canoeing & Paddle boarding

Lake George Kayaking, Canoeing & Paddle boarding

Renting a kayak, canoe or paddleboard is a great way to both navigate Lake George and exercise as well. There are several launch areas for the boat as the one is at Shepard Park.

You just need to pay between 30$ to 40$ per person per hour for obtaining the rental equipment.

11. The Sagamore Resort

The Sagamore Resort

The Sagamore Resort is an iconic place in the northeast of the USA that require a little extra money to explore, after visiting you will realize that it’s completely worth it.

The resort is an attraction for affluent families, celebrities, and dignitaries that was once opened on the secluded island. It has 18 holes’ golf course where you can have a thrilling experience of the game with your family and friends.

12. The Inn at Erlowest 

The Inn at Erlowest 

The Inn at Erlowest is a five-star hotel in Lake George that has colonial charm in its room design and has the ability to take you back in time where you feel to be as royal.

From the hotel room, you can have a lakefront view, a heated outdoor pool, and a jaw dropping landscape of mountains.

13. Hyde Collection Art Museum & Historic House 

Hyde Collection Art Museum & Historic House 

Hyde Collection Art Museum & Historic House contains a small art collection from the artists like Rembrandt, El Greco, Picasso, and Renoir.

The museum is part of the vibrant community of the town consisting of artists, entertainers, and historians that is considered the heart of the Adirondacks.

14. White Capped River 

White Capped River 

You can also visit the Hudson River which is located near Lake George and get ripped along it way. It’s the right place to experience amazing things to do in lake george and test your water skills in the gushing water of the river coming from snow melting that will hit your adrenaline level high. For rafting in the river you required master class II-V level of skills.

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