Discover Wake Forest Adventure Park: An Outdoor Paradise for Thrill Seekers

Did you know Wake Forest, North Carolina has a new park? Wake Forest Adventure Park, Yes, you just read it right. It’s the floating water parks that will keep you entertained whether you desire to have a relaxing float or looking for a big splash by diving in the lake.

Discover Wake Forest Adventure Park: An Outdoor Paradise for Thrill Seekers

Wake Forest Adventure Park has an interactive water play structure where you can build your way to fun. It’s the most diverse park that welcomes visitors with towering slides, Tarzan swings, and a water coaster to sandy spots.

Location Wake Forest Adventure Park

Read on to learn more about how Wake Forest Adventure Park is the right place to expend your happiness and fun.

Location Wake Forest Adventure Park 

Mainly Wake Forest is known for its private research university, Wake Forest University which is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. However, it’s no longer the case now because of the incredible Wake Forest Adventure Park on Quarry Lake.

A Lake’s History

Location Wake Forest Adventure Park 

The lake is a real jewel of nature with an 80 ft depth of clear water that was formed by cutting the rocks through decades of labor in 1800.

When you visit the place for the first time, it will leave you in awe by the panoramic view of stone cliffs getting out of the crystal clear water. In 1980, Doye Sherrill bought 100 acres of land with a quarry and had a different plan to convert it for a scuba diving recreational and training park. The lake management extended the facilities by adding an inflatable water park to attract more visitors.

Things to do in Wake Forest Adventure Park 

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Fantasy Lake Adventure Park is the ideal place for building up a dive experience and having some extra training to become a skillful diver. Many law enforcement agents, rescue squads, and local dive shops use the park as a preferred training facility. Some of the key features that make wake forest adventure park best for scuba diving include:

You can park your car easily at the 4 lake entrance areas

The entrance areas can be used as diving instructions

For Training sections, there are other 3 large shelters available

It’s easy to instruct diving with 10 lake bottom training platforms

Porta John Restrooms and changing facilities are available

To make the training session more interactive and fruitful, a boat simulator is placed in the middle of the lake.

You will never see any rubbish on the lake because of effective ground maintenance and collection activities.

At the private primitive, you can also have a camping experience.



You can have a phenomenal experience of Kayaking at the adventure park. It’s the best outdoor activity that will pump up your adrenaline where you have a leisurely paddle on the calm waters of the lake. Take care of the temperature of the water before launching your kayak in it. You can get it from the Fantasy Lake Park Site or the other way to be connected with the weather condition of Wake Forest.

The weather conditions are important for proper kayaking dress as in the cold weather, you need a wet suit or dry suit to protect you from freezing water. On the other hand, you need breathable shorts or T-shirts for dealing with sweating.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

You can also have a paddle boating experience on a sunny day at Wake Forest Adventure Park. The task will become more daring when you try stand-up paddle boarding which is flatter than kayak. You will learn the skills, and try them to reach the far relaxing and fun travel destinations. The park will provide you an opportunity to learn the right way of maximizing power and torques out of each paddling stroke.

There are two types of boarding available at the park that you can take on rent, solid board, and inflatable board. The weight of the boarding is different so you need a training before sailing in the open waters.

Inflatable Water Park

Things to do in Wake Forest Adventure Park 

The inflatable water park is a recent addition to the park where your kids could have a range of fun activities to take some slides and simply jump in the water for heavy splashing. On the other hand, it will be great to have a Tarzan swing experience and release yourself in the water at the end. The activity looks simple but it will take a breath out of you when you are swinging freely on the rope and looking for a safe place to land in the water.


Cabanas Wake Forest Adventure Park 

Wake Forest Water Park also has multiple cabanas that you can use for a bathhouse Simply sit in the shed for a while to take a break from sunbathing. It looks like you are sitting in the outdoor oasis in the waterpark. When you relax in Cabanas, you will discover that it’s really fulfilling and provide you a boost to get ready to have another adventure in the water again.


Wake Forest Adventure Park also helps you to have more fun on your special occasion and party. You can arrange an event with the collaboration of park management for your birthday parties, corporate events, group events, or wedding.

Opening Time 

The park is a suitable place for everyone but children under the age of 6 are not allowed in the vicinity. The park remains open for around the year the usual timing lies between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can buy a pass for two hours for half day or a complete day. For each session, it’s necessary for the visitors to arrive 30 min before starting your session in the park.

For scuba diving, you can also book your pass for night diving hours (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm) from Thursday to Saturday.

Places to Stay within 20 min Drive from Adventure Park 

You can stay at one of the top-class hotels that are located closer to the park vicinity. You just need hardly 20 min to reach the park and continue to do fun activities with your family and friend. Some of the hotels are:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Clarion Pointe

Fairfield Inn & Suite by Marriott

Hilton Garden Inn

Courtyard by Marriot

Woodspring Suite Raleigh

Home 2 Suites by Hilton

Hampton Inn

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