How to Become a Travel Nanny?

A travel nanny is a person who is a caregiver of the children, babies, and pets, and their job is to accompany the family on their trip to take care of their children and pets while the parents can relax and enjoy their time. Sometimes the task also includes taking care of the owner’s house while on a trip.

To become a travel nanny, the essential thing that is required is to be able to take care of children, such as babysitting and being able to teach good manners and habits to children while they are away from their parents and be able to travel a lot because most parents require travel nannies to go on the trips with the family.

1. Education Status

 If you are a high school graduate or even if you have a degree from a university, you can still become a travel nanny. However, if you don’t have any degree, then it’s better to have a GED certification, proving that you have acquired education equivalent to a high school degree. The USA and 85 other countries offer the GED certification, and through its certification, you can have your nanny job easily.

2. Salary Range

Typically, a travel nanny earns between $25,000 to $65,000 in a year in the United States, depending upon the owners’ lifestyle. If we talk about a per-hour salary, it could be around $11-$22/hr. If you are interested in becoming a travel nanny and need to know the salary range or how much you should charge, you may visit Glassdoor, PayScale, or Salary. com websites for more information on the salary range.

Note: Rates or per-hour charges may vary from one location to another and according to the state you live in. If we talk about the rates, they differ in various states of America, and the variation of the rates depends on the levels of skills, location, and years of experience. So make sure you do your proper research before doing salary negotiation with your client.

3. How to Become a Travel Pet Nanny?

You can also become a pet travel nanny if you want to avoid going towards the children’s side. All you need to do is take care of the pets during the trip and watch them all the time. To become a nanny for pets, you need to have a good amount of experience with pets; then, you will be able to take care of them properly. You should be able to control the pets efficiently and also be friendly and careful of them to make them feel safe without their owners.

Talking about the nanny job, there is one more job type you need to know: pet flight nanny. It is also a nanny job, but it becomes a little bit different in its operation as a pet flight nanny, you need to pick up an owner’s pet and take them on a flight with you, and you have to return the pet to the owner in the destination spot of the trip. During all this time, you are paid by the owner for flight and caretaking charges for pets.

4. Temporary Travel Nanny Jobs

You can work as a full-time nanny who will require you to move in with families to take care of their children, and the full-time role is often long-term and lasts up to years. However, there are also temporary travel nanny jobs available that are contract based. You can choose from these two options which one you want to apply for.

5. Travel Nanny Agency

If you need help finding a travel nanny job, you can also go for the option of nanny agencies. These travel agencies will help you get a nanny job and earn some commission from your job or contract, and you will be easily able to get a nanny job through them.


A travel nanny job is a straightforward and fantastic job to have in the world. As a travel nanny, you have to take care of small children and pets while the family is away, or you have to accompany them on a trip, and in return, you will earn a good amount of money like other jobs in the market. It’s a fun job with lots of adventure with the

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