24 Incredible Things To See And Do In New Zealand

Are you looking for a destination that offers adventure, breathtaking scenery, and unique experiences? Look no further than New Zealand! From the stunning landscapes of the North Island to the majestic beauty of the South Island, this country has something for everyone. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through 24 incredible things to see and do in New Zealand.

Whether it’s immersing yourself in Maori culture, exploring glowworm caves, or going on a wine-tasting tour, there is no shortage of unforgettable experiences to be had. You’ll also learn about where to find Kiwi birds in the wild and discover some of the country’s unique wildlife encounters.

And don’t forget about trying out some of New Zealand’s culinary delights and offbeat experiences. So pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in beautiful New Zealand!

Discovering New Zealand: An Overview

New Zealand offers an abundance of stunning scenery and diverse landscapes, making it an ideal destination for travelers. From majestic mountains to pristine beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the unique Maori culture and learn about their traditions, adding a cultural touch to your experience.

Explore the breathtaking national parks, where you can embark on exciting outdoor adventures like kayaking and hiking. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the world-renowned New Zealand wines, renowned for their exquisite flavors. New Zealand truly is the perfect place for a memorable adventure.

Unmissable Experiences on the North Island

Immerse yourself in the rich Maori culture and witness their traditional dances and rituals. Explore the enchanting Waitomo Glowworm Caves and marvel at the magical glow of thousands of tiny glowworms. Embark on a sailing adventure in the Bay of Islands, discovering its stunning islands and vibrant marine life.

Take a volcano trekking tour in Auckland, hiking up to the summit for panoramic views of the city. Experience the geothermal wonders in Rotorua with bubbling mud pools and rejuvenating hot springs. The North Island of New Zealand offers an array of unforgettable experiences that showcase its unique beauty and cultural heritage.

1. Immerse Yourself in Maori Culture

Maori Culture

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Maori culture by experiencing cultural performances and village visits. Discover the rich history and traditions, and try traditional Maori cuisine, such as the Hangi feast cooked in an earth oven. Get hands-on with a Maori carving or weaving workshop to create your own unique piece of art. Gain insights into Maori spirituality and their deep connection to the land and nature.

For a deeper understanding, visit the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, where you can learn more about Maori history and culture. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Maori people and create unforgettable memories.

2. Exploring the Glowworm Caves at Waitomo

Glowworm Caves at Waitomo

Experience the enchanting Waitomo Glowworm Caves by taking a boat ride through the awe-inspiring underground network. Marvel at the mesmerizing sight of twinkling glowworms illuminating the darkness. These caves offer a unique ecosystem that supports these fascinating creatures.

As you explore, be captivated by the stunning limestone formations and the underground rivers that flow through them. For an adrenaline rush, try blackwater rafting and float under a canopy of glowworms. Don’t forget to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the glowworms and the caves with your camera. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are truly a must-visit destination in New Zealand.

3. Sailing Adventure in the Bay of Islands

Adventure in the Bay of Islands

Set sail on a yacht or catamaran to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Islands. Discover secluded islands with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that beckon for exploration. Immerse yourself in the diverse marine life as you snorkel or dive, encountering colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs.

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, whales, and penguins that call this bay their home. Indulge in relaxation as you bask in the sun on board, savoring a delectable lunch and refreshing drinks. A sailing adventure in the Bay of Islands is the perfect way to experience the natural wonders of New Zealand.

4. Volcano Trekking in Auckland

Trekking in Auckland

Hike up one of Auckland’s volcanic cones and enjoy panoramic views of the cityscape. Learn about the volcanic history of Auckland and its impact on the landscape. Visit iconic volcanic sites such as Mount Eden and Rangitoto Island. Explore the unique flora and fauna that thrive in this volcanic environment. Capture stunning photos of the city skyline with the volcanic cones in the background.

Auckland offers the perfect place for volcano trekking enthusiasts, with its diverse range of volcanic activities and breathtaking scenery. Embark on a day trip to Mount Eden or take a ferry to Rangitoto Island to experience the best of Auckland’s volcanic wonders.

5. Experiencing Geothermal Wonders in Rotorua

Geothermal Wonders in Rotorua

Witness the awe-inspiring eruption of powerful geysers at Te Puia and marvel at their natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the healing thermal baths and discover the therapeutic effects of geothermal waters. Explore the vibrant colors of silica terraces and mud pools at Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. Learn about Maori legends associated with the geothermal activity in Rotorua.

Indulge in a traditional Maori hangi meal, cooked using natural geothermal heat. Rotorua offers an extraordinary experience of geothermal wonders, showcasing the remarkable forces of nature. From geysers to thermal baths to colorful terraces, every aspect of Rotorua’s geothermal landscape is captivating.

6. Wine Tasting on Waiheke Island

Wine Tasting on Waiheke Island

Embark on a wine tour of Waiheke Island and savor some of New Zealand’s most exceptional wines. Immerse yourself in the charm of the vineyards while admiring the awe-inspiring island views. Familiarize yourself with the winemaking process and discover the distinct qualities that make Waiheke wines truly unique.

Enhance your wine-tasting experience with a delectable lunch at one of the island’s celebrated winery restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards, allowing the tranquil atmosphere to envelop you. Waiheke Island offers a perfect setting for indulging in the art of wine tasting.

7. Sandboarding at Ninety Mile Beach

Sandboarding at Ninety Mile Beach

Experience the thrill of sandboarding down the massive sand dunes at Ninety Mile Beach. Slide down the sandy slopes and feel the adrenaline rush as you speed down. Enjoy stunning views of the beach and the ocean from the top of the sand dunes. Capture incredible photos of your sandboarding adventure and share them with your friends. Relax on the beautiful beach after your sandboarding session and soak up the sun.

Can you find Kiwi Birds in the Wild?

Spotting kiwi birds in the wild can be a challenge due to their nocturnal nature. Increase your chances by joining a guided night tour in areas known for kiwi populations. Listen to their calls and use a red light to minimize disturbance.

Spotting a kiwi in its natural habitat is a rare and special experience, as they are a national symbol of New Zealand. Support conservation by visiting Kiwi sanctuaries and learning about their programs.

South Island’s Must-See Attractions

Explore the stunning scenery of the South Island, from majestic mountains to crystal-clear lakes. Experience the adrenaline rush of adventure activities in Queenstown, such as bungee jumping and jet boating. Immerse yourself in Maori culture in a traditional village and learn about their rich traditions and history. Discover the natural beauty of Milford Sound, a breathtaking fjord surrounded by towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

Take a scenic drive through the awe-inspiring landscapes, passing by pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and snow-capped peaks. The South Island of New Zealand offers an array of unforgettable experiences that will leave you in awe.

8. Whale Watching in Kaikoura

Whale Watching in Kaikoura

Experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with majestic sperm whales in Kaikoura. Marvel at their sheer size and power as they gracefully swim through the waters. While on the boat, keep an eye out for playful dolphins showcasing their incredible acrobatics in their natural habitat. Kaikoura is not only a whale-watching destination but also a hub for marine conservation efforts.

Learn about the initiatives taken to protect these magnificent creatures and their environment. As you enjoy the boat ride, take in the stunning coastal views and capture memorable photos of these awe-inspiring creatures.

9. Unforgettable Milford Sound Cruise

Milford Sound Cruise

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking fjords of Milford Sound. Witness the mesmerizing sight of towering waterfalls cascading into the crystal-clear waters below. Keep an eye out for playful seals, penguins, and other wildlife as you sail along. Learn about the fascinating geological formation of this unique landscape, immersing yourself in its rich history.

Take a moment to appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery that served as the backdrop for “The Lord of the Rings” movies. The Milford Sound cruise promises to be an experience that will stay with you long after you leave this picturesque corner of New Zealand.

10. Hiking Aoraki Mount Cook

Aoraki Mount Cook

Challenge yourself with a hike in the captivating Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking panoramic views of glaciers, majestic mountains, and serene alpine meadows. Discover the rich diversity of flora and fauna thriving in this unique alpine environment.

Capture awe-inspiring photos of New Zealand’s highest peak and embrace the tranquility of nature in this remote oasis. Aoraki Mount Cook is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and serenity. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable journey through this pristine wilderness.

11. Jet Boat Ride Down the Shotover River

Jet Boat Ride Down the Shotover River

Feel the excitement as you speed through the narrow canyons and rapids of the Shotover River. Hold on tight as your skilled driver performs exhilarating maneuvers, taking you on a thrilling ride. Take in the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape, with its towering cliffs and pristine turquoise waters.

Learn about the rich history and geology of the area as you venture deeper into the river. Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush like no other as you navigate the twists and turns of this exhilarating jet boat ride. It’s an experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

12. Glacier Trekking at Fox Glacier

Glacier Trekking at Fox Glacier

Strap on crampons and embark on an exhilarating glacier trek at Fox Glacier. Witness the awe-inspiring blue ice formations and intricate crevasses that adorn this icy wonderland. Gain insights into the impact of climate change on glaciers, making this experience both thrilling and educational.

Feel the unique sensation of walking on a moving river of ice, a truly unforgettable adventure. Don’t forget to capture breathtaking photos of this natural marvel to cherish forever. Glacier trekking at Fox Glacier is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in New Zealand, offering an extraordinary exploration of nature’s beauty.

13. Swimming with Dolphins in Abel Tasman National Park

Dolphins in Abel Tasman National Park

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Abel Tasman National Park and experience the thrill of swimming alongside playful dolphins. Explore the vibrant underwater world as you snorkel and discover the diverse marine life that calls this area home. Gain insights into the conservation efforts aimed at protecting these intelligent creatures.

Abel Tasman National Park provides the perfect setting to create unforgettable memories. With its stunning coastline, golden beaches, and lush forests, it’s no wonder why it is considered one of the top things to do in New Zealand. So, don’t miss the opportunity to swim with dolphins in this beautiful paradise.

14. Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Conquer your fears and take the leap of a lifetime in Queenstown, New Zealand. Feel the adrenaline rush as you freefall towards the stunning scenery surrounding you. Capture incredible photos and videos of this thrilling experience that will create memories lasting a lifetime. Challenge yourself with a variety of bungee jump options, catering to both beginners and adrenaline junkies.

Queenstown is the perfect place for adventure seekers, offering a range of activities like bungee jumping, jet boat rides, and scenic flights. It’s no wonder Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand. So why wait? Take the plunge and experience the thrill of bungee jumping in Queenstown!

15. Scenic Drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy

Scenic Drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy

Embark on a picturesque journey along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, where stunning mountain vistas and crystal-clear waters await. Take advantage of scenic viewpoints along the way for breathtaking photo opportunities. Continue your drive to the charming town of Glenorchy, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the South Island as you explore this idyllic destination.

The scenic drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lose yourself in the stunning landscapes and experience the true essence of New Zealand’s natural wonders.

Unique New Zealand Wildlife Experiences

Encounter the captivating kiwi bird in its natural habitat, or embark on a journey to spot penguins on the Otago Peninsula or at the Banks Peninsula. Take a boat tour to catch glimpses of seals, dolphins, and whales, or immerse yourself in the magic of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, where you can witness the enchanting glowworms illuminate the darkness.

For an up-close encounter with native birds and reptiles, visit one of New Zealand’s wildlife sanctuaries. With its diverse range of unique wildlife experiences, New Zealand is truly a haven for nature enthusiasts.

16. Encounter With The World’s Smallest Dolphins

World's Smallest Dolphins

Get ready for an incredible encounter with cute dolphins in New Zealand. Immerse yourself in the joy of swimming with the world’s smallest dolphins and experience an unforgettable adventure. Interact with these friendly creatures in their natural habitat, observing their playful behavior up close. It’s a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with a unique dolphin encounter.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience while exploring the stunning beauty of New Zealand. Swim alongside these adorable marine creatures and let the magic of the encounter leave you speechless.

17. Visit to Albatross Colony in Dunedin

Visit to Albatross Colony in Dunedin

Explore the largest albatross colony in the southern hemisphere and witness the majestic birds soaring through the skies. Learn about the fascinating life cycle of these incredible creatures while enjoying breathtaking views of the coastline and ocean. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Dunedin’s albatross colony, where you can experience firsthand the wonder of these magnificent birds.

With its stunning natural surroundings and rich biodiversity, Dunedin offers the perfect place for an unforgettable encounter with these remarkable species. So, make sure to include a visit to the Albatross Colony in your itinerary when exploring New Zealand.

Culinary Delights to Try in New Zealand

When it comes to culinary delights in New Zealand, there are plenty of options to tantalize your taste buds. In Queenstown, don’t miss indulging in mouthwatering Fergburger, a local favorite. For a unique and delicious experience, taste the golden kiwi fruit, known for its sweet and tangy flavor. In Wellington, the capital city, sample the diverse and flavorful local cuisine, showcasing the best of New Zealand’s food scene.

And if you’re looking for a fusion of international flavors, New Zealand won’t disappoint. From Hobbiton to Christchurch, from kayaking adventures to scenic flights, this country is a perfect place for food enthusiasts to discover a world of gastronomic delights.

18. Indulge in a Fergburger in Queenstown

Fergburger in Queenstown

Queenstown is the perfect place to indulge in a Fergburger, an iconic and scrumptious treat that should not be missed. Join the long queue and experience the satisfaction of biting into a juicy and flavorful masterpiece. This legendary burger is a must-try, offering a blend of quality ingredients and mouthwatering flavors.

Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, Fergburger has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the ultimate burger experience in Queenstown, where you can taste the best things New Zealand has to offer. Sink your teeth into this culinary delight and treat your taste buds to a truly unforgettable meal.

19. Taste Golden Kiwi Fruit

Golden Kiwi Fruit

Savor the sweet and tangy flavor of New Zealand’s golden kiwi fruit, a tropical delight that offers a unique taste sensation. With its refreshing burst of flavor and natural goodness, it’s no wonder the golden kiwi fruit is a favorite among locals.

Indulge your taste buds with this delightful fruit, known for its vibrant color and juicy texture. Whether you’re exploring the Hobbiton movie set or enjoying a day trip to Christchurch, make sure to treat yourself to the flavors of New Zealand by trying the exquisite golden kiwi fruit. It’s the perfect way to enhance your culinary journey through this stunning country.

20. Sampling Local Cuisine in Wellington

Sampling Local Cuisine in Wellington

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Delight in the diverse and vibrant food scene that this city has to offer. Taste the flavors of New Zealand through its local cuisine, which combines international influences with traditional recipes.

Explore the streets of Wellington and discover hidden culinary gems. Experience a fusion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. From trendy cafes to fine dining restaurants, Wellington has it all. Whether you’re craving seafood, Asian dishes, or Maori-inspired delicacies, this city is the perfect place to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Offbeat Experiences in New Zealand

Marvel at the awe-inspiring night sky during stargazing at Lake Tekapo. Witness the brilliance of countless stars in this NLP-optimized dark sky reserve. Discover the enigmatic Moeraki Boulders and their captivating formations sculpted over centuries. Take a step back in time with a visit to the historic Arrowtown, where remnants of New Zealand’s gold rush era can still be found. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty and serenity that New Zealand offers.

Embark on offbeat adventures for truly unique experiences in this wonderful country. From Hobbiton to kayaking, the North Island to the South, New Zealand is the perfect place for unforgettable day trips and scenic road trips.

21. Stargazing at Lake Tekapo

Stargazing at Lake Tekapo

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake Tekapo’s night sky, where millions of stars twinkle in crystal-clear darkness. Discover the constellations and astronomical wonders as you gaze up at the starry canopy in wonder and amazement. Don’t forget to capture stunning photographs of this celestial display that will leave you breathless.

Lake Tekapo is the perfect place for stargazing, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere that enhances the experience. Immerse yourself in the magical world of the night sky at Lake Tekapo and create memories that will last a lifetime.

22. Exploring the Quirky Moeraki Boulders

Quirky Moeraki Boulders

Embark on an adventure to explore the quirky Moeraki Boulders, fascinating geological formations found along the coast of New Zealand. Marvel at the perfectly spherical rocks that dot the beach, a truly unique sight to behold. Learn about the intricate geological processes that shaped these boulders over thousands of years.

Don’t forget to capture stunning photographs of these natural wonders against the backdrop of the majestic ocean. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of this extraordinary location. The Moeraki Boulders are a perfect place to experience the natural wonders of New Zealand.

23. Visit to the Historic Arrowtown

Visit to the Historic Arrowtown

Stepping into the past, a visit to the picturesque Arrowtown unveils its rich history and heritage. Explore the well-preserved gold rush-era buildings and wander through the charming streets. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere as you stroll through quaint shops and cafes. Arrowtown offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern amenities.

Situated near popular destinations like Queenstown and Wanaka, it’s an ideal day trip destination. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of this historic town. Arrowtown is a true gem of New Zealand, where history comes alive amidst its beautiful surroundings.

24. Adventure at the World-Famous Gorge Swing

World-Famous Gorge Swing

Dare to experience an adrenaline rush like no other with the world-famous Gorge Swing. Take a leap of faith and feel your heart race as you plummet towards the depths, surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty. As you soar through the air, be mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

This thrilling activity combines adventure and the perfect place to push your limits. Feel the exhilaration of free-falling before the swing catches you, sending you soaring back up into the sky. Conquer your fears and create unforgettable memories as you embark on this extraordinary adventure.

Concluding Thoughts: Making the Most of Your New Zealand Adventure

New Zealand is the perfect place for adventure seekers, offering a wide range of thrilling activities. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Maori culture and learn about the rich history of this incredible country. From bungee jumping to skydiving, there’s something for everyone looking for an adrenaline rush.

Explore the stunning landscapes while kayaking in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Taupo or take a scenic flight over the majestic Franz Josef Glacier. Don’t miss the chance to visit Hobbiton, the movie set of the famous “Lord of the Rings” series. With its breathtaking scenery and abundance of outdoor activities, New Zealand truly is an adventurer’s paradise.


In conclusion, New Zealand offers a plethora of incredible experiences that cater to all types of travelers. From immersing yourself in Maori culture and exploring glowworm caves at Waitomo to adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping in Queenstown and jet boat rides down the Shotover River, there is something for everyone.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Milford Sound, hike Aoraki Mount Cook, or swim with dolphins in Abel Tasman National Park.

And of course, don’t forget to indulge in the culinary delights of New Zealand, such as the famous Fergburger in Queenstown and the unique golden kiwi fruit. With its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and offbeat attractions, New Zealand promises an unforgettable adventure. So pack your bags and make the most of your New Zealand journey.


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