Unforgettable Mementos: What to Bring Back from Morocco?

Morocco is one of the adventurous and unique travel destinations to visit. With so many lively markets, desert treks, remote waterfalls, unusual palaces and attractive tourist attractions, Morocco is a heaven on earth for adrenaline junkies and history lovers. This majestic country is filled with history, adventure and sports.

Unforgettable Mementos: What to Bring Back from Morocco?

This amazing country made 4.64 billion US dollars in 2021 from tourism alone. Whether you are visiting alone or with your family, Morocco is equally safest destination for all type of travelers.

Returning home without Morocco souvenirs will leave your tour incomplete. You must buy something kept as a reminder of Best Morocco Tours. Here is a list of amazing things that you can from Local Moroccan markets easily.

1. Argan Oil

Argan Oil

If you are looking for a more traditional and unusual thing to buy from Morocco, consider buying Argan Oil from any local market. This oil comes from Argan tree, used in many cosmetics and organic products. This oil is exclusively extract from Argan trees, pressed and refined, and this process takes a lot of time.

Don’t buy online. Buying online is very costly, instead try to buy it from local market in just 100 dirhams for 75-100 ml bottle of this amazing oil.

2: Pottery and Ceramic Products

Pottery and Ceramic Products

There are thousands of various types of handmade ceramics and pottery that you will see in Moroccan markets. Unique bowls, plates and decorative pieces with traditional writing, you buy anything that will remind you of your Morocco tour.

If you love bright and multi-color items, there are many small shops across the Moroccan cities like Marrakesh and Rabat where you can buy at a very cheap price. Ask the shop keeper to wrap the these delicate products if you are planning to fly. Tag your luggage with cautions sentences like “Handle carefully” or “Delicate Items Inside”.

3. Handmade Brass Lanterns

. Handmade Brass Lanterns

You can find a lot of unique traditional carpenters in the Moroccan markets that includes handmade Brass lanterns. You can find an array of Dizzying line of Bras Lamps in various local shops across the Moroccan cities.

The main three categories are lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, all handmade and beautifully crafted in multicolor theme. There are unique and traditional oils lamps, charming and cheap. You can buy these lamps in just few dirhams from any local shop.

4. Berber Carpets

Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are the special products of Morroco that are crafted with the fine sheared wool collected from sheep or camels in the Atlas Mountains. It has bold geometrical designs and patterns that exhibit the richness of Islamic artwork.

All the colors used in fiber manufacturing are made from natural resources such as yellow from saffron, and blue and indigo are created from wild mint.

5. Leather Bags

Leather bags Morocco

It is great to buy bohemian-style bags, vintage bass, and travel bags that are created with genuine Moroccan leather. These bags are butterfly-soft and are shipped all over the world because of their high quality and aesthetic appeal.

For the last 1000 years, the tanneries have been working inside Medina to produce masterpieces of leather.

6. Leather Poufs

Leather Poufs

Don’t forget to bring specially crafted leather poufs or ottomans from Morocco. These traditional footstools are hand-stitched by skilled artisans and could be a practical addition to any home.

You can buy Leather Poufs for only $21 each. They are perfect for adding a charm to the room of any size.

7. Wood Products

Wood products

Wooden products are one of the famous products of Morocco. A special type of wood named “thuya” is used in the making of different products such as Thuya and walnut locking boxes, pencil pots, letter rack holders, and wood coaster sets.

After preparing all these products the local vendors have a special type of fragrance on these products that seems unique and amazing.

8. Moroccan Spices

Moroccan Spices

If you are a food lover, and thinking about what special thing should take back to your hometown from Morocco, then go for Moroccan spices. These spices are made of the best quality ingredients such as cloves, coriander, turmeric, and others. One of the special spices is saffron and many tourists bring this from there to make their dishes delicious and aromatic.

9. Tiles and Zellij

Tiles and Zellij

Morocco is also famous for tiles and zellij and there are many vendors all over the world who bought tiles and zellij from Morocco. The special thing about these tiles are handmade and come in plenty of different colors.

A special and traditional clay is used in the making of these tiles which makes it more unique outstanding and amazing.

10. Moroccan Slippers

Moroccan Slippers

A uniquely design slipper made of the best quality material also fascinates thousands of tourists to take it with them. These Morccon slippers are also known as “babouche” in their local language.

The main advantage of these slippers are very comfortable and best for casual use. The price is also reasonable and you can easily bring these slippers with you from Morocco. Additionally, these slippers are dyed in different colors and you can select your favorite one.

Final Thought:

When you visit Morocco, the North African Country, it not only engages you because of its attractive travel destinations but also encourages you to bring back some unforgettable Mementos with you.

It varies from the argan tree extracted oil, barber carpets crafted on the Atlas Mountains, to bohemian-style leather bags. It may cost you a little bit but you will realize after purchasing that it’s worth spending on them.

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