Best Summer Beach Destinations That Offers Clean Air to Breathe

Everyone needs a dose of fresh air to stay healthy. It can be a mistake to look at the blue sky and assume it’s a good air day. The smoke in the atmosphere can affect your lungs even before you sense its presence as haze.

Haze contains particulate matter and ozone. PM2.5, or particulate matter, when it enters lung cells and the bloodstream, leads to problems like mental health, heart disorder, asthma, and inflammation. Ozone can also wreak havoc similarly. Ozone in the stratosphere shields Earth from the sun’s UV rays. However, it affects breathing and respiratory tissues upon reaching the ground level.

These and other pollutants can negatively impact any age group, and their sources can be just about anything, such as a truck’s tailpipe, coal factory, barbecue, etc.

Since summertime calls for vacation planning, you should search for an option based on its air quality. If you plan to go to a beach, most of your day will be spent outdoors. That’s why checking the condition of the air is even more essential. Let’s figure out some choices.

Best Summer Beach Destinations

Virginia has five beaches with superior air quality: Buckroe Beach (43), Virginia Beach (44), Chincoteague Island (46), Cape Charles (48), and Yorktown (50). On the other hand, Georgia has one specific beach getaway, such as Tybee Island with AQI 44. All these locations welcome tourists with an open heart to their geological uniqueness and wonders. But let’s understand why Georgia or Virginia should be on your bucket list.

If you visit any of its fresh-air beaches, the magnificence of the sandy expanse and the pure water will treat your eyes. Seawater in its turquoise hue with crystal water elevates your vacation mood. Since almost every beach is generously large, you will always have a cozy corner to unwind.

Choices can be difficult, but choosing one from two Summer Beach Destinations makes this job easy. These southeastern regions have cultural and historical stories to tell.

Despite some similarities, they are distinct too. But you will understand those differences better if you visit their beaches and nearby areas. Can any of these be your next summer retreat? You have enough time to learn more about them and immerse yourself in their uniqueness. Before you visit those places, remember to recheck their AQI.

Places with healthy air in the U.S. 2023

Places with healthy air in the U.S. 2023

Beaches allow travelers to kick back and enjoy fresh air in peace. However, incidences of wildfires, fluctuating weather, and rising pollution affect the environment around them. To ensure you have made the right decision, following AQI for a day on the beach can be the best idea. If you know, 0-50 AQI indicates safe or good air. Around 111 to 120 beaches meet the standards. Top choices include Poipu and Hapuna beaches in Hawaii with AQI 10. Alaska is the next best place, where Sandy and Kenai Beaches scored 14 and Home Spit Beach 11 on the index. Florida and California also offer excellent choices. But if you prefer Texas, you can consider this as well.

Summer breaks convince you and your family to escape from the day to day noises into some comfortable departure so everybody can get back to their conventional existence with a new point of view. You might have pondered many areas as of now, yet they might in any case have to beat the appeal of Hawaiian sea shores.

Islands in Hawaii’s archipelago give you a slip look into their valuable culture and tropical foliage in the midst of a laid-back environment. Hawaii sea shores are top on the planet for being the most lovely. You can envision an image from a long way off, contemplating the tenderly moving palm trees and the great rocky perspectives. Which ocean side would it be advisable for you to choose assuming that it’s Hawaii for you this time?

Clean air Texas Beaches

Clean air Texas Beaches

If you live outside of Texas, many beaches will go unnoticed. But you can give them a try to make your family holiday experience lively and memorable. Safe beaches, such as Port Isabel, Rockport, Port Aransas, and many more, are available. All of them are well under 50 on a scale of 0-50. 2017 Hurricane Harvey ravaged Port Aransas. But this six miles wide beach has been resilient and bounced back to offer beach lovers enchanting lounging opportunities. Kids and adults can build majestic sandcastles as the elements of slit and clay in the sand help you pack it well. This place also hosts a castle-building festival annually. In summer, the water temperature can be around 84 degrees, which is conducive for swimming.

Or, you can head to Rockport Beach for sand and clean water. It also obtained an environmental certification for being the Blue Wave beach. Camping, fireworks, bonfires, dogs, and vehicles are not allowed. But you can indulge in simple activities like fishing and surfing. Unlike other beaches on the Texas coast, Rockport also offers you an experience with thatched palapas that carry a unique Caribbean vibe.

The choices are marvelous if you want to make your summer vacations fun and healthy. Look at the air condition of your destinations choice before getting into elaborate planning to save time and effort.

You can check the late spring excursion air quality file by for a clue. Kaanapali Ocean side, Poipu Ocean side, Waikiki Ocean side, and Kahului Ocean side can be the most ideal choices for their spotless air. Normal AQI for Kaanapali is 15, Waikiki 16, Poipu 10, and Kahului 16. That implies every one of these are in a green zone, where you can inhale natural air that encourages physical and psychological well-being and is great for everybody, including children to more established grown-ups. How about we investigate what you can do in these spots.

Poipu Ocean side

Poipu Ocean side

The sickle molded ocean side offers you basalt and brilliant sand. Swimming is a renowned action here for its defensive obstruction reef. You can likewise see the awesome marine existence of unique fish and others as you plunge or snorkel.

Some additionally partake in seeing priest seals laying on the coastline. Other than this, you can likewise find an excursion region and potential open doors for surfing and boogie-boarding.

Kaanapali Ocean side

It is one more renowned American ocean side for all age gatherings. Scuba plunging, swimming, and ocean side walkways are a blend of experience and relaxation choices one can look for here. You can go to Dark Stone Precipice for more adrenalin race through bluff bouncing.

Individuals visit this ocean side to flounder in the hypnotizing nightfall, loosen up with a tennis or golf match-up, and enjoy its nightlife. Guests can likewise search for some gifts from the Whalers Town here.

Waikiki Ocean Side

Waikiki Ocean side

This objective has been the most loved selection of voyagers since the 1990s when Hawaii grabbed everybody’s eye as an arising vacationer location. Waikiki Ocean side is on Oahu Island. Novices can take a stab at swimming, surfing, and swimming here.

It likewise has a milestone called Precious stone Head, a remarkable cavity brought about by volcanic ejections around 300,000 years back. At the point when you would rather do nothing yet unwind, you can depend on the brilliant sand and local people’s connections with guests to treat your eyes and soul.

Make your late spring get-away agreeable and protected by picking the ideal locations. In light of the great air contamination levels all over, tracking down a spot to give your lungs and brain an unadulterated air to inhale is an unquestionable necessity. Hawaii has many spots where the air is perfect. Also, it has no lack of vacationer exercises for relaxation and experience searchers.

Waikiki Beach Waikiki Beach, Oahu Ocean view Beach

Its sea shores are the absolute best in America, for youngsters to more established individuals. Consequently, arranging a vacation to one of those spots seems OK. You as of now have a few best areas before you. Presently, it depends on you to set up your agenda.

Taking off heat makes you look for an ocean side where delicate sand and relieving water treat your drained soul. Those living in Florida and Hawaii are fortunate to be encircled by such gorgeous areas. Be that as it may, others shouldn’t stress too.

The 5,000-long American coastline with in excess of 5500 public sea shores is for them to investigate. On the off chance that you leave to the side Hawaii, Northern America invests wholeheartedly in its biggest number of sea shores per individual.

For example, check out at The Frozen North with 33, 904 mile-long coastline. We should pick a couple of top objections with sea shores getting a charge out of natural air. All things considered, summer heightens air contamination because of warm temperatures and mugginess with specific irritating variables.

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