The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is located in the Baja California Peninsula in the south of Mexico which is a popular destination spot but is Cabo San Lucas Safe to visit?

You can’t ignore safety for the sake of picturesque beaches, delicious food, or rich culture. According to Travel Advisory US Department of State, Cabo San Lucas lies in the category of “reconsider to travel”. It means that you need to be cautious for your safety when you are in the region.

Cabo San Lucas Beach

Here is the ultimate guide that will tell you about is Cabo San Lucas safe or how much care you need that ensure your safety in the southern city of Mexico.

Most Common Crime in Cabo

The breathtaking destinations and charisma of Cabo attract a lot of travelers who are ready to visit the city and even compromise a little bit on their safety too. The city quenches your thirst for natural beauty and excitement when you stroll on the soft sandy beach and dip into the blue water. However, there are some common crimes that are critical for your safety concerns.

Interpol is active in the region for mitigating the crimes such as scamming, drug use & sales,

Gang Activity, carjacking, pickpocketing, robbery. In order to avoid scams, don’t share your personal or sensitive information with anyone.

Smaller Crimes

The smaller crimes include pickpocketing and scamming. Don’t become prominent by wearing expensive jewelry and being distracted by your surroundings because it will make you an easy target for pickpockets.

Only choose to wander the areas where you find a lot of visitors and tourists around.  For transportation, only use the hotel shuttle, Lyft, or Uber in the city. By following all these measures, you will get the affirmative answer to the question, “Is Cabo San Lucas?”.

Organized Crime 

The majority of the criminal are men from the demographically male-dominated society of 202,694. It’s important for you to pay some extra vigilance during your stay in the city because Cabo is situated on the Mexican border where the smuggling of drugs takes place across boundaries. Gang violence is common for dominating the drug industry.

In murder and kidnap cases, the city made headlines most of the time. According to a report published by Justice in Mexico, around 300,000 people are murdered in the city between the seventeen years from 2000 to 2017.

The larger culprits are related to different gangs who involve in supplying drugs. Don’t visit the areas that are notorious for gang wars because there is a chance that you caught in the crossfire between the dangerous venture.

Avoiding High Alert Areas

Cabo San Lucas Resort
Tesoro los Cabos
Hotel Montage los Cabos

It’s fortunate that most of the beaches, hotels, and tourist attractions locate in the region where crime levels are all most tamed. You just need to stick to those areas and don’t be curious about the other regions that could lead to unnecessary damage.

City Center 

The city center attracts a lot of tourists which makes it the perfect place for pickpocketing. There are around twenty complaints daily arriving for such incidents in the city center. You can avoid encountering picketers by avoiding the most congested areas of the city to save your valuables from stealing.

Don’t let the people come close to you as it’s an indication that there is something wrong. Beware of the people who smash with you and apologetic may be a pickpocket. Stay in your resorts because they are protected by the escorts who visit recurrently during the day and night.

Santa Rosa in San Jose del Cabo

Santa Rosa is a dangerous neighborhood because crimes such as assault, armed robbery, and vehicle robbery are common. The best part is, Santa Rosa has no tourist attraction in the region. If you somehow visit the region, don’t stop at the gas station and keep your car windows high. Avoid stopping your car when a stranger call you for help on the road.

Los Cangrejos and Las Palmas 

Los Canjrejos and Las Palmas are adjacent to each other with the same sort of crime. The common ones are assault and theft. Drug cartels are heavily active in these regions instead of the presence of the airfield.

Things to Consider

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

 No Lifeguard Available: When you are on the shore, make sure to stay closer to the beach because there is no lifeguard present that saves your life as you get too far.

Take Bottled Water with You: The tap water in Mexico is not filtered properly so keep your water bottle with you for avoiding any inconvenience.

Be Together: When you stay with your group member, you will never be lost or become the target of criminals.

Don’t Leave Your Resort at Night: Resorts are protected areas and escorted by guards so stay at your resort, especially at night.

Align with Weather Conditions: Cabo is relatively hot and humid so wear lighter clothes.

Avoid Buying Drugs: Drug cartels are common in Cabo and the right way to avoid them is to stay away from drug usage.

Use Cash: When you use cash, the chances of misuse of your credit card info become difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is most famous in Cabo San Lucas?

The city is known for its incredible nightlife, attractive beaches, and delicious food. Meanwhile, the five-star resort prices are surprisingly affordable in the city.

What are the Weather Conditions in Cabo San Lucas?

The weather remains relatively hotter and sunny. You need a shady hat and plenty of sunscreen to get rid of sunburns.

When do you need to Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

When you visit the city in the winter month, you will be able to see some humpback whales. However, Cabo San Lucas is an all-season tourist spot to visit.


According to Forbes, around 2.8 million travelers visit Cabo San Lucas because of the incredible beauty of the southern Mexican city. However, there are still some concerns arise about the safety conditions for foreigners in the city who ask a simple question “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?” before visiting.

Alarming crime rates and harsh weather are the reason why The US Travel Advisory declared the area as a “reconsider to visit” destination which means you need to be cautious because Cabo San Lucas is relatively safe to visit.

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