Summer At Ski Resorts In France

Why you Should Go on a Summer Holiday to the French Alps?

While France’s ski resorts are famous for their winter amaze. Also, you can explore adventurous activities and take some rest during the months of summer. At French Alps, you can enjoy your company by getting rid of from city’s heat and do some relaxation. Here, you can enjoy some time in nature with lush green environment.

Other than spending some time in nature, you can immerse yourselves in various outdoor activities. Whether you are adrenaline junkie or want some escape from city’s bustling environment, you can enjoy anything at this unique place.

One of the main reasons why you should visit this iconic summer destination as compare to any other is to experience the Mega Avalanche mountain bike race. It should be on everyone’s bucket list, because there’s no better way to experience the mountains in summer than cycling from the snow capped mountains, through forests and villages, over rivers and rocks, to the finish line at the base.

The Best Mountain Biking Trails Near Ski Resorts in France

Best Mountain Biking Trails

If you are one who want ride bike on mountains, French Alps is one of the best options to go for. This region comes with amazing network of trails that can be suitable for all skill levels:

  • Les Gets: This resort is one of the largest mountain biking areas in the world and part of the Portes du Soleil. The distance of whole track is 650km which includes marked trails, ranging from beginner-friendly routes to challenging tracks.
  • Alpe d’Huez: It’s located in the Tour de France and famous for large height climbs, with fantastic mountain biking trails. The 32km Mega Avalanche race from Pic Blanc is a must-try for those travel enthusiasts who want experience some thrills.
  • Morzine: Morzine is located in the Portes du Soleil area and provides a variety of trails with stunning views and clear paths. It is highly recommended for families and seasoned bikers.

The Popular Bike Events in the French Alps

Bike Events in the French Alps

The French Alps host several famous mountain biking events that attract competitors and bikers from around the world.

  • Le Tour de France (June-July): The oldest and most famous Grant Tour style bike race in the world lasts nearly a June to July months. The track distance is almost 3,500km where bikers can participate in bike race competitions. A lot of bikers made champions from these events in the past. Also, it’s the place where bikers can reach its peak with mountain climbs and enjoy amazing heights rides.
  • Mega Avalanche (July): This popular bike event held annually in Alpe d’Huez, this race is one of the most famous downhill marathon events in the world. In this race, riders start from by reaching at Pic Blanc peak and go down through various terrains. Mega Avalanche in July is running since 1995 and considered as one of the chaotic and fun events.
  • Pass’Portes du Soleil MTB Tours (June): This event covers the French and Swiss Alps, covering 80km of marked trails. It’s a non-competitive ride, ideal for those who want to experience the best of Alpine mountain biking without the pressure of racing. It’s been running since 2004 and also includes walking tours.

The Best & Popular Hiking Trails in France

hiking trails in France

If you want enjoy fresh mountain air, amazing vistas and stunning trails, Hike in the French Alps would be one of the best options. If you not feel yourselves comfortable in hiking to reach top heights, lifts are available too. Here’s where you’ll find the best hikes:

  • Chamonix: Chamonix is home to Mont Blanc, considered as one of the best iconic hiking trails in the Alps. The hike to Lac Blanc is particularly popular, offering stunning views of the Mont Blanc massif.
  • Courchevel: if you want experience and explore well-marked hiking trails. The trek to the Aiguille de Fruit is a favourite, providing panoramic views of the Vanoise National Park.
  • Les Deux Alpes: This hiking trail is famous for its summer glacier skiing, Les Deux Alpes also has excellent views. The route to La Muzelle offers challenging paths and spectacular scenery.

Other Summer Alpine Activities in France

Other than biking and hiking, the French Alps offer a wide range of activities to enjoy during the summer.

  • Paragliding: Paragliding is one of the best experiences that you can try in French Alpine. Chamonix and Annecy are one of the greatest options for paragliding.
  • Climbing: The Alps provide some of the best climbing routes in the world. From bouldering to multi-pitch climbs, there’s something for climbers of all abilities.
  • Water Sports: You can enjoy different type of water sports in two famous lakes named as Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva. In these lakes, you can enjoy swimming, sailing, and paddleboarding.
  • Golf: Enjoy a round of golf with a view at one of the many Alpine golf courses, such as Golf Club de Chamonix.

The Best Mountain Resorts in France for a Summer Holiday

Best Mountain Resorts

All the mountain resorts in France are great in their own way, but some of them are best than others. As per our recommendations, the best resorts for summer are:

  • Chamonix: This unique resort is famous for its mountaineering and hiking trails, Chamonix is an amazing town with various amazing summer activities and a lively atmosphere.
  • Morzine: Best one option for families. If you want enjoy outdoor adventures, stunning beauty, amazing facilities and cultural experiences, Morzine is one of the best resorts to make unforgettable memories.
  • Megeve: This resort is famous for its luxury and charm. Megève provides a serene escape with beautiful hiking trails, gourmet dining, and a picturesque village atmosphere.

The Best Chalets for a Summer Holiday in France

Best Chalets in Frech Alps is one of the best experiences that you can try here. It not only let you enjoy your summer vacations but also provide amazing features, luxury and fantastic views.

  1. Zems Lodge in Morzine – This is the ideal chalet for a comfortable summer holiday in the French Alps because it combines luxurious comfort with relaxing spa facilities. The chalet comes with stunning views (especially from the balconies), a heated outdoor plunge pool, a glass-fronted sauna, and luxurious living areas, providing a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.
  2. Joux Plane in Morzine – If you are looking for something a little different, go for this chalet. It’s also considered as the “James Bond” pad, because of its stylish design and the fact you access it through a secret tunnel. The main space is open plan, with a dining room in the centre, and one wall made mostly of glass. So, wherever you are in this chalet, you will enjoy the amazing views.
  3. Ultima in Megeve – If you want enjoy fun-filled summer holiday in the mountains of France, it would be one of the best options. Before entering into this amazing chalet, you are welcomed at door by two toy soldiers. This is one of the best experiences that every visitor has to try before entering into this place. The games room features a 4-player racing simulator and other arcade games. Also, in this chalet, you can see arcade games, 4-player racing simulator, novels, amazing art and artisans services.

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