Discover the Magic of Moroccan Desert: Family Camel Rides and Cultural Experience

Are you seeking out an journey that the entire own circle of relatives can revel in? If so, a excursion from Marrakech to the barren region can be simply what you need.

Morocco is a rustic of contrasts, from bustling towns to serene deserts, and a excursion from Marrakech to the barren region permits you to revel in both.

In this article, we’re going to discover what you could anticipate from a excursion to the barren region and offer a few recommendations on a way to make the maximum of your own circle of relatives holiday in Morocco.

Discovering the Magic of the Moroccan Desert: Family Camel Rides and Cultural Experience

Discovering the Magic of the Moroccan Desert: Family Camel Rides and Cultural Experience

When human beings think about travelling to Morocco, the photograph of significant sand dunes and barren region landscapes regularly involves mind. While those points of interest are breathtaking for adults, they also can be a captivating revel in for kids.

In fact, travelling with children to the barren region in Morocco may be a completely unique and noteworthy journey that the entire own circle of relatives can revel in.

One of the maximum famous sports for households in the Moroccan barren region is taking a camel journey. Camels are referred to as the “ships of the barren region” and were used for hundreds of years through the Berber tribes to tour via the significant stretches of sand.

Riding a camel may be a amusing and interesting revel in for kids, as they get to revel in what it is want to tour like a nearby.

Marrakech Desert Tour

Marrakech Desert Tour

Your adventure from Marrakech to the barren region will take you via a number of Morocco’s maximum lovely scenery. Along the manner, you may see the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, go to conventional Berber villages, and discover historical kasbahs.

As you adventure deeper into the barren region, you will be surprised through the significant expanse of sand and the specific vegetation and fauna that name it home.

The emphasize of your desert region excursion could be a live at a conventional Berber camp. Here, you may sleep in snug tents and revel in conventional Moroccan delicacies.

In the evening, you could accumulate across the campfire, concentrate to nearby music, and gaze up on the starry night time sky. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even take a camel journey and discover the dunes at dawn or sunset.

Fun and Educational Activities for Kids in Moroccan Desert: Sandboarding and Desert Exploration


Another hobby that children will revel in the barren region is sandboarding. This includes sliding down the dunes on a board, just like skiing on a mountain. Sandboarding is a interesting hobby which can offer hours of amusement for children and adults alike.

In addition to those sports, households with children also can discover the barren region on foot, taking the specific vegetation and fauna that name this panorama home.

Children can study the special styles of barren region flora and animals, and take a look at how they’ve tailored to lifestyles the harsh barren region environment.

Unforgettable Family Adventures: Overnight Camping and Cultural Immersion in Moroccan Desert

Family Adventures morocco desert

For family who need to live in a single day in the barren region, there are numerous camps that cater to households with children.

These camps provide snug tents and facilities, and offer a completely unique cultural revel in that children are positive to revel in. Campfires, nearby music, and stargazing are only a few of the sports that households can revel in at those camps.

When travelling to the barren region with children, it is essential to be prepared. The barren region may be a tough environment, so it is essential to carry lots of water, sunscreen, and protecting apparel to guard towards the solar and sand. It’s additionally a very good concept to have a primary resource package on hand, simply in case.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Family Vacation in Morocco

Family Vacation in Morocco

Morocco is a own circle of relatives-pleasant vacation spot that gives some thing for everyone. Here are a few recommendations that will help you make the maximum of your own circle of relatives holiday in Morocco:

Plan your itinerary carefully: When making plans your ride, ensure to encompass sports that everybody for your own circle of relatives will revel in. Morocco has lots to provide, from trekking the mountains to buying from the souks, so make an effort to create a balanced itinerary.

Embrace the nearby tradition:

Imilchil Morocco Souk Marrakech

Morocco has a wealthy and colourful tradition this is really well worth exploring. Take the time to study the nearby customs and traditions, and inspire your kids to do the same. This will assist you and your own circle of relatives to hook up with the local community and make the maximum of your revel in.

Try the nearby delicacies:

Try Moroccan cuisine: Moroccan cuisines are famous for the formidable flavors and specific combinations. Encourage your own circle of relatives to attempt new dishes and flavors, and do not be afraid to invite for tips out of your hosts or excursion guide.

Stay in a riad: A riad is a conventional Moroccan residence with a principal courtyard. Staying in a riad is a amazing manner to revel in Moroccan hospitality and immerse your self withinside the nearby tradition.

Take your time: Morocco is a rustic that rewards sluggish tour. Don’t rush from one vacation spot to the next, however make an effort to take in the surroundings and revel in the adventure.


A tour from Marrakech to the Sahara desert is an splendid journey that the entire circle of relatives can revel in. From lovely landscapes to colourful traditions, Morocco has it all.

Marrakech Morocco Medina Marrakech Marrakech Jemaa FNA Marrakech City

By making plans your itinerary carefully, embracing the nearby tradition, and taking your time, you could make the maximum of your own circle of relatives holiday in Morocco. So why now no longer begin making plans your ride today?

With a lot to peer and do, Morocco is positive to go away you with unforgettable reminiscences that you may cherish for years to come.

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