Just 52$ Can Make You Eligible for Unlimited Train Travel in Germany

Don’t worry about your transportation expenses especially when you are in Germany. The German Government launched an ultra-cheap public transportation train travel plan and visitors are also eligible for the facility. It is expected the government will pass the new law at the end of March 2023.

The tickets will be available at the history lowest value of 52 $ that can be used throughout the month at any time and in any part of the region in Germany. These new tickets are termed as Deutschlandticket in German.

Types of Transportation the Deutchlandtickt Covered

Reason for Cheaper Deutchlandtickt 

When the ticket will in service, the public transportation network will open before the ticket holders as they can use it throughout the country without any issue. Traveling will be way easier in Germany at affordable prices with them. These tickets will be functional for all public buses, metro, trains, and regional rails in Germany. However, a few transportation services like Flixtrians, High-speed ICE trains, and Flixbus will be exempted from the plan.

Reason for Cheaper Deutchlandtickt

German government is making a conscious effort to shift the transportation preferences of the public to greener options. They will give immense incentives and subsidies so visitors and the public could be inclined to those means of transit because the major source of energy for the public transit vehicles is other than petroleum products.

Reason for Cheaper Deutchlandtickt 

In United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Germany pledge to reduce its carbon footprint from 40 to 50% by 2030. It is a powerful move by the government to meet its target to curtail climate catastrophes at the national and global levels. Meanwhile, the measure will be supportive of the Germans who are struggling against the inflation and cost of living crisis.

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Buying Mechanism of New Ticket

Buying Mechanism of New Ticket 

You can have a monthly subscription program for the 52 $ ticket that can be refundable at any time on cancelation. If you are a traveler, you can easily cancel the ticket on your departure that will stop the auto-renewal process for the next month.

When you plan to use the ticket for the next month, just buy it on the last 20th of the month, it means buying the ticket for 10 days before that will work for the whole coming month. There is another precaution, if you are visiting at the end of the month and it stretches to the start of next month, you will need two passes. As the pass runs from the first day of the month to the last day.

How Effective is to Travel with the New Ticket in Germany?

Buying Mechanism of New Ticket 

The ticket at 52$ per month is an incredible option but if you have the plan to stay for a few days rather than a whole month, go for the regular price of transit. On the other hand, when your itinerary includes multi-city traveling, buying these passes will save an enormous amount for you.


The Mega Cheap Travel pass will not only help travelers to curb the soaring prices of transportation but also be a moment of comfort for the Germans who are dealing with the rising living cost. It will also align with the German vision of reducing carbon emissions as according to Time Out News, in just one month German will be able to save 1.8 million tonnes of CO2  emissions in the environment when the public use transportation for traveling.

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