Rubmd: Everything You Need to Know Before Booking

When you travel to different time zones in a plane, you will feel temporary sleep problems and fatigue termed jet lag. It will cause painful muscle soreness and tension that can be overcome with the massage service by Rubmd in the US.

This is a massage center giving its services in every US State while keeping the rules & regulations of the concerned body intact. In this blog, you will find balanced and thorough detail about Rubmd services, customer feedback, payment methods, legality and essential benefits of massage so that you could take a well-rounded decision.

Where Can You Find Rubmd? 

Rubmd is giving its massage services in all the States of the United States of America from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and California to Washington. You just need to visit their site that is well structured according to states and cities. After finding the name of your State and clicking on your city, you will easily locate them on the map.

What is the Payment Method? 

After reserving your place, you can pay them in cash, or using a Cash App, Coin base, and Bitquick. They also accept bitcoin. As it’s a decentralized cryptocurrency, you can keep your privacy while paying for Rubmd services. When you submit your payment, it will take 30 min to answer you back for confirmation.

What Previous Clients Say About Rubmd?

If you are looking for reviews about Rubmd massage center, so you could decide on the basis of customer feedback, the good news is they are encouraging. The majority of the customers’ reviews about them are positive. In contrast, there are some reviews from customers who didn’t have a satisfactory experience with them.

For instance, on AMP Reviews one customer said they immediately demand for depositing money, but on-site they don’t come out to give the services. Rubmd is just a bunch of virtual addresses that are not backed by concrete reality.

Is Legit?

Is Legit?


Massage therapy is not regulated by US federal government so there are no federal restrictions on any massage center including Rubmd. The rules depend upon the individual state laws. Only Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wyoming need proper massage therapist licenses.

Rubmd hires licensed massage therapists in those states and uses massage scheduling software for accurate bookings. While other states don’t have those rules so the question of legitimacy does not arise. It means Rubmd is automatically legit in all the remaining states.

How Rubmd Massage Therapy is Good for Your Health? 

How Rubmd Massage Therapy is Good for Your Health? 

There are numerous benefits of massage therapy like relieving anxiety, curing digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, back pain, and joint pain. Following are some of the significant detail of them.

 Help to Relieve Anxiety

According to Mayo Clinic Health System, massage affects the emotional stability of the person. It’s helpful for reducing anxiety and level of stress. On the other hand, it impacts the mood positively by enhancing self-image and confidence. It can be part of the treatment if you are facing problems with depression and anxiety.

Massage Therapy at Rubmd reduces cortisol quantity in the body that is the hormone produced by high levels of stress. It acts as a glucose booster in the bloodstream that is most necessary for the effective functioning of the brain.

Cure Digestive Disorder

Abdominal massage by the experts of Rubmd strongly affects digestive disorders in a way of reducing gastric residual. These are the remains of previously eaten food in the stomach before starting to take another meal. If the amount of gastric residual is more than 100 ml, there will be a chance of pulmonary aspiration. (Source: Journal.IWW)

Pulmonary aspiration is the higher chance of entering food into the person’s airway or in the lungs. A study published in the Journal of intensive care says that abdominal massage helps in reducing the gastric residual in the stomach.

Heal Fibromyalgia 

If you feel constant pain and tenderness, the pain by touching the affected area of the body, massage therapy is the best way to cure them. These pains produce due to stress or tension in the muscle that increases the stress hormones and decreases the serotonin level in the body. However, special Rubmd message therapy reverses the whole process by decreasing the stress hormones and increasing the serotonin level that relieves pain.

On the other hand, it will help you get quality sleep that will give your body the chance  to repair itself and in consequence, you will be fresh.

Alleviate Headache

Two usual forms of Headaches are tension headaches and migraines. The causes of them very much similar like neurological problems, food sensitivity, environmental irritants, dehydration, and anxiety. It can hinder the normal circulation of the blood in the head that results in pain.

The prescription and medicine from the doctor can give you relief for a while but if you have a chronic headache that is not the permanent solution. You need to give a try to massage therapy. The experts massage therapist at Rubmd will give your neck and body a massage. It will be helpful in the proper circulation of blood and ultimately give you relief from your chronic headache.

Treating Insomnia 

According to National Sleep Foundation, the healthy sleep duration for an adult is between 7 to 9 hrs.  If you have a deep sleep within recommended hours, it will positively affect your memory, learning, mood, and creativity. On the other hand, it also improves immune system of the body.

Conversely, insomnia is the state of sleep disorder where everything from your immune system to creativity disturbs. You have a hard time falling asleep because of the lower amount of serotonin in your body. Rubmd massage therapists are experts to give you massage therapy that will enhance the level of serotonin in order to reset your body’s internal clock. That will induce a much-needed deep sleep.

 Back Pain Relief 

Back pain needs proper therapy treatment that does not just cure magically by rest. It is the feeling of aching in the back muscles. There are some possible reasons for it like if you lift a heavyweight or make a sudden movement that causes a strain in the ligaments or muscles in the back.

If you have spasms, the contraction in the back muscle, massage will help your muscle to release tension due to contraction. Rubmd trained therapists are also capable to find the cause of the pain and working systematically to eliminate it.

Joint Pain Therapeutics

The server form of joint pain is termed Osteoarthritis. In this state, people feel intense joint degeneration and heavy wear & tear in joints. The cause of joint pain is similar to back pain which is tension in the muscles. Rubmd massage therapy is specially designed to overcome muscle tension or swelling of joints by regulating smooth blood circulation and relieving stiffness in the muscles.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your body hinder you from traveling around the world to interacting with new people and places. If you have anxiety, depression, back pain, or any related issues, try massage as a cure from Rubmd. They are the expert massage therapist giving their services throughout the United States. Additionally, It will aid you in healing all such diseases and get you ready for your next adventure tour somewhere in the wilderness only with nature.

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