Discovering the Adriatic’s Hidden Gem: Unique Things To Do in Montenegro

If you are the first time in Montenegro, maybe you ask yourself or your hosts “What I can do in Montenegro”. Montenegro has many faces, but there are things to do for everyone. Do you want a peaceful vacation by the sea? Please, big beaches are at your service.

Do you want culture? Montenegro has many historical monuments and festivals. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then definitely you need to try rafting on the Tara River.

The Best Things To Do in Montenegro

It is usual to start getting to know the country with a visit to the capital. Let’s not differ from this rule. Podgorica is the Capital and business centre in Montenegro.

The entire quarter remains from the Ottoman period, Stara Varos, built with mosques and full of narrow winding streets. As signs of a new era, the water park and the beautiful Millennium Bridge. There are a lot of Unique Things To Do in Montenegro. Let’s explore more here:

Rafting Tara

Adventure Tour
Manu National Park Rafting

Rafting in Montenegro is an unavoidable summer adventure for all tourists visiting the Tara River. The cooling attraction in the Tara River canyon lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the water level and the time of year. Because it is suitable for both children and adults, it is also very popular as a form of family entertainment. During July and August, the river is at its calmest and therefore attracts the most tourists and residents who descend on rafting.

The period from April to June is reserved for tourists looking for adrenaline and more extreme adventures on the water since the water level is high and the intensity of the flow is very strong.

Certainly, rafting tours on Tara, the deepest canyon in Europe, are a phenomenal experience for everyone.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park
Montenegro Durmitor

Durmitor National Park is located in the northwest of Montenegro and is one of the cleanest mountain ranges in Europe and is currently one of the most promising tourist destinations for outdoor activities in Europe.

The main attractions of the park are 23 peaks up to 2,300 meters high, 17 glaciers and active, untouched nature in the heart of Europe. Many tourists visit Durmitor to take a hike, mountain biking tour, or the super popular Durmitor jeep safari.

Kotor Old Town

Kotor Montenegro
Kotor old Town
Church Montenegro

The charming town of Kotor is located on the coast of the southernmost fjord in Europe. The old town of Kotor “Stari Grad” is located under an ominous mountain that looms over the heads of the citizens.

Unusual squares, red roofs and cobbled, winding streets of the old town are reminiscent of the Gothic Venetian style, making the city of Kotor a tourist attraction in Montenegro.

Fishing village Perast

Montenegro Capital
Montenegro Maritime

Perast is an old fishing village, and one of the biggest landmarks of the Bay of Kotorska, and it is entirely built of stone. A city of steep medieval streets, a city of churches, a city of legends, seafaring and famous captains who sailed the Mediterranean seas. The power and influence of their noble families gradually grew, and it can be seen today in the numerous palaces and religious buildings located in the city.

In addition to a large number of palaces and churches, one of the biggest sights of Perast is the only artificial island in the Mediterranean located in its immediate vicinity – the island of Our Lady of Škrpjela. It was created by filling up the seabed, and an interesting true story is connected with its construction, which is of great importance for Montenegrin history.

Namely, on a cliff in front of Perast, the Martešići brothers found an image of Our Lady, and as a sign of gratitude for the healing of one of them, they decided to build an island and a chapel. Visiting this amazing place is one of the Unique Things To Do in Montenegro.

Enjoy the Beauty of National Park Lovćen

Enjoy the Beauty of National Park Lovćen

Located in the central part of Montenegro, Lovcen mountain it has significant historical and national value for all Montenegrin people. This mountain was never conquered by any Montenegrin opponent during the centuries. With its beautiful mountain peaks, dense forests, and breathtaking views, this mountain offers a haven of tranquillity and natural sensation.

As you explore its vast expanse, you’ll be fascinated by the sheer magnificence of Lovćen’s diverse ecosystems and the rich biodiversity that thrives within them. From easy hiking trails that lead you to panoramic views of Boka Bay, to the Lovcen mausoleum.

At its heart stands the iconic Njegoš Mausoleum, a memorial dedicated to the renowned Montenegrin ruler, poet and philosopher, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš. Perched atop Mount Lovćen, the mausoleum offers a remarkable blend of architectural majesty and sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes.

Castello Fortress in Petrovac

Castello Fortress in Petrovac

The fortress was built by the Venetians on the coastal cliffs next to the city in the 16th century. There was a garrison in the fortress that served to store oil and wine. Inside the Castello fortress, visitors can see the works of ancient artists on the frescoes and mosaics on the walls. The fortress offers a stunning view of the bay and the town of New Bar.

Fortress Mamula and Luštica

Fortress Mamula and Luštica

Do you want tranquility, lots of greenery and amazing blue sea water on your holiday? Then you need to explore the Luštica peninsula with its numerous castles, churches, olive groves and picturesque beaches. Interesting places, are Forte Rose, the beaches of Mirishta, Zanica, Plavi Horizons, the fortresses of Arza and Lustitsa, and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Radovići.

My suggestion is to rent a boat opposite Žanica and sail to the island with the monastery of the Virgin Mary, as well as to the island with the Mamula fortress. This fortification was a prison in the 19th Century, now is a lux hotel with 5 stars for billionaires.

We hope you learned a lot and liked our unique blog post about the best and unique Things To Do in Montenegro.

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