How to Do Timepass While Traveling: 12 Tips for Adults & Kids

Traveling can be super beneficial and exciting but the time spent from one destination to another can be tedious.

Whether you are planning a road trip or want to go for a long-haul flight, you may be searching for how to do timepass while traveling.

If yes, then the wait is over. We have come up with fun and engaging activities that you can do while traveling to kill time. In this blog post, we are going to help you how to timepass with 12 interesting and fun things. Let’s start!

1. Watch a Movie:

Watch a Movie when traveling

By watching interesting movies, you not only pass your time quickly but also it won’t let you get bored. If you are on a plane ride, you know not only it becomes tedious but also it’s impossible to make time fly by. So, it’s the best time to watch all the movies that you are eagerly waiting to watch during your free time. With this, you can pass the time quickly.


  • Ensure that you download some movies onto your phone/ laptop earlier that you wish to watch.
  • Don’t forget to bring headphones with you.
  • Try to charge your laptop or cell phone so it won’t run out of battery.

2. Read a Book:

Read a Book When traveling

If you love reading, you can kill your time in this way too. Bring a physical book, or audiobook, or download some online books onto your mobile phone. Ensure that you pack books of any version with yourselves it is best to bring audiobooks and physical books so that you can easily flip to others if your eyes get tired.


  • If you are traveling with your kids, you need to pack a few age-appropriate books too.
  • It is recommended to bring a travel guide in which you can read about the destination that you are going to visit.

3. Listen to Music:

Listen to Music When traveling abroad

Before going on travel, create a playlist of your favorite songs that you want to listen to. You need to add music of your choice that you think is perfect for your mood and interest. You can download music, purchase music to put on your phone, and also listen to online music on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Apple Music.


  • While traveling with friends or family, a fun idea to create a music playlist together where you all can come up with songs that best reflect your taste and preferences.

4. Play Card Game:

Play Card Game when traveling

You can play cards by yourself or with your friends or family especially when you travel with them. You can enjoy various variations of this game to keep yourself entertained while traveling. If you have a travel partner sitting beside you, play engaging games like Blackjack, Gin Rummy Go Fish, etc.


  • If you want to play with your kids, you can enjoy other different card games like UNO, War, and Crazy Eights.

5. Play Fun Conversation Games:

It is also one of the best ways to entertain yourselves during travel as you can play 10-question game with your travel partner.

Make the time go by faster by playing different conversation games like asking 20 fun questions and truth & dare. The following are some fun questions you can ask from your travel buddy to start a conversation:

  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Would you like to talk with me or not in a funny way?

6. Capture Photos:

Capture Photos when traveling

No matter whether you are on a plane or in a car, take scenery photos outside your window to capture memorable moments.

As you are traveling, you need to take photos of amazing sunset/ sunrise views, cool cloud formations, and iconic landmarks. While capturing these photos, ensure that you save all these pictures in one document.


  • Don’t forget to bring a camera with you as you have to capture stunning memories.

7. Get Pending Work Done:

Get Pending Work Done When traveling

You may feel awkward listening to get some work done while traveling but it’s better to be productive instead of wasting time and overthinking.

You can work on a project that has been pending for a lot of time or just organize the work schedule for the upcoming time. Remember, it not only makes you productive but also you have done with all tasks that pending for a longer time.


  • If you are going on a business trip, this is the perfect time to schedule all tasks before time and give yourself enough time to explore and relax when land.
  • Plan to do all things earlier that don’t require internet usage as there are chances that you won’t have Wi-Fi on the plane.

8. Learn new Language:

learn new language

One of the best ways to kill time on a flight is by learning a new language used where you are traveling. If you are going to a country where the primary language is different from your own, you can spend quality and precious time learning that basic language and vocabulary words so that you won’t come up with any language barrier issues.


  • Don’t forget to bring a pocket dictionary of your target country that can teach you some basics.

9. Do Proper Planning About your Trip:

Do Proper Planning About your Trip

Make a list of things you want to do where you are going. If you want to do proper planning earlier about your trip, your flight is the perfect place to do proper planning. Bring a travel book with you and pick out attractions, landmarks, cafes, and tourist attractions you want to explore.


  • Plan out your travel budget earlier to allocate expenses accordingly.
  • If you are traveling with your family, ask them where they want to go and which spots or attractions they want to explore.

10. Check Photo Library:

Check Photo Library

If your phone storage is full or running slow, you can edit or delete photos from your phone.

By doing this, you not only maximize your phone speed but also delete unnecessary files from your phone. Also, organize the important things, files, or documents you want to keep on your phone. You can get all this in a few minutes.


  • For this, you need to ensure that your cell phone is fully charged.
  • Also, you can organize your phone by deleting unnecessary/ unused apps you don’t want anymore.

11. Eat Something:

Eat Something When traveling abroad

You may get hungry during traveling, especially on long-haul flights so in this way, ensure that you pack some snacks with yourself. Also, you can bring fruits, fresh juice, and other tasty meals that you wish to eat. Eating slowly can help pass some time and ensure you get the most out of your food.


  • Try to eat meals in different chunks as you don’t get your food empty frequently.
  • Also, make sure that you are staying hydrated. You can purchase a bottle from the terminal or bring water with you.

12. Meditation:

Meditate when traveling alone

If you don’t want to watch or read anything, you can do some breathing exercises to quiet your mind for a while.

With meditation, you feel comfortable and relaxed for some time and it’s one of the best ways to deal with overthinking or stress issues while traveling. Also, it will help you spend the remaining time with full peace of mind.


  • If you are on a plane, you can also do yoga and other exercises that keep you relaxed, especially on long-haul flights.


Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but long travel time on the road or in an airplane seat can get tedious. With a little planning and these entertaining ideas, you can turn travel time into an enjoyable part of the experience.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or with friends, there’s something for everyone to keep engaged and don’t get bored. So pack your travel essentials, choose your favorite activities, and get ready to make the most of your travel time!

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