Let’s Find out What It Takes to Plan a Campervan Adventure!

Traveling to New Zealand in a campervan can be the best thing you can imagine. However, deciding on an itinerary for exploring a place synonymous with beauty can be overwhelming.

It offers sights to behold in the form of untouched wilderness, smooth roads, and fabulous landscapes. Many travelers feel hiring a campervan makes their journey more comfortable and exciting.

You can save money by finding reasonably priced or free campsites. If there is a kitchen in the campervan, you can prepare your meals too. Also, spending nights in the campervan is much better than staying in a hotel.

Another perk of campervan tours is the freedom to explore even off-the-beaten tracks, where you may have to stay overnight. Since the country has many camping sites, you can freshen up yourself quickly.

Do you want to experience this type of traveling? Check https://www.campstar.com/ for help. Let’s gather more details for a well-planned campervan tour.

Suitable Tour Period or Duration

Suitable Tour Period or Duration

Even one year can be less to see the whole of New Zealand. But it’s better to start with realistic goals to know your country more. Suppose you have only two weeks for a vacation. In that case, it’s better to restrict your travel to only one island. If you have a month-long plan, you can visit both the North and South Islands.

Some unusual tourist spots can also enter your itinerary. With six weeks in hand, you can venture into remote corners without getting tired. And any extended trip plans than these allow you a more fun time.

Campgrounds in New Zealand

Campgrounds in New Zealand

It can be a holiday park, a regular campsite, a DOC site, etc. Holiday parks generally offer all amenities, including toilets, laundry, hot showers, kitchens, dump stations, etc. Ones with expensive price tags can also provide saunas, hot tubs, barbecues, playgrounds, game rooms, and more.

These places may ask for NZD $15-26 per person for one night. Private campgrounds are also available, and these are more pocket-friendly. Naturally, amenities will be fewer here than holiday parks. But you can expect them to offer basic comforts.

On the other hand, the Department of Conservation (DOC) owns a group of campgrounds nationwide with accessibility to even free sites. These campgrounds are standard, but their locations can be enchanting.

You can find them close to National Parks. One can assume to find amenities like toilets and rubbish bins.DOC sites usually charge anywhere from NZD $13 for adults and NZD $6.50 for children aged 5 – 17.

If you live in New Zealand, you must already know that summer is the best season for campervan tours. It spans from December to February. But you should avoid the peak time if you don’t like too much of a crowd. For that matter, you can be better off in spring (September to November).

You can find the weather becoming hot to cold to rainy. Nevertheless, this season can be ideal to appreciate South Island’s beauty graced by lupin flowers. You can also expect your travel to be more affordable during this time because of lower footfall.


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