A Tourist’s Guide to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in Canada

When you think of motor vehicle accidents, you will probably think of a crash involving two cars or a truck and a motorcycle. Besides, they are the most common types. But pedestrian accidents are also common, especially in cities like Edmonton.

Hundreds of thousands of pedestrians around the world are killed in car accidents every year. Sometimes, the pedestrians cause the accident, and other times, the car or truck driver is at fault. Either way, these accidents can be avoided. Here is an Edmonton pedestrian accident lawyer‘s guide to avoiding pedestrian accidents in Canada.

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How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in Edmonton

1. Always Be on the Lookout for People

As a tourist visiting Canada for the first time, you should note that some streets are quite busy and the majority of people are on foot. The best way to avoid hitting a pedestrian is to always be on the lookout for people walking.

As a motorist, you can also slow down and maintain the recommended speed to avoid quick decisions on the brakes. Besides, you will be able to react in time if you can follow the speed limits marked on the road.

2. Stay in Your Lane

This is yet another important factor to put into consideration if you are looking to avoid pedestrian accidents. If you are used to driving on the right side, it is possible to veer off the road or experience a hard time trying to stay in your lane. Besides, pedestrians can also be tempted to jaywalk.

As a pedestrian, it is imperative to note that crossing in the middle of a block increases the risk of accidents. This is because drivers may not anticipate your presence. Ensure you stick to your designated crosswalks, even if it means a slightly longer route. Drivers should give pedestrians enough space and anticipate their movements, especially in unfamiliar areas.

3. Avoid Distractions

Another important factor to take into consideration as a tourist driving on the roads of Canada is to avoid distractions. Whether walking or driving, it is crucial to avoid using mobile phones on the road. Distractions when walking can almost be the same as when driving. It impairs your ability to react to traffic.

Avoid Distractions when traveling

To ensure you don’t hit a pedestrian, it is imperative that you keep your focus on your surroundings. It will be great for your safety and that of others. Look for any movements in your lane, and keep one foot on the brake at all times.

4. Be Wary of Left Turns

The left side, especially when you are driving on the right, can be regarded as a blind spot. Most drivers, especially those driving on unfamiliar roads, tend to avoid the left side. Both pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution during left turns. Technically, pedestrians should be vigilant, even when it is their turn to cross.

This is because drivers may feel pressured to rush through intersections. All you are required to do as a tourist driver on the roads of Canada is conduct thorough checks and only proceed when you are confident it is safe to do so.


It is not uncommon to find yourself in situations where you are new to a country and don’t know how to make your way around the busy streets. In such cases, it is possible to hit a pedestrian unknowingly. Ensure you take into consideration the above factors the next time you are visiting Canada as a tourist.

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