How to Travel with a Cat By Road, Plane and Train

Many travelers may believe that cats generally make a terrible travel experience but it’s not true. In real, cats can be lively travel companions if we take the time to create a positive experience for them.

No doubt, cats are usually attached to a home environment where they feel safe and secure. However, sometimes, it may be necessary to travel with your cat, and there are many trips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible for both of you. Enough preparation is the key!

That’s why we are going to share helpful tips and tricks when traveling with a cat on a train, car, or by air to make your next travel journey pleasant.

How to Travel with a Cat in the Car? 

Travel with a Cat in the Car

Car travel is the most common and recommended way to travel with a cat. Depending on the destination, car travel may take a long time so in this way, you will make your journey memorable, and ensure cat safety and comfort by following some of these tips:

1. Make Proper Planning: 

The first thing you should do is to figure out your journey details. You will need to figure out:

Where are you going?

What is the estimated duration of the journey?

Will you be staying overnight?

How are you getting back home?

Try to figure out these details earlier as the most prepared you are with such type of details in advance, you will make your car journey relaxing with a cat.

2. Gather All Supplies: 

Before going on a car journey, make sure that you gather all supplies that are travel essential for your cat along the way. The following are must-bringing supplies:


Two bowls


Food & treats

Blankets and towels

Clean cat litter

Litter box

3. Train your Cat Used to Peeing Outside: 

This tip is especially important for cats who used to stick indoors and don’t go outside. When you want to travel with your cat, it’s good for you to train your cat to pee outside earlier.

Also, it’s not healthy for cats to hold it in for a longer time, so before going on a car journey, you need to get your cat to use the washroom outside.

4. Train your Cat to Use a Carrier: 

If your cat is not prone to using a carrier or has not used one before, let your cat explore the carrier as it is good for you and your cat too.

Remember, cats usually love boxes, so leave the door open to the carrier, throw some cat treats and favorite toys, and let your cat explore the carrier at will.

5. Schedule an Appointment with your Vet: 

Before starting the journey, schedule an appointment with your vet before going on a car trip, just to ensure that everything is ok with your cat. By doing so, you can easily make your journey memorable even with a cat especially long haul journey.

How to Go On a Long Haul Journey with a Cat on a Train? 

How to Go On a Long Haul Journey with a Cat on a Train 

Train travel can be enticing but the rules are a little stricter than you would expect. But one of the main benefits of train travel is that it’s less expensive than airlines. You can bring a maximum of 5 pets with you on the train excluding service animals.

Check with Train Policies: 

Train policies on cat carriers vary from state to state but we will show you general train policies that you can follow in any state. The first thing is to follow specific weight as an animal with a carrier weighs not more than 20 lbs.

Many trains come with a policy that you are responsible for your pet’s care and custody in case your pet is theft during travel. For this purpose, they want to submit and sign the form from your side so this way, you need to arrive 30 minutes later to fill out and sign the form.

Check with Train Rules Earlier: 

During train rides, you should keep your cats in cat carriers and ensure that these cat carriers are waterproof with adequate ventilation.

Perhaps one of the most important rules to keep in mind when traveling on a train with a cat is that some trains have specified times on how long animals are allowed to be on the train.

Some trains allow several hours while others want you can travel with your pet for only 2-4 hours, so you need to make it clear earlier to avoid any inconvenience.

How to Go On a Flight Journey with a Cat on a Plane? 

travel with a Cat on a airplane

Flying with a cat on a plane is much easier and more comfortable than you think when you follow essential tips and tricks. The following are some:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Flight Policies: 

Most of the airlines allow to carry cats on flights by charging extra fees. So, in this way, you have to contact management earlier as there is a limited number of pets allowed on the plane.

Also, you need to check if they allow pet carriers onboard or not. If this is allowed, it is highly recommended to bring your cats in carriers as this can be comfortable for cats.

2. Check your Airline Requirements Earlier:

Each airline’s requirements are different as some airlines require that your cat must be 10-15 weeks old. Also, they restrict the breed based on cat characteristics and breed nature.

Some breeds have snub noses as such type of breed creates a smell that causes difficulty breathing in air. Also, some cats like Persian cats are not allowed on flights but you need to check your airline requirements earlier.

3. Ensure Cat Carrier Size is Compliant: 

Cat carrier size varies from flight to flight or airplane to airplane so you need to ensure your cat carrier size is compliant with flight requirements. Different airlines have different requirements for pet carrier sizes so check cat carrier size requirements earlier.

4. Ensure your Cat’s Vaccination Up-to-Date: 

It is very important to ensure that your cat vaccination is up-to-date and has not expired. If it expires, your airline won’t allow them to fly with you. Also, if your cat gets vaccinated, must bring vaccination documents with you so they can check.

Depending on the destination where you are flying, there may be additional regulations regarding cat vaccinations. So, it is advised to research destination requirements earlier to complete paperwork so you won’t indulge in any issues.

Additional Tips About How To Travel with Cat

travel with a Cat tips

1. Crate Training: 

No doubt traveling can be a stressful and hectic task so a crate can help make your cat’s journey comfortable. The main purpose of a crate is to transfer a cat from one place to another but you can use it for travel too.

If you want your cat to live comfortably in the crate, add a blanket or toy in the crate and ensure that the crate door is closed properly.

Once your cat feels comfortable inside the crate, now the step is to start training your cat. Once your cat is enough trained inside the crate, it will be a good thing for you and your cat too.

2. Ask your Vet Earlier: 

Before travel, ask your vet if pet medication is needed or not especially when you tried training your cart and still think it will not be easy for you to travel with a cat.

Your vet may prescribe anti-stressful medicine. Not only will this manage your cat’s stress levels but also let you enjoy your journey to the fullest.

3. Cover Cat Carrier: 

You can cover your cat carrier by placing your cat’s favorite blanket. By doing so, your cat will enjoy a wonderful time inside the carrier without any hassle.

In case your cat continues to be a little stressful during travel inside the carrier, you have the best opportunity to put a blanket on the carrier.

4. Pack Kitty Essentials: 

It is one of the important tips to keep in mind while traveling with a cat. Don’t forget to pack your kitty essentials with you at any cost. If your cat has favorite items that keep them happy and engaged during travel, pack them first.

No matter whether it’s a special treat, a toy, a favorite blanket, or anything else, this is the key to making your cat’s journey comfortable and relaxing. Must pack food and enough water.

5. Open Carrier Door When You Think Cat is Secured: 

Before opening the carrier door, ensure that your cat is secured with adequate safety measures. The reason is that when it’s not safe for your cat and you open the door suddenly, it may result in unfavorable consequences that may not be good for your trip.

6. Check Out Accommodations Earlier: 

As a pet owner, you may know that not every hotel, motel, or resort is going to be pet-friendly. Nothing worse than not finding pet-friendly hotels especially when you are on the road.

So, the best way to check out pet-friendly accommodations earlier is to search for pet-friendly hotels and restaurants near the destination where you are going.

Afterward, you need to check out the policies of the accommodations you know accept pets, as some only allow certain pets or some only allow one or two pets. So, you need to check out this thing earlier to avoid any inconvenience on the spot.

Final Thoughts!

With a little planning and by keeping these expert tips in mind, you and your cat can enjoy comfortably any mode of transportation. With these tips and tricks, you not only ensure a safe and comfortable trip but also enjoy your journey without any worry.

Now you have an idea how to travel with a cat? Remember, the key to a successful trip is keeping your cat feeling safe and comfortable.

By familiarizing them with their carrier, creating a calming environment, and providing for their needs along the way, you can ensure a smooth journey for both of you.

So, pack your bags, buckle up your kitty and their essential supplies, and set off on your next adventure together!

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