Top 10 Places to Explore Wildlife in India

India boasts abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems, and the snowy Himalayas, home to tropical rainforests. Step into the jungles of India to be awestruck by the majestic Bengal tiger and the regal Indian elephant amidst fascinating fauna. If you are looking for an exciting adventure in nature, look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 Best Places to Experience Wildlife In India – so pack your bags, grab your camera and prepare yourself for an exciting journey!

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand:

Jim Corbett is as much a delightful destination for wildlife lovers as it is for wildlife. In the foothills of the Himalayas, this park is home to many wildlife species. Famous fauna here includes Bengal tigers, panthers, elephants, and Himalayan black bears. Bengal tigers and elephants are the major attractions here. You can enjoy Jeep safari, canter safari, and elephant rides to explore the wildlife. The park offers the best weather for exploration from November-February. During this time, the activities of wildlife are also at their peak.

  • Things to do – Jeep Safari, Camping, Elephant Safari, & Trekking
  • Entry Fees – INR 150/ person
  • Zones – Dhikala, Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhela, and Durga Devi

Ranthambore National Park:

Situated in Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur district, is one of India’s premier wildlife destinations. Here you can spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears and Indian wild dogs. The best time to visit Ranthambore is from October through April, when temperatures are pleasant, and animals are easily visible. Visitors can enjoy Jeep safari or canter safaris to explore this magnificent park on foot or by vehicle.

  • Things to do – Jeep Safari & Canter Safari
  • Entry Fees – INR 250/ person
  • Zones – Jogi Mahal, Mandook, Raj Bagh, & High Point

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Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh:

Kanha National Park covers 940 square kilometers and is one of India’s largest national parks. Here you’ll find endangered Bengal tigers as well as Indian leopards, Barasingha deers, and wild dogs. The best time to visit Kanha is between November and June when the weather is pleasant and animals are active. Visitors can enjoy Jeep safaris, elephant rides, birdwatching tours and other activities within the park.

  • Things to do – Jungle Safari & Jungle Camping
  • Entry Fees – INR 450/ person

Bandhavgarh National Park:

Bandhavgarh National Park in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh is renowned for its high density of Bengal tigers. The park also has leopards, Indian bison and several species of deer. For best viewing conditions and animal activity during autumn to June, visitors should visit Bandhavgarh between October and June when temperatures are pleasant and animals are active. Visitors can enjoy Jeep safaris or elephant rides to explore this stunning reserve.

  • Things to do – Jungle Safari, & Trekking
  • Best time to visit – October to March
  • Entry Fees – INR 150/ Person

Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park in Assam is renowned for its one-horned rhinoceroses and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park also houses tigers, elephants and several species of deer and birds; the best time to visit Kaziranga is between November and April when temperatures are pleasant. Visitors can enjoy jeep safaris, elephant rides and birdwatching tours while in the park.

  • Things to do – Elephant Safari & Jeep Safari
  • Best time to visit – September to March
  • Entry Fees – INR 200/ person

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal:

Sundarbans National Park is located in the delta region of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers. It is a unique wildlife sanctuary, which shelters a number of wildlife. Here you will get to see the Royal Bengal Tiger as well as many species of marine life. Tourists can take boat safaris to explore the mangrove forests on foot. The Bengal tiger is one of the main attractions here, but other attractions include saltwater crocodiles, dolphins and spotted deer.

  • Things to do – Boating, & Trekking
  • Best time to visit – September to December & February to April
  • Entry Fees – Free or INR 150/ person

Periyar National Park:

Periyar National Park is a wildlife sanctuary located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Covering an area of 357 square miles, it is home to diverse flora and fauna such as elephants, tigers, leopards, gaurs and different types of deer. The park centers around the Periyar Lake – an artificial lake created by the construction of the Mullaperiyar Dam. Here visitors are allowed to take a boat ride for stunning views of the hills and forests. Apart from this, visitors can engage in trekking, camping and bamboo rafting within this wildlife sanctuary.

  • Things to do – Jungle Safari, Boating, & Trekking
  • Best time to visit – September to December
  • Entry Fees – INR 150/ person

Gir National Park, Gujarat:

Gir National Park in Gujarat is home to the Asiatic lion and many other wildlife species. For optimum viewing experience, visitors should visit Gir between December and March. Weather conditions are ideal at this time, and animals such as antelope, deer and birds are active. While exploring this protected jungle area, visitors can enjoy a safari ride in jeeps with the lions.

  • Things to do – Jungle Safari, Camel Safari & Desert Camping
  • Best time to visit – October to February
  • Entry Fees – INR 200/ person

Mudumalai National Park:

Mudumalai National Park is a popular wildlife destination in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. Spread over an area of 300 square miles, the park is home to various animal and plant species as part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. More than 200 species have been recorded here, of which elephants, tigers, leopards and deer are prominent. Visitors can go on nature walks, jungle safaris and bird watching tours throughout the year. However, the best time to visit here is between October to May. Temperatures are comfortable during this time and wildlife sightings are high.

  • Things to do – Bird Watching & Jungle Safari
  • Best time to visit – October to February
  • Entry Fees – INR 250/ person

You will have a memorable time exploring the 10 offbeat wildlife parks in India. Wildlife is indeed a hidden gem, which India is blessed with in abundance. Continue your Wildlife journey with Indian Wildlife Aura!

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