Top 13 Most Dangerous Countries in Africa

It’s always political instability that leads to civil unrest and has been continuously deteriorating peace in African countries. These tendencies have dire consequences for converting a few places into the most dangerous countries in Africa which is evident by the establishment of a coup, ethnic disputes, and the spread of corruption.

Despite the diverse landscape, bustling cities, and fascinating landmarks of unstable African countries, safety issues become a main hindrance for travelers to visit. So, keep your safety first in mind when you put these African countries on your backlist list.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most dangerous countries in Africa that you must avoid visiting in 2023.

1. South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan is a landlocked East African country that has been facing a brutal conflict between Sudan Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces since 2013.

According to the US Department of State Travel Advisory, you just need to avoid all sorts of travel to one of the Most Dangerous Countries in Africa, South Sudan because of the Armed conflict going on between various political and ethnic groups.

If you are stuck in the region, the US government has very limited ability to rescue you by providing any emergency consular services. Even the US personnel used armored vehicles for mobility because they are under a strike curfew. The common crimes in the region include carjacking, shootings, ambushes, etc.

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a Central African country that has more than a hundred armed groups who are fighting for controlling certain territories and resources. Even the United Nations sent peacekeeping army for fighting against the M23 rebel groups. The US ranks DRC as a third-level dangerous place to visit in Africa.

According to Advisory, you must avoid visiting the province of North Kivu, Ituri, and the Eastern DRC region because of crime, civil unrest, terrorism, and armed conflicts.

3. Somalia


Somalia has around 17 million populations and is located in the eastern part of Africa. The oil-rich Puntland remains the bone of contention between different militia groups in Somalia. Gunfights and airstrikes are common in the region that why’s America State Department declared the country a “Do Not Travel” region.  Due to its geographical location and shape, it is also considered the horn of Africa.

Road conditions and safety are poor. Especially, when you are driving at night you will come across militia-operated check posts and the absence of light.  Moreover, American Embassy is not working in Somalia right now, you have to contact the consulate in Nairobi for resolving any issue.

4.Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a landlocked county in the interior of Africa that is also unstable due to an insurgency of a rebel group, Seleka, against the government and considered as one of the Most Dangerous Countries in Africa. It also falls into the category of the “Do Not Travel” region because of looting, burning of buildings, and roadblocks during the periods of civil unrest. The armed actors in the region perpetrate violence against civilians, foreigners, and even humanitarian workers.

When you are on the road, don’t leave it even if it’s unpaved and degraded because rebels used landmines and other explosive devices along the roads.

5. Sudan 


Sudan is a northeastern African country that undergoes a brutal war between Sudan’s army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Force. The war causes a new level of uncertainty and chaos in an already struggling country. Thousands of people were displaced to safer places in order to leave war zones.  Access to basic facilities such as food, electricity, water, and medical services becomes impossible.

American State Department declared the country as a “Do Not Travel” region where fighting just erupted from nowhere and lasted for days even months. Attacking foreigners and crowds are common and most vulnerable targets because of no training for defending themselves against the militia.

6. Libya


After the death of authoritarian ruler Muammar Gaddafi and the Arab Spring in Libya, it shattered the calm in the region. Air strike and warplanes bombing are the common words revolving around Libya. The rival militias are fighting for control over key oil production facilities.

History is filled with catastrophic attacks on Benghazi US Consulate that killed four Americans including US Ambassador J Christopher Stevens.

Libya is included in the “Do Not Travel” region by the US Department of State because of widespread violence in the country.

7. Mali 


Mali is a landlocked country in western Africa that has been suffering the armed group and terrorists plotting attacks. The political instability is at its peak as President Ibrahim Baubacar was overthrown by the military, and set a coup for the second time within a year. France also sent an army for fighting against rebel groups.

America declared Mali as the fourth category of no travel zone because of security challenges. The situation is so uncertain as you don’t know when things get escalated and converted into a mess.

8. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is a part of the Horn of Africa and a landlocked country. According to American State Department, if you have any decision to travel to the country, you need to reconsider visiting. The armed militia groups have a strong presence in the region that continue to plan an attack on US citizens.

When you are in Ethiopia, avoid participating in any high-profile public events such as political rallies, holiday events, or sporting contests.

9. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso dangrous country

Burkina Faso is a western landlocked African country that is also boiling with fighting sentiments. It has an adjacent border with Mali which is the birthplace of all the conflicts. With time, it slides deep into the country and now the situation is worse than in Mali.

The interim government also proved a failure to control the situation in the country as the number of casualties surpasses Mali. American State Department considers Burkina Faso as “No Travel Zone”.

10. Nigeria


Nigeria is a country in western Africa and is officially termed the Federal Republic of Nigeria. According to US advisory, Nigeria is included in reconsidered travel destinations.

The most common crimes in the country which are very heinous such as civil unrest, maritime crime, and kidnapping. If you are in Nigeria, keep away from the regions like Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, and Rivers States.

11. Cameroon


Cameroon is located in west central Africa and is officially termed the Republic of Cameroon. It is a country that is relatively better regarding security concerns.

US Travel Advisory considers the country as an “Exercise increased Caution” region.  The country in this category means you need to stay away from certain high-risk territories that are Border areas and Bakassi Peninsula.

12. Niger


Niger is a West African landlocked country that is also included in the “reconsider travel” category on the US Travel Advisory. The common crimes in the country have kidnapping and insurgencies by militia groups.

When you are in the country, you need to stay away from Westerners lifestyle such as visit to restaurants late at night. In the case of aviation, you cannot have a direct flight from the USA.

13. Chad

Chad country

Chad is a north central African landlocked country and is officially termed the Republic of Chad. It’s a relatively safer country as compared to another African country in the region.

According to US Travel Advisory, it’s a territory of “reconsider travel”. You need to take special precautions when you are near the area of Lake Chad, and the border region of Borno State.

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