15 Cool & Crazy Things to Do In Las Vegas For Couples

Las Vegas is a city of lights, entertainment, culture, history, and thrilling landscapes.  From family-friendly attractions that specifically welcome couples to a wide range of restaurants offering mouthwatering cuisine, every corner of the city creates a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Are you considering visiting the dessert paradise in Las Vegas with your loved one? No doubt, it’s an iconic destination for adventurous trips and fun indoor or outdoor crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples. In this complete guide, we will explore fun things that couples can do & enjoy in Las Vegas. Let’s get started!

15 Things to Do In Las Vegas For Couples

Las Vegas is home to the ultimate tourist spots and lets you choose from an array of exciting and crazy activities to do in Las Vegas for couples.

1. Experience High-Roller Wheels

High-Roller Wheels in Las Vegas

The high roller is one of the most exciting and thrilling attractions in Las Vegas. Further, the high roller of Las Vegas is the tallest wheel Ferris in the world. The high roller is 520-foot giant and 550-foot tall.

It brings you 550 feet in the air and experience the 30-minute revolution in the high rollers. It accommodates 28 guests with air-conditioned compartments.

The Best Time to Visit

May, June, and September are ideal months to visit Las Vegas for couples to enjoy high rollers. Plus, you can visit throughout the year, but go after sunset or a night.

2. Go On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon in Las Vegas

Going on a hot air balloon ride is the most romantic thing to do in Las Vegas with your partner.

Experience the coast over red rocks in the canyon, and enjoy soaring high in the sky and picturesque surrounding mountains. You can enjoy a birdwatching of diverse variety. Plus, the breathtaking hue of the golden rocky mountain mesmerizes the visitors and displays its natural charm.

When to Visit For Extreme Fun?

On the multi-color vast air balloon, flying over the Pahrump Valley is just amazing.  The best time for hot-air ballooning is October to April.

3. Take A Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour in Las Vegas

Explore the new heights of Las Vegas together by embarking on a thrilling helicopter ride of the majestic Grand Canyon. The helicopter ride is the ultimate start with limousine pick-up at your hotel or resort on the way to the Grand Canyon.

You will experience awe-inspiring natural beauty, and breathtaking views that are considered one of the best and famous natural wonders in Las Vegas.

When Is the Ideal Time to Visit?

Spring and fall are the most favorable months to enjoy the helicopter ride, as the temperature remains mild compared to the hot or cold season.

4. Enjoy Dinner and A Cruise On Lake Mead

Cruise On Lake Mead

From an hour to Las Vegas, you can get the Lake Mead. It offers a bunch of cruises and small paddle boats to choose from. There are a lot of things to do in Lake Mead from exploring the lake to enjoying a romantic dinner on a cruise with your loved one.

Whether it is a date, anniversary, romantic brunch the sunset, unwind climate, or evening dinners make the most of your dinner with your partners.

The Ideal Time to Go

April to November is the best time for couples to enjoy and gather plenty of memories.

5.  Unwind with A Couple Massage

Couple Massage in Las Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas and haven’t experienced the soothing and relaxing couple massage at Tranquil, you missed a fun gem!

Really, whether you plan a dinner or party night with partners, the massage gives you a touch of motivation and energy to explore and enjoy what you are doing. Remember, it is considered the best massage in the world.

When to Go to Experience a Couple Massage/Spa?

Well, you can visit throughout the year but summer and spring are best.

6. Ride Around In A Limo

Las Vegas Limousine

Want to surprise your partner with luxury strolling in the streets of Las Vegas? You have got to book a limo. Yeah! Since Las Vegas became the party capital of America, the rate of limo rides is not high.

You can get a rental limo for hours to ride with your partner, probably it takes less than $100. You have a separate whole cabin where you can spend romantic time, a bottle of champagne adds fun.

7. Go to The Eiffel Tower Restaurant for Dinner

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The best thing to do in Las Vegas for a couple is diverse dining opportunities. From indoor restaurants to outdoor cruise dinners, a variety of food just locks your adventures.

The Eiffel Tower restaurant is one of them. It is the most iconic restaurant famous for its romantic panoramic views and overall charm. Indeed, it’s a superb place for brunch.

Famous Restaurants Near the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

  • Figuig_ 5 star
  • La bonne excuse_ 4.5 star
  • Le Florimond_ 4.5 star

8. Horseback Riding at Red Rock Canyon

horse ride in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Interested in hiking?  Wow, that’s great! Red Rock Canyon is the best destination for hiking in Las Vegas. You can explore the thrilling desert landscape from the comfort of a horse ride.

The horses are quite different from normal horses, they are fully trained to enjoy the ride and are fully secure for visitors. At Red Rock Canyon, you can experience golden color mountains, hiking trails, wildlife, and much more.

Best Time to Adventure in Red Rock Canyon

  • October to November
  • Match and April

The Top 4 Places to Hike Near Vegas Are:

  • Sloan Canyon
  • Red Rock
  • Valley of the Fire State Park
  • Death Valley National Park

9. Experience The Thrilling Zip-Lining

Zip-Lining in Las Vegas

Go for Zip_Linning at LINQ and make the most of your traveling experience in Las Vegas. Zip-lining is an exciting thing to do with your partners for a memorable date night. Feel the vibrant lights of the city to gather plenty of memories and do crazy things together.

The Ideal Time to Enjoy Zip-Lining

June, July, and August are the best summer months to enjoy zip-lining for mild weather conditions.

10. Drive an Exotic Car

Exotic Car in Las Vegas

If your partner loves driving, then Las Vegas is your point for a lush experience. In Vegas, the adventure doesn’t stop on the helicopter, limo, and horse ride, it’s time to experience speedway driving like you haven’t experienced before.

You get a chance to choose a supercar for your partners from the best and world-famous 13 fast cars. These cars include Ferrari LaFerrari, Lamborghini Countach, Saleen S7, etc.

11. Visit an Outdoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Shooting Range in las vegas

You can experience gun-holding and shooting in Vegas with your loved one. Probably, it seems filmic but in reality full of fun and adventures. Indoor and outdoor shooting is a wonderful and popular activity in Vegas that you can enjoy with your partner.

You can experience Weapons like grenade launchers, machine guns, Rifles, etc.

Best Time to Visit for an Extreme Shooting Experience

You can visit anytime; the range is open daily from 7 AM to 5 PM.

12. Go Indoor Skydiving with Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas

Go on an exhilarating adventure together and experience a heart-pounding thrill. No doubt, it’s the perfect idea for an exciting date night and to create lasting memories.

Vegas indoor skydiving is a place where you can get a chance to earn your wings and feel flight in a simulated skydiving adventure.

13. Take A Tour Of Las Vegas’ Most Haunted Places

Most Haunted Places in Las Vegas

Explore the most haunted sight in Las Vegas with your partner. Discover the city, historic stories, and spooky locations with bone-chilling tales. This exciting experience guarantees that you have an unforgettable time together.

 The Top Two Daring Adventures Are

  • Sin City Spooks
  • Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

14. Visit The Pahrump Valley Winery

Pahrump Valley Winery in Las Vegas

Outside of Vegas, an hour’s distance you will find Pahrump Valley Winery. It is the most popular and award-winning winery in America.

Here you will find a variety of wines and taste them during tours. Further, you can book a table in a top-rated restaurant to make your evening more exciting and have a delicious dinner with partners.

The Best Time to Go

October is the best month to visit Las Vegas to see the annual Grape Stomp

15. Enjoy Pool Party

Enjoy Pool Party in Las Vegas

Night clubs are common, but have you ever heard about day clubs? Las Vegas introduces Day Club in the sunlight under the sky. Vegas hosts Day clubs of Pool parties.

They offer overpriced drinks, poolside seating, and endless sunshine to enjoy.

The Best Places to Go for Pool Parties In Las Vegas

  • Marquee Dayclub
  • Wet Republic
  • Daylight Beach Club
  • Drais Beach Club

In a Nutshell

Las Vegas is home to exciting. Enjoyment and cultural gems.  There is no shortage of cool and crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples throughout the year.

From hiking, street strolling, horse riding, helicopter adventures, hot air balloon rides, and visiting Pahrump Valley Winery make the most of your trip to Las Vegas with your loved one. Further, skydiving, visiting haunted Places, shooting Ranges, Zip-Lining and super rides in a Limo or exotic car are the best things that you can do, enjoy, and gather lifetime memories. So, it’s time to hold your partner’s hand and explore Las Vegas. Go Ahead!

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