Top Funny Travel Mishaps That Gone Viral

Travel experience is just like a sinusoidal graph, sometimes it reaches its positive peak, and the next moment dives to all the way towards the negative lowest part. It’s not like moving from one perfect picture to the next. All these challenges make traveling worth having and most of the time, the travel mishaps are so funny that make you smile even after years whenever you recall them.

We have described here the top funny travel mishaps that are hilarious enough to go viral and become the headlines of the news.

1. Close Encounter with Australian’s Spotted Python

Close Encounter with Australian’s Spotted Python

When you open your luggage after arriving at your destination, it will never surprise you to spot odd things such as a towel, a piece of cloth, or a book.

Imagine what will be your feeling when you see a large Australian reptile that had find its way into your luggage and you just discover the fact during unpacking. It actually happened with a Scotswomen who traveled to Queensland, Australia to see her extended family. On a stormy day, a 24 inches (60 cm) long python came to her bedroom but after being searched by snake catchers they didn’t have any luck to get it.

After a few days, she returned to Scotland by taking a 40-hour flight from Brisbane to Glasgow where during unpacking her luggage, she saw a snake curled in her shoes. The snake and woman both survived around 18,000 km on their journey and were eventually caught by the Glasgow snake catchers.

2. Pretty Venomous Sea Life

Pretty Venomous Sea Life

Australia is a great place to visit but is filled with diverse venomous wildlife. When you are there, pay focused attention to the precautionary signs and warnings on the site. Here is an exception, when an Asian made a snap video of holding an octopus without knowing that the spice has enough venom to kill 26 adults just within a minute. It’s the blue-ringed octopus shared by a woman on social media that got viral and she was lucky enough to leave the octopus on time before it had stung her.

3. A Car Hijacked by Koala Bear

A Car Hijacked by Koala Bear

It’s not always tourists who faced odd events but the locals equally face it. As a South Australian farmer looking for a bird’s eye view of his farm. He took his dog in the car and leave its air conditioner open so don’t get too hot. The doors of the car were open when a Koala Bear got the opportunity to enter the car and sit on the front passenger seat before the air condition vents.

Despite of immense protest by the dog, the Koala bear was not ready to leave the car. So the person surrendered the effort and drove with the new hijacker. He stopped the car near a eucalyptus tree that was very enticing for the Bear so it left the car and disappeared into bushes.

4. Boxing Kangaroo

Boxing Kangaroo

Paragliders usually have a camera on their helmets that help them to capture a better view of the terrain and be aware of the risky landing, weather conditions, etc. However, one Paraglider in Australia had a peculiar encounter with a kangaroo. The man saw a pair of Kangaroo hopping over in the Capital Territory of Australia near Canberra.

When he landed in the Park, a kangaroo came to him and started throwing pouches at the considered invaders. The encounter was proof to be safe when eventually Kangaroo retrieved to the bushes.

5. Something Certainly Forgotten

she had left her baby in the boarding terminal.

To deal with urgency at the airport without forgetting something like a duty-free bag, a suitcase or a simple umbrella is a real challenge.

It’s a story of a flight that took off from Saudi Airport in 2019 when a crew cabin received a turn-back request because of some alien reason that seemed like a joke. The flight was going from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia when a mother realized she had left her baby during the hassle onboarding terminal.

She just checks the valuable thing at the very last without realizing it while settling on the seat, listening to safety procedures and even taking off. The flight landed again and the child was sitting on the boarding safely. The mother and child reunited again and the flight moved to its destination with all its passengers eventually.

6. Hot Water at Yellow Stone National Park 

Hot Water at Yellow Stone National Park 

Every tourist attraction has its specific feature that becomes the reason for its popularity. When it comes to Yellow Stone National Park, the hot steaming water becomes the most prominent thing that needs extra precaution to deal with it. The management of the park uses barcodes to hinder visitors to interact with the water.

However, a tourist made his video when he strolled up to the steaming water and used it as a foot spa. The boiling water did not cause much harm to the person because the man just socked and removed his feet soon from the water.

7. A Revival of a Biblical Story of Jonah

A Revival of a Biblical Story of Jonah

You all heard the story of Jonah who was swollen by a large fish and spend several days inside its belly. The nearly same experience happened with a South African diver in 2019. When he was snorkeling off the coast of Port Elizabeth and merged completely with the awe of marine life without realizing a whale was on a hint just near him.

Instantly in the school of fish, a man engulfed in darkness inside the whale’s mouth. Fortunately, the whale spat the man out because it was not the similar to usual creature’s taste.

8. Ice Queen

Ice Queen

It’s always a great opportunity when you find a perfect spot for clicking some photos. It is a memorable story of a grandma from Texas who saw an iceberg on the bank of the sea during her vacation in Iceland.

She perched on the thorn shape ice and a wave broke that swept the iceberg away from the shores. With no surprise, the light hobby of taking photos changed into a rescue operation when the lifeguards took out the grandma from the floating ice thorn.

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